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It’s that time of the year again, after the fantastic launch of Marvel Battlegrounds in March, it’s almost time for another Disney Infinity release and this time we have Disney figures coming to us with the release of Alice in Wonderland which will include three figures: Alice, Mad Hatter & Time!

Disney Infinity’s Alice in Wonderland will be released on Tuesday 24th May in the US and we’re watching closely for international release dates, so stay tuned. The release is tied in nicely with the international launch of the next Alice in Wonderland film ‘Alice through the looking glass‘ which is launching on Friday 27th May 2016.

For those that don’t know, it was originally leaked by French magazine ‘Envie De’ that Alice in Wonderland was coming to Disney Infinity 3.0. With more recent leaks coming from the update of Disney Infinity 3.0 and now local Gamestop stores have begun preorders for the Alice in wonderland figures.

There were also hints of Alice in Wonderland & Finding Dory being officially announced during the last Disney Infinity Next video, in which they suggested that there will be announcements made in the next, Disney Infinity Next video.

John Vignocchi says at the end of the video ‘tune in next time when we will be taking a look at some of you’re favourite fish and be taking a peek through the looking glass’ I mean duhhh 😀

We’re scouring the web for preorders, however we haven’t come across any just yet but stay tuned, we will update as soon as they do!

Sources: Jason over at InfinityInquirer has stated that it is now available to preoder instore from Gamestop – can anyone verify this for us?

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