Disney Infinity Alice in Wonderland

Preorders for Disney Infinity’s final two themes, Alice in Wonderland & Finding Dory are beginning to be published across retailers in Canada and the UK. You can now preorder the majority from both Amazon Canada & Amazon UK below.

We’ve had a few people ask about stock, we’re not 100% sure what sort of stock levels for Alice in Wonderland & Finding Dory, I imagine that there will be significantly less stock than with previous launches. Also, retailers were very slow at publishing preorder pages which makes me think that they may have also wanted to wait until they had their stock numbers. I’d suggest, if you want to buy just buy – don’t wait.

US Preorders

View them all here…

Mad Hatter – Preorder from Amazon US here

Time – Preorder from Amazon US here

Alice – Preorder from Amazon US here

Nemo – ?

Finding Dory Play Set – ?

CA Preorders

Mad Hatter – Preorder from Amazon CA here

Time – Preorder from Amazon CA here

Alice – Preorder from Amazon CA here

Nemo – Preorder from Amazon CA here

Finding Dory Play Set – Preorder from Amazon CA here

UK Preorders

Alice – Preorder from Amazon UK here

Mad Hatter – Preorder from Amazon UK here

Time – Preorder from Amazon UK here

Nemo – Preorder from Amazon UK here

Finding Dory Play Set – Preorder from Amazon UK here

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