Update April 2016: Check out what’s coming to Disney Infinity next year.

Disney Infinity Figure & Play Set Compatibility

We now have 3 versions of Disney Infinity, however every single character from Disney Infinity 1.0 are forward compatible. This means, if you had Captain Jack Sparrow from Disney Infinity 1.0 and then you purchase Disney Infinity 3.0 – you can still play Jack Sparrow.

What is not compatible are the Play Sets – you know those Play Set pieces, if you want to play Pirates of the Caribbean but you have the 3.0 game software it will not work. To play in a Play Set you need to run the game software that it was released as a part of.

Disney Infinity 1.0 Play Sets

  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • The Incredibles
  • Cars
  • Monsters University
  • Toy Story
  • The Lone Ranger

These were all released in 1.0 that means you need the 1.0 game software (the disc or downloadable software) to play them.

However, every single figure released in Disney Infinity 1.0 can be played in Disney Infinity 2.0 & Disney Infinity 3.0.

What about the Power Discs?

Yes, all Disney Infinity Power Discs from 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 are all forward compatible.

Disney Infinity 2.0 Play Sets

  • The Avengers
  • Spiderman
  • Guardians of the Galaxy

Again, the Play Sets from Disney Infinity 2.0 are not forward or backwards compatible. This means you cannot get the Guardians of the Galaxy Play Set piece and place it on the Disney Infinity base whilst you have Disney Infinity 3.0 game software running, it simply will not recognise it.

However, every single figure released in Disney Infinity 2.0 can be played in Disney Infinity 3.0.

Disney Infinity 3.0 Compatibility

With the launch of Disney Infinity 3.0 upon us, it’s about time we demystify the issues surrounding cross-compatibility, forwards and backwards compatibility. Fortunately, Disney Interactive have tried to learn from previous mistakes and make it easier to understand, however there will still be issues simply due to the fact that Disney Interactive don’t have control over the actual platforms the game are played on. With that being said, let’s begin!

Disney Infinity 3.0 Game Software

To play Disney Infinity 3.0 you will need to purchase the game software which will come as part of both the Starter Pack and the Saga Bundle. It has also been announced that the game software will be available separately, however we have yet to see this available to preorder in the US, where as in the UK you can preorder it now.

Disney Infinity 3.0 Base

Disney Interactive have tried there best to make this as simple as possible, however restrictions and differences in gaming consoles have made this difficult.

Simply put, it all depends on the console you are playing on – the original Disney Infinity base and the 2.0 version base can be used for 3.0 if you are playing on the same console platform. However, if you are looking to also upgrade console then watch out as the Xbox 360 base version will not work on the Xbox One.

Disney Infinity 1.0 & 2.0 Characters

Right, so ALL Disney Infinity characters from each release, the original game &  2.0 can be played on Disney Infinity 3.0. You will be able to play with ALL characters within the Toy Box 3.0 game as well as the additional Toy Box takeover games.

However, what you will not be able to do is play original Play Sets or 2.0 Play Sets within Disney Infinity 3.0 – this again is due to gaming dynamics, forward compatibility and additional development that needs to be invested in making this possible. To play these you will need to play through the relevant game software (1.0 & 2.0).

Disney Infinity 1.0 & 2.0 Power Discs

All Power Discs are forward compatible with Disney Infinity 3.0.

We hope this helps, if you have any questions please leave them below and we will be updating this page as soon as more information becomes available.

Disney Infinity Preorder

Disney Infinity 2.0 Compatibility

With the announcement of Disney Infinity 2.0 there has been some major confusion as to what will and what will not be compatible with Disney Infinity 2.0. So, we have decided to create a dedicated Disney Infinity compatibility page that will hopefully help answer some of your concerns.

Be sure to also check out our Disney Infinity Character Compatibility page which highlights which Disney Infinity 2.0 characters are playable in which Disney Infinity 2.0 Playsets.

Disney Infinity Compatibility Chart

Disney Infinity 2.0 Compatibility Details

Firstly, with Disney Infinity 2.0 all of your Disney Infinity 1.0 Characters & Power Discs will be playable on version 2.0.

Disney Infinity Game Software

You will need to purchase Disney Infinity 2.0 Video Game Software to play any of the new Disney Infinity 2.0 Characters, Power Discs, Play Sets or Toy Box toys.

Disney Infinity Characters & Power Discs

Original Disney Infinity Characters & Power Discs are forward compatible, this means that they will work in Disney Infinity 2.0. However, Disney Infinty 2.0 Characters & Power Discs will only work with Disney Infinity 2.0 and not with the previous Disney Infinity game.

Disney Infinity Play Sets

Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes Play Sets will only work in Disney Infinity 2.0 and will require the game disc to be played. All of the previous Disney Infinity Play Sets such as Toy Story, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Incredibles, Cars, The Lone Range & Monsters University will not unlock a Play Set adventure in Disney Infinity 2.0. However, all the Play Set pieces will unlock related Play Set Toys to be used in Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy Box.

Disney Infinity Characters & Play Sets

Original Disney Infinity Characters will only work in their related Play Sets. Meanwhile, all the Disney Infinity Characters will work in the Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy Box. To learn more about which Disney Infinity 2.0 Characters are playable in which Play Sets please see our Character Compatibility guide.

Disney Infinity Toy Box

The new and improved Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy Box is a completely new developed world, most of the original Disney Infinity Toy Box Toys will be available to you in the Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy Box as long as you are logged in to your Disney Account.

Disney Infinity Toy Box Games

The newly introduced Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy Box Games disc can only be used within the Disney Infinity 2.0 game.

Disney Infinity Digital Purchases

Purchased Digital Disney Infinity items for the PC & iOS versions of Disney Infinity have the exact same compatibility as detailed above.

Disney Infinity Base

If you have the original Disney Infinity base, this will work with Disney Infinity 2.0. The only exception being that the Disney Infinity Xbox 360 base will only work on the Xbox 360 and not on the Xbox One.

Disney Infinity Compatibility FAQ

If you have any Disney Infinity compatibility related questions please comment below.

1. Will Disney Infinity 2.0 require a new base?

No it will not require a new base.

2. Will Disney Infinity 2.0 use old figures?

Yes, Disney Infinity 2.0 will be compatible with the original Disney Infinity figures.

3. Do you need to buy a whole new Disney Infinity set to play Disney Infinity 2.0?

No, all you will need is the Disney Infinity 2.0 Game Disc.

4. Is Disney Infinity backwards compatible?

Yes, Disney Infinity 2.0 is backwards compatible, meaning you will have all of your data from Disney Infinity 1.0 on Disney Infinity 2.0 including character data as this is generally saved within the character it’s self on the NFC chip.

5. Will Disney Infinity Play Sets work on Disney Infinity 2.0?

Unfortunately not, the Disney Infinity characters & Power Discs will work but the Play Set pieces will not work in Disney Infinity 2.0. However, you can unlock Toys by using the original Disney Infinity Play Set pieces on the base whilst in Disney Infinity 2.0.

6. Will Disney Infinity Toy Boxes work in Disney Infinity 2.0?

Yes, these are all stored within you’re Disney Infinity account.

7. How do I upgrade to Disney Infinity 2.0 without purchasing the Disney Infinity 2.0 Starter Pack?

The Disney Infinity 2.0 Game Software will be available to digitally download, it will not be available in local retailers and will not be available at launch. More news to come regarding this very soon!

8. Will Thor, Iron Man & Black Widow be available as single character purchases?

Thor will be available as a single character purchase, where as Iron Man & Black Widow will combine to create the Marvel Avenger’s Play Set – both will be released in November 2014.

9. Will Disney Infinity 2.0 be available on Nintendo 3DS & Nintendo Wii?

Unfortunately it will not be available for Nintendo 3DS & Nintendo Wii. The reason for this is that Disney Interactive have decided to focus on the platforms which can really take Disney Infinity 2.0 to it’s full potential and not limit the development and growth.

Disney Infinity Preorder

If you have any other questions, please comment below!

  • kate

    do you have to buy a starter set for the 2.0 even tho we have the 1.0 or can you buy a booster pack with just the game and figures.

    • Thank you for your question, we have updated our compatibility guide and added an answer above. Please let us know if you have any more!

  • Shirrayla

    Will 2.0 be available to the 3DS?

    • Thank you for your question, we have updated our compatibility guide and added an answer above. Please let us know if you have any more!

  • Samantha

    Will you be selling the game and starting characters extra, if people already have a base like a base owners pack so we don’t have to buy the whole starter pack

    • Thank you for your question, we have updated our compatibility guide and added an answer above. Please let us know if you have any more!

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  • Cory

    I have a rather odd question! So I own the Nintendo Wii U version of Disney infinity, but I want to purchase the collectors edition of 2.0 on the Playstation 4. Would my stuff carry over to the other system?

    • Anthony

      Yes u can use all ur figures on any console

    • iheartinfinity

      Of course, all Disney Infinity characters are cross-compatible on all console platforms.

  • Anthony

    Does the stitch and marida bundle come withe the game and do the 2.0 disney characters work with marvel

    • iheartinfinity

      Yes the Toy Box bundle comes with the Disney Infinity 2.0 game software. The Disney Originals characters are all compatible with Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel characters within the Toy Box 2.0 worlds.

  • Anthony

    Wait can we use the disney 1.0 characters on the 2.0

    • iheartinfinity

      Yes you most certainly can 🙂

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  • Lindon Bills

    I have a question about the disney infinity 2.0 collectors edition bade for ps3 and ps4. If I purchased it on ps3 would the base work with my ps4 version because every where in Australia only has it left on ps3 and I want it for ps4

    • iheartinfinity

      A very good question – the bases are forward compatible for PS3 so this will work.

      • Lindon Bills

        Thanks 🙂

      • MrBojangles

        Now, what if I had purchased Disney Infinity 2.0 on a disc and now wanted to have my kids be able to play on PS4? Would I be able to download the PS4 version for free or do I have to rebuy the same game?

  • Lindon Bills

    I have a question about the disney infinity 2.0 collectors edition bade for ps3 and ps4. If I purchased it on ps3 would the base work with my ps4 version because every where in Australia only has it left on ps3 and I want it for ps4

    • iheartinfinity

      A very good question – the bases are forward compatible for PS3 so this will work.

      • Lindon Bills

        Thanks 🙂

  • iheartinfinity

    Yes you most certainly can 🙂

  • iheartinfinity

    Yes the Toy Box bundle comes with the Disney Infinity 2.0 game software. The Disney Originals characters are all compatible with Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel characters within the Toy Box 2.0 worlds.

  • iheartinfinity

    Of course, all Disney Infinity characters are cross-compatible on all console platforms.

  • Greicy

    Will be possible to play the game at Xbox 360 using the Disney Infinity 2.0 Game Software ?

    • iheartinfinity

      Yes, Disney Infinity 2.0 is compatible with the Xbox 360.

  • Greicy

    Will be possible to play the game at Xbox 360 using the Disney Infinity 2.0 Game Software ?

  • Cheshire Cat

    I “shared” my disney infinity 1 PS3 character with my Disney infinity 2.0 ps4 game. Now he is a ‘guest’ on my PS3. Is this how it is supposed to work?

    I did this before I had linked my DI account to my psn account but now in too scared to try it with anyone else. (As I still have plenty do the first game to play through).

  • Cheshire Cat

    I “shared” my disney infinity 1 PS3 character with my Disney infinity 2.0 ps4 game. Now he is a ‘guest’ on my PS3. Is this how it is supposed to work?

    I did this before I had linked my DI account to my psn account but now in too scared to try it with anyone else. (As I still have plenty do the first game to play through).

  • lcqueenb

    Will the base for my Wii work with an Xbox 360 or ps3 due to the fact that it I has a USB to connect it to gamesystem?

    • Tim Bjorgen

      The base for the Wii will work with the PS3, but not the XBOX 360.

  • Eric santek

    If my friend has the original infinity and I have 2.0 can we play online multiplayer together?

    • iheartinfinity

      Unfortunately, this is not yet available.

      • Eric santek

        U say yet, does that mean it will be available in the future

  • hazeltwilight

    If I bought disney infinity 1.0 starter pack then bought 2.0 digitally would that mean all the content is available for me to play (including both 1.0 and 2.0 playsets)? Basically would 1.0 and 2.0 exist separately on my ps3? 2.0 would not override 1.0 correct?

    • iheartinfinity

      Yes, it would exist separately. To be play Disney Infinity 2.0 you would need to load the 2.0 game data from your console, to play Disney Infinity 1.0 Play Sets you would need to load the game disc.

  • Maxime

    I have the marvel starter pack that I bought along with the xbox one. What do I have to do to be able to play the disney originals playsets? The starter pack with sulley and co. isn’t available for the xbox one. Can I buy the starter pack for xbox 360 and use the base I have now? If not what are my other options?

  • Gary

    I have the original Infinity set and we just bought the v2.0 set. Is there a way to play 4 players by hooking up both the Infinity sets to the same Xbox 360?

  • Gary

    I have the original Infinity and the Infinity 2.0. Can I play with 4 players if I hook both of them to the same Xbox? Thanks!

  • Rachael M

    Ok I have the Disney Infinity 2.0 and my son recieved a Marvel piece for xmas. Will this piece work on the disney infinity? If so how because right now it’s not working.

  • Rachael M

    sorry this was for the xbox360 system

  • Heather Patrick

    We have the 2.0 Marvel Starter set for PS4, however, my son wants to play Monsters University. He has Sully and Mike. Do we have to have the playset piece to play? If so, where can I get it? If not, how can he play MU? Thanks!

  • Todd Henderson

    I would like to play with my children, while I am away, the only problem is at home they would be playing with an Xbox 360 and I have a PS3 is this possible?

  • L_Blackbelt606

    Help!?? We have a Wii U. Our friend has an Xbox.. both of us have the 2.0 (new) version…..both of us have user ids/accounts into Disney Infinity “cloud”….we log in and want to play together online… but how? is it even possible? its so sad, we cant even find a way to friend each other?? 🙁 Please help!!??

  • feifler75

    We are going to get an Xbox One and was wondering if the Infinity Base would work that we have on the Wii U or do we have to buy a new base?

    • I am not 100% sure but it is likely this won’t work as Xbox 360 bases don’t work with the Xbox One platform so I wouldn’t imagine this would either.

      • Ella Matilda

        Do we have to buy a 3.0 starter pack to play the Toy Box Expansion games or will we be able to play them on the 2.0 base (with downloaded 3.0 software)?

  • chloë ☀

    Do 2.0 characters work on a 1.0 base? I would prefer to buy 1.0 but I like lots of the 2.0 characters.. Would I be able to use them with the 1.0 games?

    • Yes, all characters are cross-compatible in terms of actually working on each base (1.0, 2.0 and 3.0) as the base is the same on each game.

  • Connor

    so my base I got for my xbox 360 won’t work for my xbox one is that common or is it something with my system?

    • Yes, unfortunately the xbox platforms cannot use the same base, this is an issue with the Xbox system rather than an issue with Disney Infinity.

  • Erica Drent

    Hi, I’d like to buy a Lone Ranger play set but its in the US, will it work on my Australian play base?

  • brewers_rule

    If I’m reading this correctly, it sucks Infinity’s basically abandoning 3DS. I was looking at purchasing a 3DS for my daughters upcoming birthdays but this changes things significantly because they love the Infinity and will no doubt want the Inside Out characters on 3.0.

  • Nico

    If I buy the Disney Infinity 2.0 starter pack, will I be able to use the 3.0 characters and sets, or will I need to buy something else? Am I better off waiting until the 3.0 comes out?

    • You will need to purchase the 3.0 game software to play 3.0 characters and Play Sets.

  • Nico

    If I buy the Disney Infinity 2.0 starter pack, will I be able to use the 3.0 characters and sets, or will I need to buy something else? Am I better off waiting until the 3.0 comes out?

    • Patrick Tuohy

      If you want to use the 3.0 characters you need 3.0, you can use 1.0 and 2.0 characters in 3.0 but not the playsets

  • Kimber

    If I have a 2.0, will it be able to play the 3.0 characters and discs.

    • Patrick Tuohy


  • Kristen

    Will 3.0 characters work on the 2.0?

  • Patrick Tuohy

    I think it’s a load of crap they can’t port disney infinity 2 playsets over. No reason this really can not be done.

    • Lliam Boss-Harmon

      Completely agree.

  • rod

    will my xbox one be compatible with infinity 2.0????

  • Shanra Grills

    I have disney infinity & i just bought ironfist figure to use on base but its a 2.0 figure can i stil use it on the original disney infinty base

    • The Disney Infinity base does not change from 1.0 – 2.0 – 3.0 it’s the same base basically. However, to play characters they are only forward compatible, meaning if you have a 2.0 character it will only work on 2.0 and future releases (3.0, 4.0 e.t.c).

  • elsa snow queen

    does the inside out characters work with 2.0

    • iheartinfinity_james

      Unfortunately the characters released in 3.0 will not work with the 2.0 game.

  • Chase

    So we have a ps4 in are house and have just found out the hard way that the playset crystals (1.0) do not work for are version of infinity and would have to buy 1.0 so i go looking for it and you can not buy its for ps4orXbox one will they release it for them at anytime as i think its very unfair to not be able to plsy 1.0 at all if you own newer consoles

    • iheartinfinity_james

      At the moment the only way to play 1.0 playsets is on the Wii U, PS3 or Xbox 360. I am hopeful that they will someday go back and get them back into the game, but that seems less likely with each new version.

      • Chase

        Cheers for your reply james ?

    • Patrick Tuohy

      Well if you tethered just reading the packet or googling you would have found out the easy way

      • Chase

        Always one with a sarky comments isnt there loooool, the set was ordered online and discription was poor sooo. not to worry anyway iv just bought him a ps3 to play it on so thanx anyway smart arse ?

  • sabrina

    If I brought disney infinty on xbox 360 and then wanted to buy 3.0 on wii u will the Base work.
    Which platform is better to play game.

    • iheartinfinity_james

      The Xbox 360 base will not work on the Wii U unfortunately. If those are you two console choices then I think either will be fine. The 360 has a slight performance edge on previous titles between the two, but not so much as to make a massive difference.

  • Glen

    i already own the ps4 2.0 starter pack, if i buy the 3.0 software and figures will it work on 2.0 starter pack?

    • Patrick Tuohy


  • Jessica Hodges

    I have Disney 2.0 and just purchased the lone ranger playset. Can I digitally download 1.0 to play this playset with my 2.0 base?

    • Patrick Tuohy

      The lone ranger playset will only work with Disney Infinity, it was not work with any other. The base is the same base within all Disney infinity versions

  • dan

    Do u need to buy figures to play Disney infinity 3.0?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      You need at least 1 character to play 3.0 on any system except PC (which isn’t out yet). The starter set comes with two, and you can play most of the game with just them — except for other playsets (which normally come with characters of their own, unless you buy them second-hand)

      • jessicawilliams

        what i need for disney infinity 3.0 because i got the base it says normal disney infinity

  • Saul Frausto

    If I have the Disney Infinity 1.0 Starter Pack for the Wii U can I just buy the game disc and use the base and characters to play it on my Wii?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      The Wii U base and characters will both work with the Wii just fine, yes. If you are playing 1.0 you can only use characters from that version of the game, the new characters won’t work.

  • Nuno Marques

    Hello. I have a question, if I buy a Disney Infinity Starter Pack 3.0 (PS3), is it possible to play with marvel figures? such as thor, hulk, etc (from infinity starter pack 2.0)?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      The characters will work fine, though you can’t use them in the Star Wars playsets or the Inside Out playset. You can still use them for Toy Box Takeover and Speedway, and they will work when the new Marvel playset comes out next year.

  • Steven

    I’m looking at buying Disney infinity 3.0 this will be the first infinity game bought so to play the toy story levels and incredibles etc do I also have to own the previous disks. Also can I purchase any character to unlock games or do I need a minimum of 3 for the same game

    • iheartinfinity_james

      The characters don’t unlock games in 3.0, but they do have toy box items attached to them. The same goes for old playsets — they won’t work in 3.0, but they’ll unlock things you can use to construct levels. If you want to play the Incredibles playset, for instance, you will need the game it is from (1.0).

  • Iain

    Does anyone know if the pc version is less hastle free, i mean not needing to buy 1,2, or 3 starter packs and just get the characters and playsets you want without the compatability issues

    • Yes, it’s hassle-free however it is more limited in the game play.

  • Sue Pemberton

    Hi. I want to buy Infinity for my daughter for Xmas but am getting very confused re playsets compatibility and what a playset actually is.

    She would really want the frozen characters but is it worth buying them if the playset won’t work on 3.0 or am I better off buying her 2.0 so she’ll be able to use the playset rather than just the figures or will they possibly be released on 3.0?


    • iheartinfinity_james

      Frozen doesn’t actually have a playset associated with it, so you only need to get the three characters (Anna, Elsa, Olaf). There are two different types of games in Infinity: Toy Box games and Playset games. The playset games require you to put a physical piece on the portal to access, and come packaged with two characters. The toy box games are downloaded from the “Community Content” section of the game, and are free. Some of these are made by Disney, but most are made by fans Anna, Elsa and Olaf can be used in almost all of these (some are restricted to a specific character). There are a ton of great levels out there to try out that the Frozen characters can play in, so you would just need to get the three characters and a version of the game to use them with (I would recommend getting 3.0 since the new toy boxes don’t work with the older games).

      • Sue Pemberton

        Thanks James

      • Melissa Reischl

        This answered some of my questions but I’m still a bit confused. We have 1.0 I would like to get the 2.0 or 3.0 disk for my son for Christmas and confused on what I should do. I know he would like the marvel characters so do I need the 2.0 disk? Can I just buy the 3.0 disk? What could he play if I buy one or the other? I am a video game idiot. Or should I get the download? Although we have 2 Xbox 360’s that they go between

        • iheartinfinity_james

          For the Marvel characters at the moment your best bet will be to get 2.0 and one or more of the playsets, since that is where all the Marvel characters will work. The characters also work in 3.0, but are restricted to toy box games until the Marvel playset comes out next year. Since you already have a base you can get the digital version no problem, although if you did get a boxed version you would then have two bases and not need to switch between them, so that is really down to personal preference. Either way, I’d probably wait until Marvel Battlegrounds comes out next year to get 3.0 unless your kids love Star Wars.

          • Melissa Reischl

            Thanks. So should I buy the 2.0 download or the disk? If marvel will Work with 3.0.
            I’m do confused between the toy box and the other things.
            If I buy the download can it transfer between xbox’s?
            For Christmas we are getting an Xbox one so the Infiniti will only be on one as they aren’t compatible.
            Do I need to buy playsets? What are playsets? My kids do like star wars

          • Personally, I’d go with Disney Infinity 2.0 as it’s really cheap at the moment on Amazon – http://amzn.to/1NRL3WC or the Collector’s Edition which comes with most of the Marvel characters: http://amzn.to/1Pe0SN7

            The Marvel characters will work with Disney Infinity 3.0 however if your son wants to play the Play Sets you will need the 2.0 game software so it’s best to get the starter pack as you get the characters and play sets as well.

            Otherwise, you can get Disney Infinity 2.0 downloadable software for Xbox One, then buy the Disney Infinity 3.0 Starter Pack.

      • jessicawilliams

        what about 3.0 chatters work on 2.0 base?

        • iheartinfinity_james

          I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you are asking. Could you rephrase it and I’ll see what I can do to help?

      • minxster di

        it seems you know how it works I had a question about that can I play the playset game without having a console or PC I have mac and they haven’t made it compatible with macs still which is weird because macs have to be the easiest platforms to play games on, but anyways the question remains that i don’t really want to buy the console to play twilight and rise games is it possible or not ????

        • iheartinfinity_james

          I imagine it is not developed for Mac since their marketing team decided there wasn’t a big enough demand for it, and it would take a lot of resources to make it compatible. That said, if you wanted to play it on a Mac you could try dual-booting a Windows install on your computer.

          If you create a Windows install on your computer you will be able to play Twilight and Rise on that, but you won’t be able to play it on the Mac install. So it is either setup Windows on your computer or get a console, unfortunately.

  • Mandy

    I have bought Disney play without limits 2.0 marvel super heroes starter pack and a separate purple Disney cars character/piece – will this cars piece work with super heroes? One person said yes other person said no due to it not being a super heroes piece???

    • iheartinfinity_james

      The Cars character will work only in the Toy Box mode, which is the creativity area. It will not work in the super heroes playset, though.

  • Vanessa Andersson

    Hey there my son Downloaded Disney infinity Star Wars on the Xbox 360 and I just bought him Luke and Leia but I haven’t got a portal would this work with a 2,0 portal or do I need 3.0?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      So long as the portal you get is for the 360, it doesn’t matter which version of the game it came from.

  • svana

    I was wondering if I have the 2.0 starter pack can I just get the disk for the 3.0? Also if I do this will the 3.0 characters
    work with the 2.0 base?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      Hello, they don’t sell the disc by itself in most cases, but you can buy a digital version of the game which will work just fine or you may be able to get just the disc through the secondary market, like with eBay. The 3.0 characters work with the 2.0 base, but you can’t use them in the 2.0 game if that makes sense. You will not need to get a new base (this is assuming you are not changing to a different console between 2 and 3).

      • svana

        Thank you

  • Christina Butler

    I currently have an original Wii console and Disney Infinity 1.0. I was considering purchasing a Wii U console. Will my Disney Infinity 1.0 be compatible with this system? Do I need to purchase a Disney Infinity platform for Wii U? My apologies, I am a tech idiot.

    • iheartinfinity_james

      I believe the 1.0 disc will work fine with the Wii U system. You also have the added benefit of being able to download 2.0 for free on the Wii U storefront, which is rather nice. You’ll still need to get figures and playsets for it, but the Wii base will work fine for 2.0 as well.

      • Christina Butler

        Thank you very much!

  • svana

    My Disney Infinity figures for my super heroes 2.0 willn’t work. It’s new out of the box.

  • Jamie Hawkins

    Will the PS3/PS4 Disney infinity 2.0 collectors edition stand work on the Xbox 360 or the Xbox one

    • iheartinfinity_james

      The stand will work fine, but you will need to make sure you are using an XBox 360 or One portal (depending on system) since the Playstation portal does not work with the XBox.

  • Brittany

    I just got the 2.0 version and I have to ask when I want to go to 3.0, do I need a whole new starter pack or just the disc?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      You will just need the disc or digital version of 3.0, and don’t need to buy a full starter if you don’t want. The exception is if you are changing to or from an XBox console to a different console.

  • Reaper!

    I just bought a ton of these Disney Infinty sets. Marvel start pack, Star Wars starter pack, Stich and Merida toy box starter set and a couple characters like Mickey Mouse, Quorra and Olaf. Some of the power disc don’t work on 3.0.

    • iheartinfinity_james

      If you have broken power discs you should contact Disney about repairs or replacements http://help.disney.com/Disney-Infinity

      • Mike

        I never said they were broken. The 2.0 discs don’t seem to work on 3.0. I was asking if they are suppose too?

        • Yes, all currently released discs from 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 should work just fine in 3.0. What happens when you put them on the portal?

        • Michel Splinter

          The game discs (six sided) will not work but the character disc (round) you can use in 3.0.

  • Voodoo Larry

    My daughter has a Wii with the Disney infinity characters (original version) I was looking into buying a Wii u with version three, will the characters from the original version work with the Wii u and version 3 base?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      Yes, the characters will work fine. You don’t even need a new base, the base for your Wii will work with the Wii U version of the game.

  • Gina Prestige Housekeepers

    Will Disney infinity 3.0 characters wrk with infinity 2.0 starter pack ???

    • iheartinfinity_james

      The 3.0 characters cannot be used in the 2.0 version of the game. That said, you can purchase the digital version of 3.0 on your system and use the portal from 2.0 just fine.

  • Niki Jones DeLong

    Ok so I bought disney infinity for Nintendo 3ds I believe it is the first generation will the 2.0 and 3.0 figures work with it?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      No, only the 1.0 characters will work with it. I don’t think they have plans for future 3DS releases, unfortunately.

  • Victoria Sedan

    Does anyone know if you can use the figures from the 1.0 on the 3.0 or do you need to buy new figures?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      Your 1.0 figures will work with no problem in the 3.0 game.

  • Jesse Drakeford

    If we have the original Disney infinity what will I need to get in order for my son to play Disney infinity 2.0?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      Assuming you are not changing the system you are playing on then all you need is the game disc or digital version of the game, and any new 2.0 characters and playsets that you want to get. Those the Marvel characters, for the most part (except Ultron and Hulkbuster), and a number of Disney characters. 3.0 characters will not work.

  • Jamie64326

    Thank you for this simple guide on compatibility. I needed to know this stuff with 3.0 for my job and got somewhat confused.

  • Martin Jørgensen

    hello.. maybe i have missed the question already been asked but i try here. i have had ps4 with infinity 2.0 but now i got xbox one.. will the base and heroes work on my xbox one or will i have to get new base? i know i have to get new play disc but would be cool if only i needed the game.

    • iheartinfinity_james

      Unfortunately you will need to get a new base for the Xbox One. The heroes will work fine, though, so no need to rebuy those. Fortunately there are a ton of sales on 2.0 and 3.0 this week, so it is a good time to get a new base (if you don’t want to buy a full starter check ebay for people unloading unwanted bases)

  • pia gan uygongco

    hi my kids already playing with ps3 version 2.0 marvel super heroes. they were given a nintendo starter set with sully, jack sparrow and mr incredibles and their world. will this figures and world work on the ps3 version 2.0 disney infinity base? will they be able to unlock the world and play the games of the 3 characters?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      The characters will work fine, but the playset for the characters will not. You’ll need to get the 1.0 version of the game for PS3 to play the playset with those characters, or play it on the Nintendo system if they have that.

  • Johnny Zimmerman

    Been considering getting this and it’s not very clear from what I read. I have a PS3. If I buy the Infinity 3.0 version will the characters from 1.0 and 2.0 work on it as well? I don’t care about the story stuff from 1.0 or 2.0 or anything, just if I buy a character will it work on the 3.0 version of PS3?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      Yes, all 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 characters will work fine in 3.0 regardless of what system you are on.

      • Johnny Zimmerman

        Thank you

  • Johan

    I own a Wii (not a Wii U). Am I right that I can only play Infinity 1.0 on a Wii?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      Yes, they didn’t make a Wii version of 2.0 or 3.0, only a Wii U version.

  • Ross Fisher

    Hi, if I have 2.0 and upgrade the software to 3.0 can I still run 2.0 play sets?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      The playsets didn’t get updated, so you will still need 2.0 to play those playsets. I’m very much hoping they will change this in the future, but it doesn’t seem likely.

  • Lockserjuvia

    Can you use the 3.0 characters on the 2.0 game

    • iheartinfinity_james

      Sadly no, the 3.0 characters only work in 3.0 and don’t work in the older games.

  • Tyler

    If I want my three children to play together, can I plug 2 bases into the xbox one console and have 3 to 4 characters play?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      At the moment, no — the game is 2 player only in local play. You can play four player by having two XBox Ones, but I doubt that’s going to be a practical solution.

      There is a 4-player playset coming next year called Marvel Battlegrounds which will be playable with all 4 players on one system, but we don’t know exactly how it will work yet (Disney says that you will only need one base)

  • Mykal Ward

    Question: Will the Disney Infinity game for PS3 work with a PS4?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      The PS3 game will not work with PS4, unfortunately. You’ll need to get the PS4 version of the game or keep a PS3 plugged in to play it on.

  • Mykal Ward

    Question: If someone purchases a PS4, but someone else purchased Disney Infinity for PS3, will the PS3 game work on the PS4?

  • Buzzen

    I have a ps4 starwars deal but the pad will not work? I when and purchased a new 3.0 set and plugged in and the pad and still will not light up. I am on firmware 3.11. I just got the deal at walmart and can not get it to work??? Is it the ps4??? Help!!!!

    • iheartinfinity_james

      It sounds like it may be a bad portal. You can probably bring it back to Walmart for a replacement (the entire set, they’ll give you a new one), or contact Disney help to get them to ship you a replacement. http://help.disney.com/Disney-Infinity

  • Lori

    What systems do the playsets 3.0 work with?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      The playsets work with any system so long as it has the 3.0 software.

  • Christina Burdette

    If i buy a 2.0 or 3.0 character will it work with 1.0? I am new to this, we just got a first generation
    Wii and the disney infinity game with a base and 3 characters, but wondering about purchasing more, didn’t know if we could…

    • iheartinfinity_james

      Unfortunately not, the 2.0 and 3.0 characters won’t work with 1.0. The characters work with future sets (i.e. 1.0 characters work in 2 and 3), but not past sets if that makes sense.

  • Nancy

    Hi! I am a mom and have no idea how this all works. So excuse me if I don’t make sense!
    We have the first version for our PS3. I want to buy the avengers guys which are all version 2.0. Will they work on our origins version?
    Specifically …. I am looking at the avengers starter pack which appears to come with 3 figures and a disk ( game) of some kind.
    Or I can buy s play set which comes with 3 figures.
    Also looking at adding a few figures sold individually.
    Please help how this game works makes no sense to me! Lol.
    Christmas shopping has never been more confusing!!

    • iheartinfinity_james

      If you buy the starter version for the PS3 you will be okay. They will need to use the disc it comes with to play the Avengers game (not the one you already have), but everything else you already have will work. You may also want to consider getting a few other Avengers characters, like Hawkeye or Falcon, but that’s up to you. There’s also a Guardians of the Galaxy and Ultimate Spider-Man set you can get, which may make good birthday presents down the line.

      • Nancy

        thats great thank you. Now hoping it comes back in stock before christmas! lol

  • Lad Chow

    I just bought a wii u, upgrading from original wii and infinity 1.0. I plan to reuse the base. I realize I can download 3.0 and play backwards with my old 1.0 guys. But since the playsets will not work (incredibles, wreck it Ralph) what can the characters really do in 3.0? Just play toy box mode? Thanks

    • iheartinfinity_james

      That’s correct, for the moment they can just play in the toy box games and the toy box hub. I would recommend getting Toy Box Takeover (currently on sale for 50% off at a few retailers, I believe) if you do get 3.0 since your 1.0 characters can play in that just fine, and it is a lot of fun.

  • Edwin Stanislawski

    Will 3.0 characters work on a 2.0 base?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      The 2.0 base will work fine*, but you do need to playing the 3.0 version of the game.

      *So long as you are not switching to or from an XBox system to a different system.

  • 258cwa

    Is the new 3.0 starter pack compatible with Wii?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      Unfortunately not, you need at least a Wii U for 3.0.

  • Pjtuts

    Are you able to use the Disney Infinity 3.0 characters on 2.0 because I can’t find anything about that and I would really like to play with someone like Anakin Skywalker or something like that?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      The 3.0 characters and playsets cannot be used with 2.0 or 1.0. You’ll need to get the 3.0 version of the game to use them.

      • Pjtuts

        Thanks for the answer couldn’t find it anywhere on the internet

  • vivalaush

    I’m thinking about getting the Infinity 3.0 Star Wars starter pack for PS4. Will, say, the Guardians of The Galaxy and other Marvel 2.0 figures work with it? I’m new to infinity, so I’m finding it a little confusing as to what works and doesn’t work.

    • iheartinfinity_james

      The figures will work fine in the 3.0 version of the game, and they’ll even work in the Marvel Battlegrounds playset coming out next year. The old Guardians, Avengers and Spider-Man playsets (the crystal pieces) won’t work, however, and you still need to have 2.0 if you want to play those levels.

  • Mary

    How do you get the $25.99 price on preorded of the force awakens play set advertised on the Amazon banner at the top of this page?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      You’ll need to contact Amazon to see if they’ll adjust the price for you.

      • Mary

        Thanks, but Toys R Us has both TFA and Rise against the Empire play sets on sale for $24.99 right now.

  • Rex

    Hi. I have the star wars 3.0 starter pack. My son wants to play the avengers. Can I purchase the figures seperately and use the 3.0 disc and playset piece to access the avengers games or would I need to purchase the avengers starter pack as well and use that playset piece?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      To use the playset you will need to get the 2.0 version of the game as well. The figures will work in 3.0, but the playsets don’t. There is an Avengers playset coming to 3.0 next year which will be usable.

  • Kristopher Macaskill

    I just bought Disney Infinity 2.0 for Xbox One but it was second hand. I’ve tried the base in my Xbox One and it doesn’t work. I’ve tried 2 other bases too and these don’t work, they only work for PS3 and Xbox 360. What are my options and what do I need to do?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      It sounds like bases in question were not made for the xbox one, but for the PS3 or 360. You will need to get an XBox One base — if you’re in the States or Canada Gamestop/EBGames sometimes has used ones for sale, just make sure that it is the xbox one version of the base.

  • Alanna Austring Yousif

    I have purchase the 3.0 Xbox one starter pack for my kids for christmas, but would also like to play some of the 1.0 play sets on our wii, is the 3.0 xbox one base compatible with both the wii and the 1.0 version or will i need to puchase the 1.0 wii starter pack?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      Unfortunately the xbox one base is only compatible on the xbox one. You will need to get either a Playstation (3 or 4) or Wii (or Wii U) base to use it on the Wii.

    • Todd Allison

      Further.. you wont be able to play 1.0 playests on your 3.0 game. You’ll also need the 1.0 game to play the 1.0 playsets.

  • Dillon Fletcher

    So the play sets only work for the version they were released with. So doesn’t that mean that it’s impossible to use the 2.0 characters in the 1.0 playset? And would the base I get from the 3.0 starter kit work in version 2.0? Sorry if I sound dumb but I plan on getting the game soon and figure games like this are completely foreign to me.

    • Todd Allison

      2.0 characters wont work in the 1.0 playset. Not sure about the 3.0 base and the 2.0 disk. Matter of fact I kind of hope it does. That said, 2.0 characteres and 1.0 characters will work on the 3.0 bases and toyboxes, but not in the playsets. This REALLY is horribly managed.

      • Dillon Fletcher

        From what I can put together from playing the game, it seems like the play sets themselves are on the disk itself, the figure just unlocks it. I think. Also, the voice in the sky in the hub said that if you put a past play set on the base, it unlocks all the things you can get from that playset. That’s at least something.

  • Cara Docherty

    We have Infinity 2.0 on xbox 360 and it works great. Yesterday we bought the Star Wars 3.0 starter pack for xbox 360 unfortunately the base wouldn’t work. Returned it to store and got a replacement but this doesn’t work either. I have tried using the 2.0 base and the 3.0 game disc from the starter pack but still no joy. Any Ideas??

  • Shannon

    I am new to this Disney infinity thing and my daughter wanted it for christmas. We have a Wii. I bought the 2.0 toy box for Wii U though. Did not realize I did so until we went to set it up 🙁 Obviously i have to return or resell this one, but can you guide me threw what I need to get for the Wii and what characters will work with it as well? I got all toy box characters ( Malificent, Jack Skellington, Agent P, Baymax, and the Girl power pack). I need help, this is so confusing!

    • iheartinfinity_james

      All the characters will work fine on the Wii. For 1.0 and 2.0 there is no difference in what will work on the Wii and the Wii U, you just need to be using the right software. You could just sell the 2.0 disc for Wii U and buy the Wii disc secondhand if you have any used game shops near you (or eBay). Or you can pack up the Wii U starter and see if a store will do a straight exchange for the Wii version.

      Just keep in mind there is no 3.0 version for the Wii, only the Wii U, so if you think your kids will eventually want to play with the new characters you’ll need a different system at that time.

  • Riona Heartlly

    Hi there! so where can i find the disney infinity 2.0 game software?? i just bought a PS4 with the 3.0 base but would really like to play both the original games and the games from 2.0. Am i correct with assuming that i can “just” purchase a base 1.0 for PS4 and then somehow upgrade the software so that we can enjoy the games from 2.0 as well????? hope to hear back from you soon! thank you

    • iheartinfinity_james

      If you want just the software you can buy it on the PS4 digital store directly, or buy a used disc at gamestop or from eBay. You shouldn’t need anything else to get going, except for characters and playsets of course 🙂

  • Kirstyann

    If I buy a 2.0 version starter set on the xbox 360, can I use 3.0 version characters on it? Thanks

    • Todd Allison

      “Unfortunately” you can’t. Characters and playsets aren’t backwards compatible. I JUST bought the 2.0 playsets for my 3.0 system and the playsets aren’t FORWARD compatible either.. which is REALLY aggravating.

      • Kirstyann

        Thank you. It’s very frustrating. It’s just more money making for them!

  • Todd Allison

    Okay. .time for my own question. I’m sorry @iheartinfinity:disqus and @iheartinfinity_james:disqus the way things are set up are very… frustrating to say the least. So I have bought into Infinity with both feet for our kids for Christmas. We have a 3.0 game, 3.0 base and 3.0 playset from the Twilight Stater pack for our Xbox 360. We also bought SEVERAL 2.0 characters and now 2, 2.0 Playsets (Avengers and Guardians). My question is, if I can some how get ahold of a 2.0 GAME, can I use my 3.0 BASE to play Avengers and Guardians. Or can I perhaps register my playsets digitally and then access them?

    Is it possible Disney can throw us a bone here and update the game to work with 2.0 playsets at some point in the future? If not.. can I return at LEAST our 2.0 playsets somewhere now that we’ve opened them. If our local retailer we purchased them from doesn’t accept them, will Avalanche or Disney Interactive accept responsibility for this convoluted mess and proved a return?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      I have been pretty vocal myself about wanting the playsets to be forwards compatible and bring it up whenever I can. It is the single biggest misstep that I think Disney has made with these games. So they know it is a highly in-demand feature, but I think the chances of it happening in 3.0’s lifetime is pretty much nil. If we keep pressing maybe they’ll come up with a solution for 4.0, but it really will take the entire community crying out for it. If you have Facebook, Twitter, etc, your best bet is to politely mention it to them every now and again (i.e. don’t spam them, but be persistent).

      As for your question, yes, if you get just the 2.0 game you can use the 3.0 base without issue (presuming you’re staying on the XBox 360, otherwise no). The bases are essentially unchanged through all three game versions and you can use any base for your system with any of the games. It used to be hard to get ahold of just the game, but I think Gamestop has changed their policy in the last year and will allow people to trade in the games without the bases, so they’re readily available. eBay is also a good choice.

      • Todd Allison

        James, I wanted to write you directly and say thank you so much for your well thought out and earnest reply. I needed that, and a good does of faith too, which you have helped instill. I’ll send some feelers out but we also have a great classifieds system here in Utah through KSL, so I’ll try and hunt one down. You gave a great recommendation as a way to effect change in this game that we are all into now. I’lll take it! Thank you again!

  • Kusaywa

    Just downloaded Disney Infinity for PS3 and hooked up the base from my Wii Disney Infinity 1.0 and nothing happens? Is it compatible? Shouldn’t it light up when starting game?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      The Wii and PS bases are cross compatible, so it should be working. Double check to make sure it still works on the Wii properly, and that the USB port on the PS3 is also working. If both of those are working I’d contact Disney Help to see if they can assist you: http://help.disney.com/Disney-Infinity

      • Kusaywa

        Thanks, it did work. You have to go through the tutorial first. then in the Toy Box, it works.

  • Netty Selling

    We have Disney infinity 1.0 on the Wii. As an upgrade not available we were thinking of buying 3.0 for the xbox. Do we just need the new disc and base?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      Yes, you will only need to get a new disc and base to play 3.0. However, the 1.0 playsets won’t work so you won’t be able to use those in 3.0. Technically you do not need to buy any new characters — you can just use the 1.0 characters — but you’ll probably want to pick up a few anyway.

  • Nikki

    Please bear with me, I am trying to grasp the world of Infinity. 😉 We are buying Infinity 3.0 for my daughter for her birthday. We have a PS3 and a PS4. It is my understanding that the game base and characters are interchangeable between these 2 systems, but the game itself is not. Meaning that I could buy the 3.0 starter set for my PS3 and then download a digital version for my PS4. Our question is, do we re-purchase the game at full price? or is this considered a game update for the lesser cost ($20 vs $75) ? the PS4 download only says if you already have V1.0 or V2.0… it does not mention an existing 3.0 (with compatible base) for another system. I hope my question is clear! And thank you for any help you can provide.

    • iheartinfinity_james

      So what you want to do is basically achievable. If you buy the 3.0 starter for the PS3 then the base and characters will work, but the game disc will not. You can either buy a digital version of the game off of the Sony Playstation store (for $20), or you can buy the game disc for the PS4 from a used game shop like Gamestop or eBay. The characters and playset can be swapped between the PS3 and PS4 version freely.

  • Caitlin Mayes

    We have the 3.0 for Wii U. Can I purchase the play set crystals (the Avengers and the Monsters/Pirates crystals) and use them on the 3.0 game pad? If not, is there a way we can play the games?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      (Sorry for the very slow response on this one) You can use the gamepad to play with those playsets, but you will need the appropriate game disc to go with it. Monsters/Pirates will require 1.0, which on the Wii U I believe you can download for free, and for Avengers you will need 2.0 to play it.

  • John Cumia

    Question, I have Disney Infinity 2.0 on 360 with GOTG and Avengers Play Sets. I just bought 3.0 for my PS4. I was wondering, if I were to also buy 2.0 on PS4, will I be able to play those playsets on the PS4 for 2.0?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      Yes, you will be able to play those playsets on the PS4 in 2.0 with no problems.

      • John Cumia

        Oh ok great!

  • ravenheart

    There’s one thing missing both here, and on the official Infinity compatibility page: do the Infinity 2.0 toy box expansion games work in the Infinity 3.0 toy box?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      I’ll see about getting it added on to the page. Unfortunately the answer, though, is no, they don’t work. You can place the expansion disc pieces into the slot to unlock the toy box parts like you can for the playsets, but other than that they don’t do anything.

  • Stilian Ganev

    I have just bought a Disney Infinity 3.0, but I dont have a Infinity base. What can I do to continue playing? What I need?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      Unless you are playing on PC you will need to get a base. You can get one through eBay, or if there are Gamestop/EBGames near you they may have one. Make sure you get the right one for your system though. The Wii/Wii U/PS3/PS4 all share a base, but the xbox 360 and xbox one each have their own bases.

  • Sammieb

    I want to purchase a Disney infinity for my other half, he loves Disney and loves the up to date stuff, so I was going to get 3.0 starter pack as we have nothing yet, but he isn’t into star wars, could he play other character games on that 3.0 or shall I get a 2.0 or could he download all the software versions and then play all the play sets? Really confused on what to get

    • iheartinfinity_james

      There are some great toy box levels out there, so 3.0 should be fine. But if you think he wants to play Marvel stuff get 2.0. Disney stuff for 1.0. It really will depend on whether you think he wants to play the playsets, or if the toy boxes will be enough (there are some excellent boxes in 3.0)

  • disqus_o315zMkSKE

    If I’m playing Disney Infinity 3.0 on Xbox 360, can I play online against my friends who have Xbox One and Playstation 4?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      Unfortunately not, the games are not cross system compatible for multiplayer.

  • Tarquin Rupapera

    I have a wii console that I bought with wii sport. Will I be able to play Disney infinity with this

  • Samuel Adams

    I recommend 4.0 should let all play sets work on the same game because if you have a lot of old play sets you should be aloud to use them. The so called infinate possibilities is a bunch of bull crap.

  • Mandie Lala Priestley

    How do I know what my daughters Disney infinity is, she has had it 5 years and was bought brand new.

  • Holly

    I haven’t bought any Disney Infinity for my XBOX 360 yet and i am just wondering does it matter what pack you start in? Also should i get the normal Disney infinity starter pack (with monsters uni, incredibles and pirates) or the Disney infinity 3.0 starter pack. Which one is better?

  • HairyLarry

    you going to patch this xbox compatiblity crap hardly publiv knowledge when i went to my local shop they assured me a 360 base was compatible with a xbox one not a happy customer also why arent they compatible across the board.

  • Rascavar

    Can I buy a disney infinity 3.0 starter pack for Wii U and play it in my Wii?

  • Benali

    Can’t believe they still haven’t sorted a port out to get 1.0 games on 3.0. If not doing it then atleast get some games sorted for the pieces people bought. My son used to love his toy story n incredible a etc. Oh n how can Disney not have a Mickey Mouse set where u have a proper game rather than just toy box?

  • Ciara

    Hi. My son has an xbox360 and Disney infinity game 3.0 We bought one of the new playsets yesterday. When we start the game up it tells us that we have to go to xbox live and download an upgrade to use it. Can anyone give me detailed instructions on this, as I am afraid that my son is more proficient than me with the Xbox360!

  • caitlin

    I have the star wars starter pack 3.0 for ps4. Can I buy any 3.0 characters to play on it or do they have to be strictly star wars characters

  • Stacey Jones

    I don’t understand it all,but I buy it for my son. He has 2.0 and 3.0. However he wants the monsters inc figures. I have brought these, but do I need to buy the software or can he use them on 2.0 and 3.0? Thanks!.. a confused mum!

  • Ghostrider 1984

    U should be able to play the play sets on 3.0 from 1.0 and 2.0

  • Ashley Pawlowski

    Does the bases matter to which the characters set on ? I have the 2.0 and the 3.0 , I need to know if I just have an extra base now or if the 2.0 can only use the base it came with when bought?

  • Bell Aire Pecan Grove

    We own Disney infinity Wii with tons of figures and we recently purchased the xbox 360 starter pack and we wanted to know if the figures from our wii can be used on the xbox toy box?

  • Lisa Francis

    My infinity original has stop working. When it starts up it says I need to press A to continue it won’t let me. I have deleted it and downloaded the updates and it still does not work. Had this happen to any else

  • Amy Lizon

    I have Disney infinity 1.0,2.0 and 3.0. I have multiple play sets and about 40 characters for the Xbox 360. I want to buy my son a PS4. Do I have to start from scratch and get rid of all the characters?

  • esperanza

    can i play the infinity characters, any of them on the regular wii system?

  • JT

    purchased 3.0, can I use 3.0 base with 2.0 software or would I need to get a 2.0 base to play any 2.0 playsets?

  • Gijs Deturck

    Hello, my son just bought a second hand Nintendo Wii. Now he wants to have the Infinity 2.0 Marvel-game. Will this work or is it only for the WiiU?

  • Soliangely Rivera

    Why can’t I play the mission for the avenger in my 360 3.0

  • travis

    Will a infinity 3.0 playset for ps3 work on infinity 3.0 on ps4

  • auwglob

    So 2 Questions, 1. Will disney infinity figures work on any console? (Wii U, Wii, XBox, PlayStation) and 2. I have the game on wii u, can i play multiplayer with playstation, xbox, 3ds and Laptop/Computer

  • Robert Garcia

    power discs work in the playset and toy box or only in the toybox

  • KrisK

    I have an original Wii and the kids want Disney Infinity for Christmas. Do I need to get a new gaming system or will one of the DisneyInfintiy versions work on the Wii?

    • dp7

      Wii only works with Infinity 1.0 games and figures, which can be difficult to find these days (several years old). Many of the Disney figures and all of the Marvel (Superhero) and Star Wars games and figures are either 2.0 or 3.0 (so they won’t work on the original Wii).

      If you’re thinking about “upgrading” to the Wii-U, it’s probably the worst system for Infinity (it can get bogged down and play slow), and the Wii-U is getting discontinued soon (they’ve already ceased manufacture of new units). Wii-U is still a good system for Nintendo games and the game system Nintendo is releasing next year (Nintendo Switch) won’t work with Disney Infinity, so if you want Infinity on a Nintendo system, Wii-U is your only choice. XBOX or PlayStation may be a better choice though.

  • Kelley

    I need help. My son got Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars Edition last Christmas and people have bought him over the past year game pieces for it, including some worlds 2.0 edition how do I get them to play on it?

    • dp7

      You have to buy the Infinity 2.0 game to play the 2.0 worlds (playsets). I have a Wii-U and I know you can purchase the Infinity 2.0 game as a digital download for $15, and the 1.0 game is free (for play sets like Toy Story, Pirates, etc). You could probably find a 2.0 (or 1.0) starter pack at stores like Walmart or Toys-R-Us at a heavy discount, due to the Infinity toys being discontinued.

      Also, 2.0 playsets will only work with 2.0 characters of the supported variety (i.e. Iron Man can be played on the Spiderman playset and the Avengers playset, but Venom will only work on the Spiderman playset, not the Avengers playset. Ultron, Vision, Hulkbuster (and others) are 3.0 characters, and won’t work in either of those playsets, even though all of the characters I’ve mentioned are all part of the “Marvel Universe”. All of the Marvel superheroes will work with the recently released Marvel Battlegrounds, but that game is really just a 1v1 or 2v2 battle/brawler, with no real adventuring. There is also the “Toy Box Takeover” game which works with any infinity character under the sun.

      I think the complexity of what works and what doesn’t work is part of the reason Infinity ultimately was a failure and Disney decided to drop it. They should have found a way to make the playsets forward-compatible and less restrictive; it might have been fun to battle storm troopers as Tinkerbell.

  • Kristal Morgan

    I ordered Disney Infinity for PS3 but received Disney Infinity for PS4. Will it still play on my ps3?

  • Monica Parada Sainz

    I don’t know anything about video games .. I just bought XBOX ONE .. I also got the Marvel Infinity 2.0 .. But I bought Black Panther & it says 3.0 .. Would my kids be able to play with it? or it has to be 2.0 figures?

  • Christine Hintze

    Does the 3.0 characters work on the Disney Infinity 2.0 edition for Xbox360?

  • Naa Okori

    Does Disney infinity work on ps2?

  • Natalie Bruner Wilhelm

    We have Disney infinity 1.0 for our Wii game console. Now that you can get a lot of the pieces on sale, we thought we would invest in buying the 2.0 and 3.0 before they are unavailable. But they’re not available for the original Wii system. So we thought we read somewhere that you could play the PS3 2.0 & 3.0 compatibly on the Wii system, but when we tried to load the PS3 disk to our Wii game dock it said there was an error. Is there a way to make them compatible? Or do we need to buy another gaming system to play 2.0 and 3.0? Our family aren’t big gamers. So investing in another system wasn’t high on our priorities list. That’s why we thought we would just try and make our Wii work. But if the only way to get 2.0 and 3.0 to work is to buy a new gaming system, which one do you recommend for a family with a girl (12) and a boy (9) that aren’t allowed to play really graphically violent games?

  • Lydia Skadberg

    So we have a 2.0 base and game for the wii. Will 3.0 characters work with our base?

  • Pauline

    Will Mickey 3.0 figure play on the original disney infinity. We were told by Smyth toys that it did but it doesn’t work.

  • Linda

    Can i use disney infinity characters from the wii on a x box 360

  • Sarah Bechdel

    Will 3.0 characters and crystals work in a 1.0 disk game

  • Lilly N

    HI GUYS, im not sure if this question was already posted (to much to stroll tho )but i need some answers!!!!! so i bought my son a used wii (not sure if there’s different gen.) any ways, he loves the Disney infinity games (watches it you-tube, this is why i bought the used console) so when i bought it i started to search for the Disney infinity game which i then noticed it was no where to be found,because they discontinued it, so i started looking for a used one.i found out i can use the i can use the portal from a ps3 2.0 and buy the figures 1.0 since the characters figures from the ps3 2.0 doesn’t work and im assuming its because of the cd being 1.0 and the characters being 2.0. so im assuming buying a used 1.0 figure will work right? i just don’t want to buy it and then not have it working because right now with the 2.0 iron man that came with the ps3 kit is saying its not compatible. someone please email me Braveheart5686@yahoo.com to clarify

  • Gil

    My nephew wants to get the Pirates of the Caribbean playset, what can and cannot be used with Disney Infinity 3.0?

  • Lilly N


  • Antonio Rivera

    can I use xbox one Disney infinity game disc and the port on the xbox 360?

  • Chris Dybowski

    I just want to know if 2.0 or 3.0 will work with xbox one. Please advise.

  • Lidija Mandicevska

    Hello! Can someone please solve my dilemma?
    We currently have PS3, and Disney Infinity Base 2.0 with characters. We want to bye PS4, so I am wondering will the 2.0 base work on PS4, and I only have to bye the Disney infinity Game 2.0 for PS4?

  • Amanda Greenslade

    My kids want to load their toybox saves (worlds they’ve created) from Disney Infinity 2.0 to Disney Infinity 3.0 – is it possible (PS4)?

  • Zachary Kelbach

    Will the Wii figures work with the 3DS?

  • Katie Fluttershy Palmer

    So lemme get this straight… the levels/zones will only load with the correct software/disk?

    If I want to play it all, this is gonna get pretty expensive!… so i need characters, levels AND software to play i.e toy story levels?!