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Disney Infinity Originals include characters that are from Disney properties and are separate to those of the Marvel & Star Wars franchise. Also included are the Disney Infinity 1.0 characters which were released as part of the original Disney Infinity game in August 2013.

Since the release of the original game, the Disney Infinity universe has evolved significantly with the Marvel & Star Wars franchises being introduced as well as additional original characters from both Disney & Pixar IPs.

It is worth noting that all Disney Infinity characters are forward compatible, meaning if you have characters from the original game they will work with Disney Infinity 2.0 & 3.0 properties. For a more in depth guide to Disney Infinity compatibility please read our guide here.

If you are interesting in knowing which characters are yet to be released, please take a look at our release schedule here.

If you want to read about the overall Disney Infinity character universe, check out our in-depth character guide here.

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