Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars Play Sets

Today has been a big day for Disney Interactive, with the announcement of Disney Infinity 3.0 which you can read all about here, we decided to try and dig deeper in to the details surrounding the confirmed and announced Play Sets.

We know that there will be 3 Play Sets for Disney Infinity Star Wars, of which two will be released on launch day (20th August 2015) one which is included in the Starter Pack (Twilight of the Republic) and the other which will be available as a separate Play Set pack (Rise against the Empire).

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For those who are wondering whether you can buy the game software separately? Yes you will be able to and the Twilight of the Republic Play Set will also be available as a stand alone Play Set pack as well.

Key facts you need to know about Disney Infinity 3.0 Play Sets

  • Missions will finally be replay-able after you have completed them.
  • Mission replays come with a second series of challenges.
  • Crossover coins will be available and Star Wars characters will be playable in alternative Play Sets.
  • All characters will have the crossover ability in all Play Sets.

Open world Play Sets

Disney Interactive and the various gaming studios have tried to make the Star Wars Play Sets less restrictive and more open-world. Whilst hopping from one planet to another on a mission, there will be various smaller planets to explore during your space travels. Each planet will have unique features, including their own race of enemies to battle.

You will also be able to explore various famous scenes from all of the films, including Tatooine as well as iconic battles such as the Battle of Yavin.

According to the writers the areas & textures within the Star Wars Play Sets are full of fantastic detail that keep you occupied whilst playing. Various locations including the Battle on Hoth have been included which includes the gigantic AT-ATs.

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