disney infinity 3.0 Alice in Wonderland Figures

Whilst everyone (including myself) continues to mourn over the announcement that Disney Infinity will be cancelled, we can still take pleasure in looking at these absolutely beautiful looking figures of Alice, Time & Mad Hatter from the next instalment and second to last instalment from Disney Infinity 3.0.

The Alice in Wonderland figures will be released on the 24th May 2016, now  usually we would say at this point ‘and you can preorder here’ however it doesn’t appear that there are any preorders available yet. I am also wondering whether these figures will be available for preorder since retailers will presumably be concerned about stock levels, they might simply go to market on launch day.

If/When preorders are finally made available we will of course let you all know, we are scouring the web daily to see if we can find any preorders live.

Having said that, there are various retailer leaks (as always) floating around, so there are psychical stores who, in traditional Disney Infinity fashion are releasing these figures early, maybe you will be so lucky.

Thanks to Bill Misek via Twitter for taking these photos and uploading them to Twitter!

I honestly think these are some of the best figures that have been made, the detail in each character is fantastic.

Let’s take a closer look:

Alice in Wonderland: Alice Figure

disney infinity 3.0 alice in wonderland

Alice in Wonderland: Time Figure

disney infinity 3.0 Time

Alice in Wonderland: Mad Hatter Figure

disney infinity 3.0 Mad Hatter

You may have also noticed that the base for these three figures is white with a different colour line around each base. I am assuming this is a teacup, which is a neat little feat.

Also, here is a snap of the back of the packaging:

disney infinity 3.0 Alice in Wonderland Figures

Let us know what you think of these three figures in the comment section below!

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  • Ilden Webber

    Found these high res images of the figures on a local retailer site. Don’t want to link to them directly in case of trouble.




  • Bill Misek

    As the one who took these photos, I can say they are register locked for may 24, so these can’t be sold yet, I just took these in the stockroom, they are not on the floor. I figured giving the infinity fans something to get excited about during the time of the bad news.

    • I didn’t realise you actually worked for the retailer and risked getting caught that’s awesome Bill, thank you so much!

    • Steve

      I just bought the Mad Hatter at my local WalMart. They had to manually charge me for it, because it wasn’t in their system. They had 3 more on the shelf…

  • Steve

    I just bought the Mad Hatter at my local WalMart. They had to manually charge me for it, because it wasn’t in their system. They had 3 more on the shelf for $11.96.