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If you are a Disney Infinity fan then iheartinfinity is the place for you! We launched our website in January 2013, 7 months before Disney Infinity was launched. Since then our website has grown tremendously and in doing so we continue to develop our website, improve our content and most importantly help the Disney Infinity community.   We don’t just provide the news, instead we go the extra mile and give Disney Infinity gamers everything they need, such as a Power Disc trading sectio...

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    Don’t worry about saving your collection, with our automatic sync functionall of your collection data is synced with our online community. You can access your account from the app or online!

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    Have too many of the same Power Discs? Desperate to complete your collection? Then check out our trading section, allowing you to contact other gamers who are looking to trade Power Discs.

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    We offer a complete collection of Disney Infinity products including Marvel & Star Wars characters.

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    Want the latest Disney Infinity character? Add it to your own personal wish list!

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    Let us help you out with our FAQ & Game Guide with search functionality & broken down in to the main areas.

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    Yes, we will even have a section for you to keep up to date with the latest preorders!

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