Disney Infinity Characters are small, well-designed plastic moulded figures which each have their own individual design and base, by placing them on the Disney Infinity Base you will bring the Disney Infinity Characters to life to use in-game. There are a variety of different Disney Infinity characters, some of which belong to Disney Infinity Playsets and others which have been specifically launched for use within the Disney Infinity Toy Box.
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Table of contents
  1. Disney Infinity Crystal Characters
  2. Leveling Up
  3. Swapping Figures
  4. Disney Infinity 1.0 Characters
  5. Disney Infinity 2.0 Characters
  6. Skill Trees & Character Classes
  7. Marvel Characters
  8. Originals 2.0 Characters
As we mentioned above, there are specific Disney Infinity Characters which belong to a Disney Infinity Playset and only these figures can be used with that specific Playset. Each individual character which belongs to a Play set have individual missions with the Playset which are specifically designed for that Disney Infinity Character. For example, Mrs Incredible, Violet, Dash & Syndrome each have a set of side missions to complete in 'The Incredibles Playset' however Mr Incredible is the character you can use to complete the main missions. As well as this, each individual character will unlock unique chests and missions which cannot be unlocked without that specific Disney Infinity Character. With regards to the chests, some of these will be randomised and what unlocks depends on the saved data and which Disney Infinity character you are playing with. However, most items within the chests are character specific, such as a mini-costume of the character for use in the Toy Box or items such as Mrs Incredible's Elasti-Hand. For characters which do not have specific Disney Infinity Playsets and can only be used in the Toy Box, character specific chests will spawn randomly across the Toy Box.

Disney Infinity Crystal Characters

Disney Infinity Crystal Figures

In addition to the original stylised Disney Infinity Characters, there is an exclusive range of Crystal Characters which are being released through Toys R' Us in the USA and mainly Amazon and Game in the UK. This started with the Lightning McQueen Crystal Character which you can read about here. The Disney Infinity Crystal Character series have exclusive designs and have been painted and moulded using a translucent plastic moulding. The Crystal Characters also come with upgraded abilities which help them to earn XP faster than normal Disney Infinity Characters.

You can read more about the Disney Infinity Crystal Character series right here.

 Disney Infinity Characters - Levelling Up

disney infinity characters leveling up

Disney Infinity characters can be levelled up by playing through the Disney Infinity Playset, completing missions and earning experience and awards. Once a character is levelled up the game's data is then saved to the Disney Infinity character enabling you to play with friends and retain all of the character data.

Once you have purchased the Disney Infinity Starter Pack or individual characters, as soon as you place them on to your Disney Infinity base the game will automatically take ownership of the figure for the Disney account which is currently loaded in-game. If the Disney Infinity figure is then taken to a friend's house or placed on a different Disney Infinity base, the figure will appear as 'Guest', you can continue to level up your figure and once placed on the original Disney Infinity base the levelling progress will be synced with the user profile and the saved game data. If you are looking to share Disney Infinity figures you can do so by choosing another Disney Infinity game via the Start Menu. This will enable you to share one Disney Infinity character with more than one user profile, very useful for families who may have individual user profiles for the game.

Disney Infinity Hall of Heroes

As your Disney Infinity characters are levelled up, new abilities will become available and each time the character is levelled you will be given one free spin to use in the Toy Box Vault, the maximum level for Disney Infinity characters is 15. You will also improve the character's statue within the Hall of Heroes once certain levels are reached.

Disney Infinity Characters - Swapping Figures

While in-game, playing the Disney Infinity Playset you can alternate between different Disney Infinity characters that belong to the same Play Set. For example, if you are half way through completing a mission within 'The Incredibles' Playset you can take Mr Incredible off the Disney Infinity base and swap him with another 'The Incredibles' character such as Dash, Violet or Mrs Incredible to continue the mission. All coins and experience are collected and carried over to the new Disney Infinity figure.

Disney Infinity Characters - Collector's Information

For those Disney Infinity fans looking to keep their Disney Infinity characters in their original packaging but continue to enjoy the Disney Infinity game. You can do! The Disney Infinity base will read the character's information through the box, meaning you never have to open the packaging.

Disney Infinity 1.0 Characters

This includes the originally released Disney Infinity characters as well as newly released and up coming releases for 2014.

Read more about the Disney Original characters here.

Disney Infinity 2.0 Characters

Disney Infinity 2.0 Character Release Dates

Disney Infinity 2.0 was announced on April 30th 2014 and is set to be released on 23rd September 2014 in the USA, you can find other country release dates here. The Disney Infinity 2.0 Starter Pack will include Marvel's The Avengers Play Set which includes 3 Marvel figures - Iron Man, Black Widow & Thor. However, there will also be a Disney Infinity Toy Box Starter Pack which will be released in October 2014 which will include Merida & Stitch as well as Toy Box game discs.

In Disney Infinity 2.0 there will be 32 characters released, 11 Disney Infinity 2.0 originals characters & 21 Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel characters across 3 Marvel Play Sets. All of the Marvel characters have been officially announced, however we are currently waiting for an announcement regarding the final 2 Disney Infinity 2.0 originals characters, all we know at this point in time is that one of the unannounced characters are female and John Vignocchi's favourite. As well as the 32 confirmed 2.0 characters, Disney's Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey will be available as the final Crystal character later this year.

Many of the Disney Infinity 2.0 characters were chosen through customer feedback which was collected through a Disney Infinity poll on the official Facebook page in late 2013 - this includes Stitch, Donald Duck and the Marvel collection.

Skill Trees & Character Classes

One of the major updates in Disney Infinity 2.0 is the three separate character classes which creates a different game style when switching characters, a very important focus point for Disney Interactive during the development of 2.0.

These three classes are agility, brawler & range - each character can be distinguished by one of these character classes. For example, Black Widow is classified as agility and Hawkeye is classified as range.

These character classes allow us to move on to the second biggest update in 2.0 which is the skill tree. You can now choose how you want to level up your Disney Infinity 2.0 characters simply by using the character skill tree to choose an upgrade path this will include options such as added health, increased strength, new combo-attacks and much more.

Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Characters

Read more about the Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel characters here.

Disney Infinity 2.0 Originals Characters

Disney Infinity 2.0 Originals Characters

There will be 13 characters in total, not including the Crystal Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey, currently we have 11 confirmed characters with another 2 characters being announced at some point this year, speculation is saying that one of these unannounced characters will be Mulan however this will not be known until they are announced.

Read more about the Disney Originals 2.0 characters here.

Other Disney Infinity character appearances

Other characters including Modok, Mysterio, Doctor Octopus, Black Cat, Wasp, Power Man, Comso the Space Dog and the Collector will also be appearing within Disney Infinity 2.0. As well as the following sidekick characters - Iron Patriot, Ant Man, Winter Soldier, White Tiger.

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