Star Wars Light FX Series

The Disney Infinity Star Wars Light FX series are a collection of Lightsaber wielding Star Wars characters which are unique due to their LED lit up Lightsabers. The figures themselves appear no different to the main line of Star Wars characters, however the appeal of the LED lightsabers makes these a sought after bunch for any Disney Infinity collection. Update: March 2016 the largest gaming retailer in the UK has published a preorder page for Kylo Ren Light FX version, so expect to see him coming very soon. Click here to read more details.

United States (USA)

United Kingdom (UK)

If anyone has any more information for the UK, please leave a reply in the comment section below.

Canada (CA)

If anyone has any more information regarding Yoda, as we are all aware Target failed in Canada. So, do Canadians have to purchase through Target US? If so, that’s completely stupid and an awful lack of organisation and care for customers on Disney Interactive’s behalf. Taken from our Light FX buyers guide page here.

Choose your Star Wars Light FX character below.

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