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Disney Infinity Black Friday

It’s November and this can only mean one thing, Black Friday!

As we do every year, we shall be aggregating all of the Disney Infinity deals across all retailers in the US as well as Internationally and hosting them all on this page. So, be sure to bookmark this page and share with family and friends!

If you also collect Nintendo Amiibo, check their fantastic deals here!

If you are interested in general toy deals this Black Friday, check out our link here!

US Black Friday Deals


Amazon are running multiple fantastic discounts on Disney Infinity figures, check them out below!

Click here to view the Disney Infinity Black Friday sales on Amazon!


Black Friday deals are now live, Gamestop have the two following deals on:

View Gamestop Black Friday deals here!

I am hoping they launch additional deals closer to the day, otherwise, I doubt many Disney Infinity fans will be shopping at Gamestop on Black Friday this year.

Toys R Us

These Black Friday deals are now live and will run until midnight Saturday (23.59pm).

View Toys R Us Black Friday deals here!

To be honest, nothing fantastic going on at TRU for Disney Infinity gamers!

Best Buy

These are now live, if you are a Gamer’s club member then definitely take advantage of these Black Friday sales!

View Best Buy Black Friday deals here!

If you are a Gamer’s Club member, remember you can get an additional 20% off with Gamer’s Club Unlocked!


Target have two offers for Disney Infinity 3.0 this year.

View Target Black Friday deals here!

There Starter Pack offer is currently the best, however, with the 20% Gamer’s Club member discount Best Buy nails it!


Disney Infinity 3.0 Black Friday offers are now live!

View Walmart Black Friday deals here!

UK Black Friday Deals


Keep checking out this page for the Amazon UK lightning deals for Black Friday.


View Game Black Friday deals here!

Toys R Us

View Toys R Us Black Friday deals here!


View Smyths Black Friday deals here!

If you know of any Black Friday deals, then please let us know in the comment section below.

disney infinity marvel battleground characters

What’s up Disney Infinity fans!

Check out all of todays deals right here!

Amazon is celebrating there yearly prime day with fantastic deals all day long, it’s Amazon’s own Black Friday and whether you are looking to finish you’re Disney Infinity collection or shopping for something completely unrelated, make sure you take advantage of their fantastic deals today!

What deals do we have on Disney Infinity today?

View all of today’s prime deals right here…

  • Alice – $5.99
  • Mad Hatter – $5.99
  • Time – $5.99
  • Kylo Ren Light FX – $6.59
  • Baloo – $4.99
  • Nick Wilde – $5.99
  • Nemo – $9.99
  • Vision – $5.99
  • Judy Hopps – $5.99

And plenty of other offers today only.

Check out all of todays deals right here!


Disney Infinity Alice in Wonderland

Preorders for Disney Infinity’s final two themes, Alice in Wonderland & Finding Dory are beginning to be published across retailers in Canada and the UK. You can now preorder the majority from both Amazon Canada & Amazon UK below.

We’ve had a few people ask about stock, we’re not 100% sure what sort of stock levels for Alice in Wonderland & Finding Dory, I imagine that there will be significantly less stock than with previous launches. Also, retailers were very slow at publishing preorder pages which makes me think that they may have also wanted to wait until they had their stock numbers. I’d suggest, if you want to buy just buy – don’t wait.

US Preorders

View them all here…

Mad Hatter – Preorder from Amazon US here

Time – Preorder from Amazon US here

Alice – Preorder from Amazon US here

Nemo – ?

Finding Dory Play Set – ?

CA Preorders

Mad Hatter – Preorder from Amazon CA here

Time – Preorder from Amazon CA here

Alice – Preorder from Amazon CA here

Nemo – Preorder from Amazon CA here

Finding Dory Play Set – Preorder from Amazon CA here

UK Preorders

Alice – Preorder from Amazon UK here

Mad Hatter – Preorder from Amazon UK here

Time – Preorder from Amazon UK here

Nemo – Preorder from Amazon UK here

Finding Dory Play Set – Preorder from Amazon UK here

disney infinity finding dory playset

We’ve finally been able to snatch a look at the Disney Infinity Finding Dory Play Set, which is being released in June and will be the final (sad face) Play Set and range of figures from Disney Infinity.

These pictures were taken from a placeholder page on Amazon UK, the preorder is not yet live.

Similarly to the Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set, Finding Dory Play Set just comes with one figure (Dory) and the Finding Dory Play Set piece. There was a bit of an uproar when this initially happened with Marvel Battlegrounds; people don’t like change (myself included) however I think we’re all over that now.

disney infinity finding dory figure

disney infinity finding dory playset piece

Apart from Nemo, we’re still waiting to see additional figures, although at this point in time I think it’s highly unlikely there are any other figures coming to the Play Set. If there were we would have seen a glimpse of them by now. I think it’s safe to say the Finding Dory franchise will just include the Play Set and Nemo single figure.

Disney Infinity 3.0 Finding Nemo Character

So, now we have pictures of the entire Finding Dory team, the Play Set and Nemo which you can read about here, if you haven’t already.

disney infinity cancelled

For Disney Infinity fans who are still in shock over the recent announcement that Disney Infinity will be canceled, you may have been wondering what the plans were for Disney Infinity’s future. Well, wonder no more – Patrick Klepek over at Kotaku was able to get a hint at some of these epic plans from anonymous sources over at DI and they are wonderful.

In this article, we’re going to give you a brief but mesmerizing walkthrough of what was to come of Disney Infinity over the course of 2016 and 2017.

Rogue One Play Set

In the months following the release of both Alice in Wonderland (May) & Finding Dory (June) which FYI are still being released, we were going to see a variety of different level packs including one for the Star Wars Rogue One movie which would of no doubt been released at a similar time as the movie, so December 2016.

This was being developed by Ninja Theory and I can’t help but feel awful for the people over at NT who forcefully have to put their pens, paper, tablets and what other tools they may use down and step away from this project.

Hint: we said numerous, so there were also plans for multiple other level packs.

Developers were planning numerous new level packs, including one based on this fall’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story movie

Moana Play Set

As well as Rogue One, Studio Gobo was working on a Moana Play Set (if you don’t know what/who Moana is then checking this out).

12″ Figures!

I would have loved to see how these turned out, hopefully, someone will leak or just officially show us the photos, development and perhaps a video of what these figures would have looked like.

This new line of figures would have included some of the best selling figures such as Buzz Lightyear, Darth Vader, Elsa, Hulk, Hulkbuster, Jack Skellington and more. They would have retailed for $45 and would have included additional features in the game as well as psychically lighting up!

In 2017, we would have seen…

Basically, everything we wanted…

Toy Box Story Mode

Finally, there would have been some depth to the Toy Box that existed without the need of building it yourself. You would have been able to play your favorite characters in world’s unbeknown to them.

New Play Sets for…

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Honestly, I was most excited about this (and Pirates of the Caribbean) as I had SO much fun playing the Guardians of the Galaxy Play Set and of course the movie is awesome, the characters are awesome so it would have just been, uh AWESOME.

Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Men Tell No Tales

One of my favorite Disney franchises, this would have been fantastic of course.

Thor Ragnarok

Again, would have been epic obviously.

As well as Play Sets for….

  • Coco
  • Cars 3
  • Star Wars VIII

So, let’s just say it would have been a jam-packed year full of incredible content.

Honestly, after reading the article from Kotaku and now writing this, I am depressed ha.

disney infinity 3.0 Alice in Wonderland Figures

Whilst everyone (including myself) continues to mourn over the announcement that Disney Infinity will be cancelled, we can still take pleasure in looking at these absolutely beautiful looking figures of Alice, Time & Mad Hatter from the next instalment and second to last instalment from Disney Infinity 3.0.

The Alice in Wonderland figures will be released on the 24th May 2016, now  usually we would say at this point ‘and you can preorder here’ however it doesn’t appear that there are any preorders available yet. I am also wondering whether these figures will be available for preorder since retailers will presumably be concerned about stock levels, they might simply go to market on launch day.

If/When preorders are finally made available we will of course let you all know, we are scouring the web daily to see if we can find any preorders live.

Having said that, there are various retailer leaks (as always) floating around, so there are psychical stores who, in traditional Disney Infinity fashion are releasing these figures early, maybe you will be so lucky.

Thanks to Bill Misek via Twitter for taking these photos and uploading them to Twitter!

I honestly think these are some of the best figures that have been made, the detail in each character is fantastic.

Let’s take a closer look:

Alice in Wonderland: Alice Figure

disney infinity 3.0 alice in wonderland

Alice in Wonderland: Time Figure

disney infinity 3.0 Time

Alice in Wonderland: Mad Hatter Figure

disney infinity 3.0 Mad Hatter

You may have also noticed that the base for these three figures is white with a different colour line around each base. I am assuming this is a teacup, which is a neat little feat.

Also, here is a snap of the back of the packaging:

disney infinity 3.0 Alice in Wonderland Figures

Let us know what you think of these three figures in the comment section below!

disney infinity deals

What’s up Disney Infinity fans! The deals have been rolling in over the past few weeks and it appears that they are not stopping any time soon!


Amazon are trying to pick up the slack with regards to the deals they’re running, currently they have the following:

Toys R Us

Beginning there deals this week, TRU have all figures on offer for $8.99 each, which is perfect for those who don’t have a Best Buy GCU membership.

Best Buy

Continuing their great Disney Infinity deals, best buy currently have all figures on offer for $9.99 each, excluding GCU which brings them down to $

Disney Infinity 3.0 Finding Nemo Character

After weeks, if not months of leaks including the original leak here, or the leak on Amazon Italy here or the Multimedia Shop leak here we finally get to see the actual Nemo figure!

We’ve known for a while now that Nemo was definitely coming to Disney Infinity 3.0, however what we didn’t know for sure was how exactly he’d be packaged, what he would look like and so on. Well, here he is – thanks to Amazon Mexico and Gerardo Gutierrez who found the page!

Update: I’ve also managed to find the Finding Nemo page on Amazon UK which you can see here.

Disney Infinity 3.0 Finding Nemo Character Box Front

As you can see this time round we have a single figure but interestingly, Disney Infinity have also decided to include two power discs which were originally launched way back in the first version of Disney Infinity. A nice addition for those who have only just begun collecting, hopefully it won’t increase the price of the single figure though!

Disney Infinity 3.0 Finding Nemo Character power disc 2

Disney Infinity 3.0 Finding Nemo Character power disc 1

The two power discs are:

  • Nemo’s Seascape
  • Marlin’s Reef

Disney Infinity 3.0 Finding Nemo Character Bonus

So, we still do not yet know where the Finding Dory Play Set is and whether it will include more than just Dory. Also, we’ve yet to see Alice in Wonderland figures, but don’t worry we’re scouring the web daily for any glimpse of them and we’ll be sure to let you know!

disney infinity deals

Lots of sales going on over at Best Buy this week, with some fantastic deals Disney Infinity 2.0 & 3.0 figures as well as the entire range of 3.0 Power Disc packs discounted down to just $1.99 each!

You can check out the entire sale right here!

To give you a quick run down of what’s on sale at Best Buy:

  • Mulan – $3.99
  • Aladdin – $3.99
  • Drax – $3.99
  • Hulkbuster – $3.99
  • Thor – $3.99
  • Ultron – $3.99
  • Phineas – $2.99
  • Hawkeye – $3.99
  • Poe Dameron – $9.99
  • Anakin Skywalker Light FX – $9.99
  • Darth Maul – $9.99
  • Han Solo – $9.99
  • Obi-wan Kenobi – $9.99
  • All 3.0 Power Disc Packs – $1.99
  • Inside Out Play Set – $24.99
  • Rise Against the Empire Play Set – $24.99
  • Toy Box Game Discs 2.0 – $4.99
  • Toy Box Game Discs 3.0 – $9.99

And if that’s not enough for you, Amazon also have a few discounts themselves!

Update: The French retailer has responded saying the original placeholder page was launched, as it was announced that the R2-D2 figure would be released in March. However, there has been no news since then, therefore the page is just stagnant until further news is provided from Disney.

OK, I will admit when I initially stumbled across this placeholder page for the R2-D2 single figure I had a hard time believing that Disney would decide to create an R2-D2 figure. Now, this isn’t because he isn’t popular, on the contrary R2-D2 I think we can all agree that he is an awesome character and to have a psychical figure of R2-D2 as part of my Disney Infinity collection would be really cool.

However, the issue comes when we consider his gameplay, what special skills would he have? He’d also be quite slow, clunky e.t.c. Disney have previously stated that they’d love to have the likes of R2-D2 & C-3PO, however they are completely aware of the limitations of these characters.

For instance, we would have loved to have C-3PO and R2-D2 as figures but they just didn’t let themselves well as playable avatars. Can you imagine C-3PO running?


So, with that all being said…why am I even posting this news if all sense points to it simply being a retailer mistake. Well, for a few reasons:

  1. We’re a Disney Infinity news website and I happened to stumble across some news.
  2. The retailer that has leaked/made the mistake has no other mistakes from Disney Infinity, Lego, Amiibo – I’ve checked.

OK, so the news…MultimediaShop, a French gaming retailer has the placeholder page for ‘Disney Infinity Star Wars – Single Character – R2-D2’ as you can see from the image below.

disney infinity r2-d2

You can view the product listing page here.

Contacting the retailer

I’ve contacted the retailer to shed some light on this news, I asked them a question relating to the product page so I am hoping if they see my question and go to the page if it’s a mistake on their part they will quickly remove it. However, if they respond and do not remove the page then perhaps there is more to this than I originally thought.

Historical retailer mistakes

After posting the original article, Redditor LegoStevenMC reminded me of a previous retailer mistake that brought about a significant amount of gossip & excitement which was eventually shot down by Disney, as it was simply an incorrect placeholder by the retailer.


This was Argos (a large UK retailer) which created a placeholder page for a Ferb single figure, which obviously was never released. Therefore, it’s completely possible that this is another example of a retailer mistake. Just worth keeping in mind 🙂

What does this mean then?

Honestly, I have no idea…I’ve trawled the web to try and find an incling of information regarding R2-D2, past interviews, mentions, discussions as well as potential other leaks and can’t find anything…yet.

So, I am asking you, the reader – what are your thoughts to this? Do you think it’s a leak or simply a retailer mistake?

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