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Disney Infinity 3.0 Release Dates

For information regarding Disney Infinity 3.0 Release Dates please see here.

Disney Infinity 3.0 Compatibility Information

For information regarding Disney Infinity 3.0 compatibility please see here.

Disney Infinity 3.0 Lightsaber Combo Attacks

Check out Disney Infinity 3.0 characters combo attacks here.

Disney Infinity 3.0 – Base not responding? Try the following steps

  1. Place the base onto a secure, even, stable and non-metal surface. Make sure to not have any metallic objects around either.
  2. Plug the base into another USB port
  3. Make sure the base is in the correct versions for the console. Please note the Xbox 360 base is not compatible with the Xbox One, and both Xbox bases can only be used with another Xbox.
  4. If you are using an Xbox One or a Playstation 4, then try a power cycle or a hard reset.

If still no luck, then please return the base to the retailer, and see if a replacement is offered. If the retailer can’t offer a replacement, then you will need to contact the Disney Infinity support team. Make sure to include as much information as possible, so the DI team can help troubleshoot the issue. Include the below information:

  • Detailed description of the issue
  • Name of the item that is not working
  • Type of console

Disney Infinity 3.0 – Trouble starting the game

When starting Disney Infinity 3.0, you will first need to speak to all six hosts and make sure to play through the trailer. Make sure to do this before starting a play set or creating a toy box. It is also recommended to play through the tutorial in full, but this isn’t required.

Disney Infinity 3.0 – Xbox One – Change Language Settings

Following the following steps to change language setting on Xbox One:

  1. Selected System Settings
  2. Select Location
  3. Select the language

Disney Infinity 3.0 – Playstation 4: Console and Game Updates

To receive the latest game and console update on your Playstation 4, make sure to turn on automatic downloads. Follow the following steps:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Select System
  3. Select Auto Download and Auto Upload
  4. Next to Enable Automatic Downloads and Uploads, select the check box

Disney Infinity 2.0 Hall of Super Heroes

For information surrounding the Hall of Super Heroes then check out our guide right here.

Disney Infinity Game Controls

If you are looking for the gaming controls for Disney Infinity, then please see our specific gaming console pages below.

For Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 gaming controls click here.

For Xbox 360 and Xbox One gaming controls click here.

For Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Wii U gaming controls click here.

Disney Infinity 2.0 – Frequently Asked Questions

How to unlock Disney Infinity 1.0 Toys in Disney Infinity 2.0?

Please check our page which explains how to do this right here – Unlocking Disney Infinity 1.0 Toys in 2.0

Compatibility questions…

Have a question surrounding the compatibility of characters or the game then check out our compatibility guide here.

Will the original Disney Infinity figures work in Disney Infinity 2.0?

Yes, all of the Disney Infinity figures from the first Disney Infinity game are playable in the Toy Box in Disney Infinity 2.0 as are all players stats and upgrades.

Will the original Disney Infinity Base work in Disney Infinity 2.0?

Yes, the original Disney Infinity Base will work with Disney Infinity 2.0.

Will the original Disney Infinity Power Discs work in Disney Infinity 2.0?

Yes, players will be able to use all of their Disney Infinity Power Discs in Disney Infinity 2.0.

Can I use Disney Infinity 2.0 Figures & Power Discs in the original Disney Infinity game?

Unfortunately, Disney Infinity 2.0 Figures & Power Discs are only compatible with the new Disney Infinity game software. However as stated above, all of the original Disney Infinity Figures and Power Discs are forward compatible and can be played in Disney Infinity 2.0 – Marvel Super Heroes Toy Box.

Will my Disney Infinity Toy Box creations be playable in Disney Infinity 2.0?

If you have saved a Disney Infinity Toy Box with your Disney ID account, you can log in to the account and download the Toy Box in Disney Infinity 2.0 and play the Toy Box with all Disney Infinity 2.0 characters.

How do I download a Disney Toy Box in Disney Infinity 2.0?

Play in Toy Boxes designed by the Disney Infinity team! Download Disney Toy Boxes from the main menu or from you toy box.

To download from Main Menu:

  1. Go to community content and then hit Disney Toy Boxes.
  2. Then select the category of Toy Boxes that would to like to see.
  3. Then you can choose to download or play the level

To download from your Toy Box:

  1. Pause the game and then select Online/Multiplayer.
  2. Then go to community content and select Disney Toy Boxes
  3. Then select the category of Toy Boxes that would to like to see
  4. Then you can choose to download or play the level

Remember when you download a Disney Toy Box, it will count towards your 300 slot limit.

How many doors can I connect in one Toy Box?

You can connect up to 10 different Toy Boxes using the door system.

What platforms will Disney Infinity 2.0 be released on?

Disney Infinity 2.0 – Marvel Super Heroes Starter Pack will be available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, Wii U, IOS and PC.

When will the digital version of Disney Infinity 2.0 be released?

You will be able to download Disney Infinity 2.0 directly on to your games console from November 17th onwards.

When will Disney Infinity 2.0 be released?

Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes Starter Pack will be released globally this fall.

For more information on Disney Infinity 2.0 check out our article here.

Will Disney Infinity 2.0 characters come with web codes?

Yes, just like in Disney Infinity 1.0 – 2.0 characters will include web codes which can be used in the PC game, IOS App or Windows 8 app to unlock characters and items.

Will Disney Originals and Marvel characters be able to interact together in the Toy Box?

Yes, this is one of the cool things of Disney Infinity – all characters will be able to fully engage with one another in the Disney Infinity universe. Let’s go and create a new world together!

Is there a Hall of Heroes in Disney Infinity 2.0?

Yes, there is a brand new completely expanded Hall of Heroes which will include Marvel Super Heroes & Disney Characters.

Will Disney Infinity 1.0 characters be able to level up to level 20 in Disney Infinity 2.0?

Definitely, all the characters from the original Disney Infinity game will be able to reach level 20.

How come my cross over characters don’t work?

When you playing through levels, make sure you collect the cross over coins. When you have collected enough coins for specific characters, you will have the ability to play with cross over characters in its cross over play set.

Cross over coins have the image of each character. There are 10 cross over coins for each character.

Will Disney Infinity 2.0 characters be able to cross over in to different Play Sets?

Some Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes characters will be cross-play set compatible, these have been developed to help create new and expand story lines.

When I play Venom, how come he doesn’t swing all the time like Spiderman?

This is a skill you need to unlock in Venom’s skill tree. To unlock:

  • Press the menu button
  • Open the skill tree up
  • Search for Venom web swinging ability
  • Use your skill points to purchase the skill

Can I get all the skills from my skill tree?

Unfortunately not, even if you level your character to the maximum level of 20, you still won’t have all the skills to fill your tree. So make sure you your skill tree path wisely.

If you decide later on that you are not happy with your skill tree path, then there are two reset options, which is earned at level 10 and then level 20.

But you can only reset once, so make sure to pick wisely and strategically.
After aborting a challenge, I am stuck in the template. How do I get out?
If you are stuck in the template, you can free yourself by going into Spark mode.
Spark Mode:
  1. Go into Build mode.
  2. Select Spark mode.
  3. Move the spark out of the collision area in the template.
  4. Get out of the Build mode and your character will be dropped out of the template.

What rewards do I get for inviting friends in Disney Infinity 2.0 for PC?

When you invite friends to play Disney Infinity 2.0 on PC, you will get 5 free virtual characters,  for the first 5 friend . Follow this link for instructions on how to invite friends to play – How To Invite

How come I can’t use my character after he gets knocked out? 

When your character is knocked out, you only have 10 seconds to replace it with another character, means you need to think fast. You will also lose a small amount of blue sparks and you will start at your last checkpoint.

But if you are playing 2 players, then for a few green sparks, the second player can revive you.

What resolution will Disney Infinity 2.0 be playable at?

The screen resolution for Disney Infinity 2.0 depends entirely on which console you are playing the game on, below are the console specific resolutions.

  • WiiU: 1138×600
  • Xbox 360 / Playstation 3: 1280×672
  • Xbox One / Playstation 4: 1,920×1,080

Disney Infinity: Online Getting Started

How do I play online?

To be able to play Disney Infinity online you will need to create a Disney Account right here. Once this is created you will then be able to play, by entering the web codes you received in your Disney Infinity Starter Pack you can add more Disney Infinity characters to play with! If you are looking for the PC version of Disney Infinity, this will be available in October 2013.

How do I create an account?

If you do not already have a Disney account, all you need to do to create one is click  ‘Register/Log in’ right here, then follow the steps to register with Disney.

I created an account but it won’t let me log in.

Unfortunately, for safety reasons some players need a parent’s permission to create a Disney Account. If you have gone through the account creation process an E-mail should have been sent to the E-mail address provided Disney. What happens next is, your parent must hit the approve button which should be located within the first E-mail you received in order for your account to be registered.

My child created an account but he/she can’t log in.

As mentioned previously, some players need parent’s permission to create the a Disney Account. Please follow the steps above.

How do I use my toys online?

Please insert the Web Code at to unlock the new content on the web! To do this, just enter the Disney Infinity Web Code on your Web Code card which will have come with your Disney Infinity figure or Play Set.

How do I redeem a code?

To redeem a Disney Infinity Web Code, all you need to do is follow these simple steps below:

1. Log in to your Disney Infinity Account right here.

2. Enter your code in to the Redemption Box.

3. Click Submit.

Do I plug my Disney Infinity Base in to the console?

No, when playing online or on you’re iPad you will use your virtual characters.

How do I use my Power Discs online?

Unfortunately, as of right now there is no way to transfer your physical Disney Infinity Power Disc into the online world.

Can I plug my controlled into my computer and play?

Yes, of course.

I’m a parent and want to play. How do I log in if my child is already a user?

You can create your own account using your own E-mail address right here.

How do I change my display name?

You can change your Display Name in your Account Manager which is located in the top left drop down showing your current Display Name. Be sure to remember your name will have to be approved by a moderator before it’s displayed.

How do I change my Disney Infinity: Toy Box iPad controls?

To change your Disney Infinity Toy Box iPad controls go to the Main Menu > Options > Controls. You can also access the Controls option from within the Pause Menu screen. The Control options switch between single and dual analogue.

If I buy a standalone character can I use it on my friend’s game ever if I don’t have the starter pack?

Yes of course! If your friend owns the Starter Pack you can play on their device with them!

What are Sparks, Stars & Spins?

By collecting Sparks within the Play Sets game mode you will be able to level up your characters. As you complete missions you will gain Stars and as you get Stars you will be granted Spins. You can then use the Spins in the Toy Box Vault to collect more exciting toys!

Is the game the same game on all platforms?

Yes, asdide from the specific control differences and graphics alterations the Disney Infinity game is relatively similar on each console device with the exception being the Nintendo 3DS version.

However, please note the Online and mobile experience are only the Toy Box mode of the Disney Infinity game.

How do I unlink my console network ID from my Disney Account?

To be able to unlink your console network ID from your Disney Account simply visit this URL –

Disney Infinity Online: Game Overview

What is Disney Infinity? 

Disney Infinity is a revolutionary game which introduces you to a new way of playing video games, with unprecedented freedom and endless opportunity to create your own adventures and experiences with you’re favourite Disney/Pixar characters. With two main modes within Disney Infinity, you can play with the Disney Infinity Playsets or create your own world in your own Disney Toy Box. You can also play Disney Infinity on your tablet devices & sync with your console!

How can I play Disney Infinity through the website online?

Unfortunately, as of right now you can’t play with your friends on the Disney Infinity website. However, you can add your friends and instant message them by entering your friend’s Disney Display Name and sending them a friend request.

How can I make new friends online?

To send a friend request, all you need is your friend’s Disney Display Name.

Can I play split screen multiplayer mode online?

Unfortunately, there is no split screen in the PC version of Disney Infinity. However, you can play split screen mode on your console.

How to set up multi player in Disney Infinity 2.0 on PS4?

Disney Infinity 2.0 has a 2 player split screen feature. This means that additional players can join in during game plays and control the second character. If you are playing on a PS4, make sure that the second player is logged into their Playstation profile.

PS4 Multiplayer

1. On the second controller, press the middle PlayStation button.
2. Select the second player profile or choose to play as Guest.
3. Place your Disney Infinity figure in the B [circular] slot on the Disney Infinity base.
4. Press Options.

How do I save my toy box?

Always remember to save your tox box, so you can save carry on from where you’ve left off.

  • Pause the game, then select Save.
  • Then go to New Save, and enter the name, descriptions and save options for your toy box. (If you are saving to your Disney Cloud, allows you to download to other device. Then by sharing with your friends, this allows your network friends to access your toy box).
  • After you have filled in all the information, select Save to confirm.

How can I submit my Toy Box to Disney to be featured?

Awesome, you want to submit your Toy Box! To do so, once you have created your amazing Toy Box go to your menu options.

Once there, go to…

  1. Online/Multiplayer
  2. Toy Box Share
  3. Disney’s Toy Boxes
  4. Submit to Disney

Make sure to give your Toy Box a name and description and then click submit. Unfortunately, Disney cannot guarantee that your Toy Box will make the featured list, as there are hundreds, if not thousands of Disney Infinity gamers submitting their fantastic Toy Boxes too, but you can share it with the Disney Infinity world!

How can I upload & download my Toy Box to different devices?

Disney Infinity is multi-device accessible, meaning you can play in your Disney Infinity Toy Box from a variety of devices including Tablets & Consoles. To upload & download your Toy Box creations on different devices follow the step by step guide below:

To upload your Disney Infinity Toy Box:

  1. First, make sure you are logged in to your Disney Account.
  2. Once you have found your amazing Toy Box creation, pause the game and go to Toy Box Share
  3. Now go to My Toy Boxes
  4. Click Upload to My Toy Box
  5. Give your fantastic new Toy Box World a name & description
  6. Then, that’s it…Simple! Your amazing Toy Box is uploaded!

To download your Disney Infinity Toy Box:

  1. First make sure you are logged in to your Disney Account.
  2. Go to Toy Box Share
  3. Now go to My Toy Boxes
  4. Choose the Toy Box you would like to download.
  5. Click download, then that’s it…Simple! Your amazing Toy Box is downloaded!

What is the Toy Box meter?

The Toy Box meter helps to determine the strength of your internet connection, how full your toy box is and more!

Click here to read the full list – Toy Box Meter

Can I enter my Web Codes more than once? 

Unfortunately not, Disney Infinity Web Codes are for one time use only. Once you redeem your Web Codes they are then stored on to your Disney ID. So, if you redeem your code on a mobile device that is then unlocked across all devices as it is associated with your Disney ID. Once you use a Web Code with one Disney ID it is then associated with this Disney ID and cannot be re-used.

Why can’t I edit items in my Toy Box that I downloaded?

You can play & interest with all the items in your Toy Box, however to edit these items you must have all of the Toy box items unlocked to edit them.

Why didn’t my Toy Box submission get featured?

Disney Infinity received hundreds if not thousands of submissions from across the globe. Unfortunately, whilst everyone’s Toy Boxes are unique and fantastic, they have to limit the number of Toy Boxes that are featured. However, each week there are new Disney Infinity challenges so you can always try again!

Disney Infinity Online: Technical Support

How can I contact Disney Infinity Customer Support?

If you have any questions or need any help with Disney Infinity such as technical, account, gameplay or customer service questions then you can contact Disney Infinity via the contact us page we have linked to right here – Contact Disney Infinity.

Can I play Disney Infinity on a Apple Mac Computer?

Unfortunately, Disney Infinity isn’t currently supported on Apple’s operation system (OS) and will only be supporting Windows Operation Systems for the foreseeable future.

What are the PC specifications to play Disney Infinity?

  • Microsoft Windows 7/XP
  • 2.20Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU (E4500) or 2.4gHZ AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4600+ 2.4Ghz or equivalent processor.
  • 2GB RAM
  • NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT 512MB, ATi Radeon HD 4650 1GB or Intel Integrated Graphics HD 4000 or equivalent 16-bit DirectX 9 Graphics Card

How do I replace damaged Disney Infinity products?

If any of your Disney Infinity products such as playset, figures or base is damaged, then please return these to the retailers and see if they can offer an replacement.

If the retailer is unable to offer a replacement, then please contact Disney Infinity via the contact us page, which is linked here – Contact Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity: Disney Infinity Apps

How do I enter my Web Codes on my iPad?

Disney Infinity have launched two Disney Infinity Mobile Apps – ‘Disney Infinity: Action!’ & ‘Disney Infinity: Toy Box’. You can only redeem your Web Codes in the ‘Disney Infinity: Toy Box’ Application within the Virtual Base interface in the app itself.

However, remember you can also redeem Web Codes online right here & the items will be associated with your Disney ID for use across all devices.

If I redeem my Web Codes on my iPad will I get the items online?

Yes, when redeeming your Web Codes they are shared across all devices as they are associated with your Disney ID.

How can I change my Disney Infinity: Toy Box iPad controls?

To change your Disney Infinity: Toy Box application controls on you’re iPad from the main menu go to options and then controls, which is also accessible from the pause menu in-game. The controls option screen switches between single and dual analogue. In the settings menu you can toggle Tap to jump & find the controls which work best for you, enjoy!

How many Disney Infinity Power Discs can you stack at once?

You can stack up to two circular Disney Infinity power discs at once and up to three hexagonal Disney Infinity power discs at once. However please keep in mind, hexagonal power discs can only be used in the Disney Infinity Toy Box mode.

What is the Disney Infinity hub?

After entering the Toy Box Mode, your Disney Infinity character will appear in the centre of the Toy Box pad within the Disney Infinity hub. The Disney Infinity hub has four pads that can be activated by moving your character over them, each pad gives you access to different areas of the game.

Red Pad – This opens the Travel menu, where you can select from Mastery Adventures, Character Adventures, Prebuilt Toy Box Worlds, Adventures & Play Sets that are currently placed on your Disney Infinity Base. You can also save your current Toy Box or load previously saved Toy Boxes.

Yellow Pad – This opens your Disney Infinity Vault, where you can use spins to unlock new Toys in the Toy Box mode.

Green Pad – This opens the Toy Store, which lists Toys you already have unlocked.

Purple Pad – This opens the Hall of Heroes.

How long does it take to complete the Disney Infinity Playsets?

Most Disney Infinity gamers will play through each Disney Infinity Playset in 6 to 10 hours. Where as, the Toy Box mode is infinite and completely unlimited!

What can you do with Sparks, Stars & Spins?

By collecting Sparks within the Disney Infinity Playsets it will help you level up your Disney Infinity characters. As you do missions within the Playset mode you will gain stars and these will grant you spins which can be used in the Toy Box Vault (Yellow Pad on the Disney Infinity hub) to collect more Toys!

Got stuck in Aerial or Side Camera Mode?

Found yourself in a dodgy camera angle, simply hit the back button or select button to move yourself out of that dodgy camera angle!

How to play Disney Infinity in Multiplayer mode?

Disney Infinity can be played in single player mode or up to 4 players multiplayer, to do this follow the step by step guide below:

1. Before or during gameplay, place your additional Disney Infinity figure on the circular slot on the Disney Infinity base.

2. Press the Start button on the additional synced game controller to join the Disney Infinity game.

If you want to return to single player mode, simply press the Start button on the additional game controller to pause and from the pause menu, select Drop Out.

What about multiplayer mode on the Nintendo Wii?

Unfortunately, due to space limitations on the Nintendo Wii platform, Disney had to cut back in certain areas of the game for this specific console. In the case of multiplayer, Disney decided to focus on the Toy Box over the Play Sets as everyone wants to be able to build custom experiences together.

Disney Infinity does support 2 player split screen Toy Box mode. To play Disney Infinity in Co-op mode follow the step by step guide below:

1. Before or during gameplay, place the additional Disney Infinity figure on the Disney Infinity base.

2. Press the ‘+’ button on the additional synced Wii remote controller and Nunchuck to join the game.

If you want to return to single player mode, press the ‘+’ button on the additional Wii remove controller to pause and from here select Drop Out.

 What about multiplayer mode on the Nintendo 3DS?

To play Disney Infinity in multiplayer mode on the Nintendo 3DS, each player must have a Nintendo 3DS games console and the Disney Infinity Toy Box Challenge 3DS Card.

Player One (host) will need to follow the next set of instructions:

1. Launch Disney Infinity: Toy Box Challenge.
2. From the Main Menu, select Multiplayer and then select OK.
3. Select one of the four slots in the Group List window and then select OK.
4. In the Mode Select window, select Quick Play or Adventures.
5. At this stage, the Group Window will appear on the touch screen, awaiting Player Two.
6. Once Player Two has joined, select OK to start.

Player Two (guest) will need to follow the next set of instructions:

1. Launch Disney Infinity: Toy Box Challenge.
2. From the Main Menu, select Multiplayer and the select OK.
3. In the Group List window, select the slot displaying Player One’s name and then select OK to join.

What are Mastery Adventures?

There are two types of Mastery Adventures the first is within the Toy Box and the second are within Play Set mode. If you complete the first available Mastery Adventures, more become available as you progress. For example, the Building Mastery shows you how to create and arrange elements within the Toy Box, whilst the Combat, Driving and other Mastery Adventures teach you how to fight, drive and perform many other cool actions within the Play Sets.

What is the Disney Infinity Vault?

The Disney Infinity vault offers 16 different toys and/or toy packs at a time. Spins which we discussed above are used for a chance of randomly unlocking one of the 16 toys. You can also shuffle the Vault to get a new set of 16 toys with a chance of unlocking one of those instead. Toy Box Spins can be collected from green capsules, by completing Mastery Adventures and by levelling up your character and earning medals.

Tip: Putting two circular Disney Infinity Power Discs under your character will get you a random third power – these are called ‘Power Disc Combinations’ you can read more about them right here with our Power Disc Combination Tutorial.

How do I connect Network ID to Disney Account?

When you launch Disney Infinity, you will be asked to create a Disney Account. After you have filled in the required information, click ‘Create Account’ and your Network ID and Disney Account will be linked.

To verify your Disney Infinity account follow these instructions:

  1. 1. Go to and click the login button.
  2. At the Disney Account sign in page, enter your username/E-mail address and password and click log in.
  3. Click on the box with your username (upper left hand corner) and select ‘My Account’ from the drop down menu.
  4. In the My Account window, click on the ‘My Linked Consoles’ button.
  5. The Manage Account Linking window will show you a list of linked consoles.

How do I replace a damaged or defective Disney Infinity item?

If your Disney Infinity base, one of your characters or Play Set pieces are damaged or defective then please return to the retailer to see if they can offer a refund or replacement. If in the small chance that the retailer is unable to assist, you can contact Disney Infinity directly via their contact us page right here. Be sure to include as much information as possible in your E-mail including details such as the issue with the item, what the item is, what console you purchased the item for and from what retailer it was purchased.

Disney Infinity Digital Download – Wii U Troubleshooting

In some cases when users try and download the E-shop version of Disney Infinity they experience issues with the download. The main reason for these problems are the lack of hard drive space to download the game, therefore you can download to an external USB storage device which has at least 10GB of free space. To download Disney Infinity to your external USB storage device, please follow these steps below:

1. Whilst the console is turned off, plug in the external USB storage device in to one of the ports in the back of your console. Once you turn on the console, look for the system settings wrench icon within the WiiU home menu and click A to open your system settings. Then scroll to the right once to bring up the data management and click a. Please choose the “Format USB Storage Device’ option and then click a. The system will then ask you to confirm the option and then you do not need any of the data that may still be on the USB storage device.

2. Next you will need to remove any Disney Infinity data that may still be on your Wii U system memory so you can download the game digitally. By using the same process as previously discussed, navigate to data management and this time click “Copy/Move/Delete Data”. Choose “System Memory” and then click X. After you have clicked X, select the game data for Disney Infinity which should place a green check against it. Then click X to select “Move” and then transfer it to your external USB storage device. Once this has been completed you will be notified and we are now ready to download Disney Infinity!

3. Click the B button a couple of times until you reach the Wii U main menu screen, ensure you are logged in to your user account that is linked with the Nintendo network ID. Then look at the bottom of the Wii U main menu screen for an orange coloured shopping bag icon. Click this icon to then launch in to the Nintendo E-Shop.

4. You should then see the digital download for Disney Infinity, click on it and you will get the option to download the game to you USB storage device. Please note that it can take over an hour to download, in most cases however it will not take too long, it totally depends on your internet connection and speed.

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Got a question or need more help, shoot us a comment below!


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Need help with Disney Infinity? Then check out our Disney Infinity help section which also includes a Disney Infinity guide on how to play Disney Infinity.
Will Blears
  • Angela

    Just a question. I’m not only playing my disney infinity on my xbox, but building a world in my ipad. What would be a reason as to why I would buy a character on the App Store? Do I gain anything for buying them online, or can I earn anything from buying the character online vs going to a retail store and picking them up?

    • Jared

      if u kept those cards that came w/ them u wont have to buy them again u just have to enter the code to play as the character

  • Davide01

    Salve a tutti i fan di Disney Infinity ho bisogno del vostro aiuto!!!!!!!!!!!!!se mi date il codice di Frozen toy box io vi darò ben tre codici di Disney Infinity a vostra scelta.non è una bugia o una bufala o una vile menzonia.sono DISPERATO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jesse

    If i have the game for wii U can I play with my friend if he has the game for xbox?

  • Iris

    How much are the character packs to buy on the iPad? I can’t see prices in the toy box app

  • everette

    how do you play 2 players on xbox 360 with the Disney infinity



    • Matt

      did you ever get this resolved? i just got the game and am having the exact same problem. thanks

    • lightning

      If you go to the toy box, it should work with any character, in the playsets, you HAVE to use 1 player mode and you have to put a character that goes with that playset.If this still does not work,…the discs are probably scratched or broken.

  • Deidre

    I’m using Xbox 360 and cannot move or see anything once Micky is introduced.

    • Rose

      I had something strange like that happen to me when I used the character woody he was able to walk around for up to two minutes, but then he kept disappearing and then he reappeared, but then he disappeared.

      • Ly

        This is happening to me. We have the game for 2 weeks now and it just started disappearing and reappearing over and over again

  • Jennifer

    I understand not making the web codes with unlimited redemption, but why not two? I have two kids who just got the infinity for the Wii U for Christmas. They can’t play together in play set mode, ok fine. But now I have to make them log into my Wii account and use that to have a Disney account since they share their figures and can only use them online with my Disney account. I’m not going to buy double of the figures so that they can each have them online. This is unreasonable and now unfair to my children. Just a suggestion for the future. I understand you need to make money and be a profitable company but at the same time you need to consider your customers.

  • Chris

    My kids got the game for Xmas for PS3 and I’m usually pretty good with stuff like this, but I can’t figure out how to use the TRU exclusive Race to Space playset. The only info I can find online is that it’s not technically a playset at all. Does that mean it needs to be used in the Toy Box. If so, how do I actually get it to work? I’ve followed the instructions regarding how to use the Power Discs and nothing special is happening. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • Jared

      The crystal characters you got w/ the playset can go into their playset like crystal lightning can go into cars and buzz can go into the toy story playset but they can both go into the toy box. the power discs can be used w/ every character. the crystal characters also have special powers like crystal lightning can boost a lot faster than his normal self

  • kevin

    just recently purchased disney infinity starter pack for my little girl but had no webcode card inside how will i get one please help

  • Leeanne

    when we turn on the game we can see the credits but then when it goes to the main menu the screen is black. everything before the main menu is fine but as soon as it goes to the main menu there is just a black screen. please help.

  • Karen

    how do i connect my wii to my online account

  • Angela

    Even when I am in parts of the game that say they allow 2 players, it will not let me add the second player. I’ve never had a problem w/ other games. I even got so frustrated I spent money on new controllers thinking maybe there was something wrong w/ one of the 4 I had been trying to use as player 2. No bueno. My son wants me to play w/ him and he even saved up his money to buy me a Jack Skellington figure so that I could have my own player, but I cannot play w/ him. I hit the + as instructed (Wii) but it simply will not pop the second player into the world. I’m kinda feeling like I got ripped off.

    • Kylee

      Try connecting the nunchuck with the remote.

    • Jared

      Sadly, there is no split screen multiplayer on the wii

      • lightning

        There is a split screen mode available, but you have to do it inside of the toybox.If your son has created a building toy box, there may be too much stuff in it.If you go to the toybox launch, it should work.Here are the steps:
        1.Place your figure on the base.
        2.When the note to press + pops up, press it
        3.The screen should split in 2 and you should appear on the hub.

        If this doesn’t work, I don’t know.(It may be broken)

  • Crystal

    My son was playing the Monsters University part of the game and he had completed some missions and bought the toilet paper launcher which he went on to use for about another 20 mins of play before saving his game and turning it off. The next day he loads his saved game and the launcher is no longer available in the tools menu thing and if he tries to repurchase it in the toy store it tells him its already be bought. This also happens to him with the Pirates of Carribean game with a cannon and some sails. The MU game he was playing Sully as a guest, the PoC game he had taken ownership of Jack.

    • Kylee

      There is a gift somewhere in the game. When it is opened,, it gives you what you bought.

  • Christopher Hartley

    I am building toy boxes and am trying to find breakable infinity spheres and lanterns for a rail and target game. Can you tell me if they can be accessed or are they not available. Thank you.

  • HorseCrzyGirl

    Is it possible to connect 2 infinity play pads to a single Xbox console so that you can play 4 co-op on one local console?

  • KKgirl

    Help! I’m using my Disney Infinity for the first time. I got Mr Infinity to “sneak attack” training and I’m stuck. I keep jumping to green arrow but can’t get all the way there ? How do I keep going ? Thanks!

  • Vi

    I have Disney Infinity on the PC, and wherever I look there isn’t very much useful information on the version.
    I know that the PC version doesn’t allow you to do a split screen like the regular ones, but is there still a way to play multiplayer with other people?

  • Steve

    We have an issue with the Wii U version.
    It looks like the Wii U did an update on the software, and now when the game starts it just freezes with the banner image of all the characters. We thought it may the the Base Pad as this wasn’t lighting up either, but the replacement base is acting in the same way.
    Is there a known issue with the Wii U version of the game?
    We are thinking about a factory reset of the Wii U but want to avoid that if possible??!!
    Are there any known ways of getting the game to start?

    • Kylee

      That happens with me too. Hold down the power button on the Wii U console until it shuts off. Wait 10 seconds and then start the game again. Hope it works!

  • Stephen kiely

    Santa brought my kids the infinity starter pack (wii) and i have recently purchased several other characters, including the frozen girls, Anna and Elsa. These characters can be played in the toybox but is there not a frozen part of the main game like there is a monsters university/ Pirates etc.
    Do i need to purchase something else or are they just for playing in the toybox world?

    thanks and regards


    • Kylee

      There is not a world for frozen. I heard that they are coming out with one though!

  • Hudson sanders

    I am playing on Xbox 360 and am wondering how to get to a play set. I only have the starter pack and I am putting it on the little sensor thing but nothing happens.

  • Takesha Jackson

    For u to play the game do u have to be online.

  • Kylee

    I play on the Wii U and the disney interactive log in used to come up. Whenever i play it doesnt come up anymore. How can i log in to my disney account?

  • Pablo A.

    Hi , I bought a infinity wii/wiiu controller, but im having issues to sync it to my wii. Has anybody else had issues with this? Any help will b greatly appreciated

  • brittany

    I have the app for my sons tablet and it keeps saying this app doesn’t have access to your camera how do I fix this so he can make videos

  • Andrea

    I have 2 kids that play! How do I get them to share the figures without canceling the others progress on that figure? They both want to build up the figures in their own worlds / hall of heros, but it says if you want to claim it you have to erase the progress on the figure? Is there a way around it?

    • lightning

      Sadly, there is not a way around it. Unless you buy 2 of the same characters.

  • Jade

    How do you use the glide pack from the incredibles play set in the toy box?

    • lightning

      After you unlock it and and complete the incredibles main story,(that includes unlocking every thing else and defeating Syndrome)go to the toybox and press 1 (or whatever button pulls up the packs and tools)then go to packs, and select it.

  • Charlotte

    I just bought a blind pack of power disk but i’ve got one of the tron circular power disks but for some odd reason it’s not responding at all. I’ve put the disk under the character but all that comes up on the screen is “take the figure off the base and press A” something like that, are there any tips or what should i do?

  • Kai

    What are the power disc codes for the iPad

  • Kavon

    Will I be able to update my Disney Infinity 1.0 game?

    • Allan

      You noticed that too huh? They conveniently left it out so that they could say YES! It’s forwardly compatible. Truth is, no, playsets from 1.0 will NOT be accessible if you are playing 2.0. Not a big deal if you have 1.0 and 2.0 on the same console. But Xbox One and PS4 owners are given the shaft here. I’m still holding out hope they allow these playsets to be downloaded and accessed in the same manner it is on the PC version. That’s all tied to our accounts. Technically it should be, whether or not they care enough to allow this is another manner.

  • Nishant

    why isn’t disney infinity on the pc opening i have tryed to open it but it wont let me play the game

  • Sara

    How do I change adventure/background


    Hello , I have installed the game on my ipad with lots of characters for my daughter . Can she play on her mother’s ipad at home with the same characters and account ?

  • John

    Just downloaded this game on PC, how on earth do I play with my friends online?

  • Maxine

    How do I do multiplayer

  • Christina

    So i pluged in the base and.startes the game but the wii u consle is notrecognizing that the base is pluged in what do i do

  • Bradley

    Hello I unlocked the helicopter using the vault on the Wii version and for some reason it won’t appear in the toy box what do I do.

  • zach

    I was wondering if i bought a used disney infinity character will it be able to be used on my base or will i have to buy a new one like does the characters have a chip that sighns into one base and stays with that base for good?????????

  • kay

    i can’t seem to register to get online in disney infinity (wii) i clicked options but it does not show any online features.

  • Dan

    Hi, my kid lost the card with the code that comed with the Infinity starter set (Sully, Captain Sparrow and Mr. Incredible) what can I do to get a new code?

  • zach

    my disney progress is gone and i can’t get it back plz help

    • Callie

      I have the same problem I can’t get my stuff from the vault

  • Katherine

    I unlocked the horses from the toy story big vault and I can’t figure out how to get to them. Can someone please help?

  • Callie

    I have the same problem as Katherine. I unlocked things from the toy vault and spun to get them. I don’t know where they are. I don’t know how to get anything I win! HELP!

  • Liv Marit

    I’ve been playing the incredibles with mr.incredible and violet on my ps3. I’ve unlocked the gliding pack and purchased it (and opened the gift box) but it won’t let me put it on (R1).. Edna is telling me to practise and I can’t summon the thing or anything.. is this a glitch or defect on my game? I’m updating everything I can now in desperation.

  • Sasha

    The character circle won’t read any characters & once a character is placed in keeps blinking red !!! Please help , how do I get it so it can read the characters

    • aideen

      Try cleaning it, it happened to me.

    • PSyGN051S

      gamestop sells used bases for a couple bucks

  • Sasha

    And it’s on regular wii

  • Quinn

    Not sure of this is the right place to post this..

    I have the first Disney Infinity on Xbox 360 and plan on buying Disney Infinity 2.0. I have decided to upgrade consoles to a PS4 but I am not sure whether to buy the new Infinity on Xbox 360 or PS4. I’m obviously wanting it more on the new console

    I don’t know a lot about the new game so should I stick to Xbox 360 so that I have both games on the same console? Will there be any benefits to that? Or does it not really matter?

    Will there be some sort of thing where you can access previous progress from the first game? Does it mean I would not be able to do this?

  • Syd

    So I have a ton of toys in my toybox on my xbox disney infinity game and just got a Surface (tablet I suppose it would be classified as) so i’d like to transfer those toys somehow to the new device. Is that possible? Or is the only way to gain new toys on the mobile game to purchase them?? Please help! Thanks!

  • Tes

    Just purchased all the originals, but the starter set I purchased was for the Nintendo 3ds. I have not even began to play it as I know that version is nothing like the others. I am getting ready to pre order the 2.0 marvel set and want to continue to collect all the figures. My question is which game console should I purchase? I am heavily weighing towards the PS4, but how can you play the first version on that system? From what I have read about the 2.0 you can play all the characters for 1.0 on there but the play sets will not play on 2.0. So if you wanted to play those you would need to play it on the 1.0 game is that correct? if so should I purchase the PS3 version of 1.0 to play on the PS4 (will that even work?) very frustrated on what to do and purchase.
    (adult daughter has xbox360, adult son has xbox one, adult daughter has PS3, and I currently have a nintendo wii)

  • Kylie

    How do you delete a world on WII platform?

    • Dr. Awesome106

      Press the “-” button

  • Dr. Awesome106

    Is it possible to play the original Disney Infinity for the playstation3 on the playstation4?

    • iheartinfinity

      Yes it is possible.

  • Suzi

    Would I play online if I had Wii nintendo? How can I link disney infinity account and my console?

    • iheartinfinity

      Simply, create a Disney ID and use this to save all of your information from Disney Infinity then when you play Disney Infinity your user account information will automatically sync over.

  • When i was playing Disney Infinity on my iPad,i saw Jack Skellington in the list.I bought him then my brother saw i had him so i restored purchased all of my purchases.But when it was loading,It said i am logged in a different Apple ID but they asked me for my Apple ID.I kept on trying and trying but it would never restore my purchases.Are characters restorable? If not,a rip off of my 2.99 i spent to buy a character.

  • josh

    ok so I think in the 2.0 toy box you have to login ok but when I go to login on my 1.0 game its lets me but I don’t know how to look at it I don’t know what it is please help

  • Brianna

    When i turn it on its just a black screen and wont play and bought it two times and all of the people and i w o nt to play but it wont le g me and awesome game i love it help!!!

  • Raven

    Can anyone advise if the co-op play on any console are single screen, or are they all split screen? Also, will this be true on the 2.0 edition. I am considering purchasing the 2.0 for a different console other than Wii so my children will be able to play in the play-sets together and would love to know if there is a co-op single screen version on one of the console before purchase. I have sent several messages to Disney through their channels, twitter, etc, with no response as of yet so I thank you in advance for a response.

  • Brian

    When I go to the toy box it won’t let me make anything

  • Brooklyn

    My PC screen is black but i hear all the sounds in the game . What do I do ?

  • Chipendale Johnson

    How do I play on multiplayer on the PC edition? I can’t figure it out and I searched how to do it on the internet but nothing tells me anything useful.

  • Alicia

    I am looking into purchasing an Infinity set for my children for Christmas. I am curious though about the online multi-player part. If I purchase 2.0 for them, will they be able to play with their friends that only have 1.0 or vis versa? Thanks for any information!

  • Oberon

    With 2.0 what is the difference between sharing and take ownership that was in 1.0? If we share a figure will we still level up separately? – my son can have his own build of the toon?

    • iheartinfinity

      Yes, you will still be able to level up figures separately, another thing to mention is that you will now be able to level up Disney Infinity 1.0 figures to level 20.

  • Oberon

    With 2.0 what is the difference between sharing and take ownership that was in 1.0? If we share a figure will we still level up separately? – my son can have his own build of the toon?

    • iheartinfinity

      Yes, you will still be able to level up figures separately, another thing to mention is that you will now be able to level up Disney Infinity 1.0 figures to level 20.

  • Tahlia Bruce

    i’m trying to link my 1.0 toy box to my 2.0 game console but i’m not sure how to do it???

  • Tahlia Bruce

    i’m trying to link my 1.0 toy box to my 2.0 game console but i’m not sure how to do it???

  • iheartinfinity

    Yes it is possible.

  • iheartinfinity

    Simply, create a Disney ID and use this to save all of your information from Disney Infinity then when you play Disney Infinity your user account information will automatically sync over.

  • Alexander Oli

    Is there a possibility to play DI 2.0 playsets in online coop? I mean there’s an offline coop for the campaign and an easy to enter online coop for the toybox but I can’t find any online Multiplayer option for the playsets…is this really missing?

    • iheartinfinity

      Unfortunately for the time being this is only available within the Toy Box 2.0 – however this is something Disney Interactive are working on, from what we have been told.

  • Alexander Oli

    Is there a possibility to play DI 2.0 playsets in online coop? I mean there’s an offline coop for the campaign and an easy to enter online coop for the toybox but I can’t find any online Multiplayer option for the playsets…is this really missing?

  • Craslaz

    Whenever I go into toy box, my screen is black except I can still see my HUD, hear everything and sometimes offline co-op partner can still play fine. Please help!

  • Craslaz

    Whenever I go into toy box, my screen is black except I can still see my HUD, hear everything and sometimes offline co-op partner can still play fine. Please help!

  • ethan

    Just picked up the new Disney marvel infinity 2 game for xbox 360 and the portal is not working or being read by the game. If you have any suggestions please let me know what they are …. Thanks

  • ethan

    Just picked up the new Disney marvel infinity 2 game for xbox 360 and the portal is not working or being read by the game. If you have any suggestions please let me know what they are …. Thanks

  • Ian Winter

    The control will not move character on a saved level, but fine if you start a new game.any answers.???

    • Summer Waite

      Same here

  • Ian Winter

    The control will not move character on a saved level, but fine if you start a new game.any answers.???

  • Dan Schuessler

    We started playing 2.0 Avengers today and saved our mission. After returning we could not locate the saved game, can you help with that?

    • Summer Waite

      Same issue I’m having. What to do???

  • Dan Schuessler

    We started playing 2.0 Avengers today and saved our mission. After returning we could not locate the saved game, can you help with that?

  • Cheryl hayes

    If my child has wii u, can they play online with someone who owns ps3?

    • iheartinfinity

      Unfortunately this is not available at the moment.

  • Thomas

    After trying to load my infinity 2.0 toybox I received this error”some of the toys in this toy box level are still locked. You won’t be able to modify or save this level.” This was my own toybox I had built from scratch, I now can’t complete it or edit it in anyway as it wont save anything I do. Is there a fix or work around to this issue. I am playing on wii u

  • Niel

    how can i play disney infinity 1.0 play sets (monster inc. toy story, lone ranger, cars, the increadibles and pirates of the carribean) on xbox one? because i only have xbox one.

    • iheartinfinity

      Unfortunately, you won’t be able to without Disney Infinity 1.0 which is not available for the Xbox One – sorry :'(

  • mal

    i finally bought the starter pack for 2.0 and i am getting an error ‘ the disc region is not compatible with the console’. I bought the console and the original disney infinity in USA and have since relocated to the Middle East. I bought the 2.0 starter pack here. I can’t believe that I need a new console or that all the discs/games i get have to be from US. There has to be something I’m missing. Any insight?

  • Britt

    If you do not have Internet connected to your xbox, is the game even worth purchasing for offline play, or is the internet absolutely necessary??

  • Brian

    Cars no longer works in 2 player mode. Its been working fine the past year on my wii u. All controllers work on other games. when the second car is placed on the base I’m prompted to “Press + to Join.” But nothing happens. Anyone else experience this?

  • Anne Sy

    Hi, i just want to know the size of a web code card (it’s length and width in inches/mm/cm), cuz i plan to make card holder for my cards, thanks.

  • ForYourHealth13

    Opened brand new package, put game into xbox, hooked base up, turned xbox on to see the Disney Infinity screen with Press Start (button). Screen will not change after hitting start (or any other buttons). Turning Xbox on and off (even unplugging) does nothing. Removing disc does nothing. I can not access Xbox menus and Infinity screen stays- even with disc removed. Anyone familiar with this issue?

  • Diraj Robinson

    disney infinity 2.0 error player 2 has insufficient priveleges to play online, how do I fix this

    • aideen

      Hi!! If you play on Xbox you will need Gold membership. Hope it helps!

    • sunny_dayze

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  • Karen Hill

    Hello, wondering if it’s possible to hook up and use more than one game pad on the infinity 1.0 for wii? If so, would it allow more than 2 people to play at the same time? Thank you

    • Taryn Hand

      Did you ever get a reply to this? We have 2.0 on wiiU but are wondering the same thing. Can we get a 2nd game pad and make it 4 player?

  • Georgiana

    Why can’t my kids play disney infinity 2.0 out of the box like the first one? I got them the marvel edition for Xbox one, and it won’t let them play, without online capability. This seems like I just wasted money, being as I can’t return it. Can you play without Internet?

    • aideen

      you should be able to play without internet- I did for nearly a year.

    • PSyGN051S

      gotta play thru the tuitoral first,then toybox will be available

  • mom

    My son just got the Disney Infinity Marvels 2.0 and he wants to play with his sister but we only seem to be able to get one player to play at a time. Please HELP

    • Madison Weger

      You could use wii remotes with nunchucks

  • Casey

    I bought the Disney infinity marvel starter pack for ps4. I’m fairly new to the game and I had started looking at the different characters available. I saw the Pirates of the Caribbean characters and wanted to play their storyline. However they didn’t have a hexagonal base piece for sale. Apparently the original starter pack had a tri-base piece that lets you play the Pirates game, monsters inc., and the incredibles. However, I don’t want to buy a whole new starter pack since I already have the game. And I don’t really care about getting the monsters or the incredibes. Is there anyway to get the playset for the Pirates seperately somehow?

  • rjejr

    Can I plug my controlled into my computer and play?

    Yes, of course.

    Which controllers work for the PC version of the game? I tried my Logitech Dual Action and a PS3 after a LOT of software work to get it to work on my PC but not in the game. Is there a list so I can buy 1 for my kid?

  • Rei

    A message pops up saying “you don’t have enough privelages to play offline…” how do I fix this problem?

  • Chase

    When will Sam Flynn and Quorra be released?

    • With Disney Infinity 3.0 which will be released around the 20th August 2015.

  • Jamie Charron Allen-Finn

    The 1.0 base suddenly stopped working today and I just bought 2 sets at
    $35 a pc to complete the character collection. 2 days later and now that
    I have bought ALL the sets and characters the base breaks this is not
    even fair or right. I am furious. I do no want to upgrade to 2.0 my kid
    loves this one I need help.

  • Lynsey

    When will the disney infinity 2.0 characters be available to unlock with the code from the card on the disney infinity app on the Ipad?

  • Greg Charles

    How are character saves done as far as the skill tree is concerned? We’ve got the Infinity 2.0 Avenger’s set for the X-Box 360. We have two profiles on the 360 (Call them Profile 1 and Profile 2). I play the game with my daughter, and I’ve noticed that if I’m player one, signed in as Profile 1, and she’s player 2 using Profile 2, and we load the game from Profile 1, our characters skill trees are different than if we load the game from Profile 2. Are skill tree saves based on which profile’s game they are saved under?

  • Doug Warnke

    Both my son and I have Disney accounts. We both have XBox Live accounts. When we first got the game for the 360 I didnt connect it to the disney account so he could just play. Now Im backtracking and trying to get him connected and his profile will not connect. Mine connects fine and Im getting characters saved but his will not allow him to download toybox’s or even save the virtual characters we purchased for him. SO what settings need to be enable in his xbox360 profile or his disney profile to allow him to connect those two accounts. I have his xbox live profile listed in his synced counsels they just wont talk to each other. What can I do?

  • Ruben

    When I start Disney Infinity 2.0 for the PC, the loading bar will only get up to 2% or nothing at all. I’ve waited long enough and tried repairing the files but nothing works. Do you have a solution to this?

  • L. H.

    Just got the marvel 2.0 set. Thor and black widow work, but iron man doesn’t. It blinks red and doesnt read him. Why?

  • Chris

    Hi. I’m fairly new to Infinity. I just started once 2.0 Toy Box set was released. I just recently bought a “Complete” Power Disc set for Infinity 1.0 discs and was under the impression there were 67 power discs if you include the TRU discs also. Am I wrong on my count because when my order arrived in the mail I only have 57 discs.

  • Wendy Aragon

    Is there a way to play both of the Disney infinity bases at the same time from both the 1.0 and the 2.0 so that 4 players may be used on Wii U?

  • Madison Weger

    i just went on my wii u and went on disney infinity (2.0) when i got to my toy box it said my character is already being used by another player the character is not pre owned and it’s doing this with all of my characters what do i do? Please help!!!

  • Owyn

    Hi, I recently put a 1.0 character onto my new 2.0 game and selected play as guest by mistake. Is there a way to share ownership now or do I have to reset the figure?

  • Ashley

    I keep getting a message to connect the base but it is already plugged in..HELP!

  • Vernon M Hurrell Jr

    I just bought the Disney Infinity Character “Violet”, and her name does not appear on the game code card. Is this intentional?

    • Hi Vernon.

      I am not sure about this, it should do – perhaps a manufacturing error.

  • Trieste Wortman

    Just got the Lone Ranger play set and it’s saying that “Play set pieces is not compatible with this version of disney Infinity.” I have the 2.0 version. Any ideas?

    • Dan

      I have the same problem with my Loki and Stitch.
      Have you figured out what the problem is?

      • Please see the above reply, let me know if you need anything else.

    • Hi Trieste.

      Unfortunately the Playsets are not forwards or backwards compatible – what this means is that to play the Playsets you need to load the Disney Infinity software for that Playset, for example:

      The Incredibles, The Lone Ranger, Pirates of the Caribbean, Toy Story, Cars & Monsters University belong to Disney Infinity 1.0 game software.

      Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers & Spiderman belong to Disney Infinity 2.0 game software.

      Twilight of the Republic, Rise against the Empire & Inside Out belong to Disney Infinity 3.0 game software.

      Therefore, to play each of those you need to load that game software.

      I hope this helps.

  • My game is saying DEVON Failure and then states (insert friend name here) just unlocked object in toy box! why?

  • Dan

    My X-Box 360 will not allow my Stitch and Loki characters join the game. Is there something I need to do or need to get in order for them to work?
    Thank you

    • Hi Dan.

      What game are you trying to play Stitch & Loki in? Would it be a Play Set or simply the Toy Box?

      • Dan

        Trying to play in toy box

  • Adam Duncan

    Hi, I just unlocked (and paid for) Baymax on my iPad version of Disney Infinity 2.0, however, the character doesn’t show up in my redemption history and isn’t available in the PC version, when all my other characters are. Is there something I have to do to refresh my account and unlock Baymax in the PC version?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      It should go into your account automatically upon purchase. If it is not there I would contact Disney Infinity support directly:

      It would help to have your receipt for the purchase if you have one (it would have gone to your email, I think(

  • 7373tinkerbell

    Why won’t my Dash character show as him? It only recognizes him as a guest. But he can open his chests, it sees that it’s Dash, but no Hall of Heroes statue even though he’s level 4.

    • iheartinfinity_james

      Which version of Disney Infinity are you running? 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0?

      • 7373tinkerbell

        Thanks for replying. I have all three, I was using 1.0, though. But I did figure it out, I guess! At some point Violet took ownership during the game, not sure why he still didn’t show. I took it back, but that stinks because it reset his achievements.

  • josh

    Can’t get game to work. Says not enough space. I’ve deleted files from other games and even deleted games that don’t get used. But I can’t get into this game to delete some toy box files. My daughter can’t play her game that she has worked very hard on without changing to another wwi u profile and start all over.

    • karyn

      My kids are having this same exact problem! We deleted other games as well (even though it shows there’s plenty of space).

  • Kimberly

    We cannot figure out how to get our Disney Infinity (1.0, 2.0, or 3.0) to connect to our Disney account on the Wii U. It seems from searching online that it asks you the first time you turn it on, but ours did not ask. I thought maybe my daughter skipped it so we reformatted the entire system last night and it still didn’t ask. She really wants access to the online community to download toyboxes. Any ideas?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      If you have connected the account on your Wii U before then it should connect automatically when you add new games. If not then you will probably need to contact Disney support.

      • Kimberly

        That’s what I ended up doing. They could never really figure out what the problem was, but after trying a lot of different things that were unsuccessful, we ended up needing to create a new Nintendo ID and then playing it and it finally asked for our Infinity information.

        • iheartinfinity_james

          Well, I’m glad you got it to work in the end, but that seems unnecessarily annoying. I’m sorry you had to use a workaround like that.

  • Paige Myers

    Our sparks are stuck in the negative and aren’t gaining any when we collect them. The blue sparks!

    • iheartinfinity_james

      What version of the game is this happening on?

      • Ryan Moge

        having the same problem, playing on 3.0

        • iheartinfinity_james

          Which console?

  • Mandy Waller

    Help ….. I downloaded the full toy bundle on iPad it doesn’t seem to be there and the shop to buy has gone what has happened my son is so upset I thought the full toy bundle gave you all the characters etc

    • iheartinfinity_james

      You should contact Disney support to see if they can either refund your purchase or make sure that the bundle has been properly added to your account.

  • Cleeve

    Does anyone know anything about the Disney Infinity Toy Box 3.0 android app?

    I can’t for the life of me find where I could enter my Disney Infinity account info. I’d like to have access to my characters…

  • Matt Haines

    Trying to play Infinity first edition on PS3. When the game is loading, it says it requires an update, but whenever we click ok, the system seems to shut down. Any thoughts?

  • Jules

    I went on to my iPad account and all my characters are gone what do I do to get them back

  • PMc

    I purchased a couple characters in the online store for the 3.0 toy box (Iron Man and Spiderman) while logged in to my Disney account, but later had to reinstall the app. Now even when I am logged in, the characters show as not purchased. How do I get my purchases back? I already tried the restore purchases content option.

  • Redhd0803

    My son started up his Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Superheroes this morning and the opening menu only starts off with Toybox and the option for Avengers is gone. Any ideas what happened or how to get this back?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      Is the Avengers playset piece (the translucent piece that looks like Avengers tower) still on the gameplay portal?

  • rjgamemaster2012

    what does a green cloud icon mean on the toy box save screen screen?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      It means that there is a version of that toy box saved to your cloud, so you can access it from any Infinity game you are logged into.

  • Laura

    Hi hope you can help me on disney infinity 3.0 why do random buildings keep being built in my custom toy box they just keep appearing

    • iheartinfinity_james

      Do you perhaps have a sidekick summoned with a building hat or tool equipped? Or using one of the builder toys from the menu?

  • PSyGN051S

    hey guys/gals I purchased the starwars infinity starter pack, and picked up the 2.0 disc for my 360, I put in the 2.0 disc and tried using the marvel superheros playset piece and ironman and thor and got wasn’t compatible with this version of infinity, but I know they are all 2.0, any ideals? thx

  • Jason

    When first starting up the toy box on my sons PS3, the screen is solid black and when a second player is added then the left half of the screen remains black while the right half shows the second players activity. What’s going on and what can I do about it?

  • Baby Screaming

    if you change the way a disney infinity action figure looks, can it change the character in the game? like per say as an example, if you repainted your Elsa figures eyes too, i dunno, green, can it change the eyecolor too that in the game? like a override on the model? or like changed the hairstyle and made it a custom, would it work and pop into the game with the hairstyle you made??

    • iheartinfinity_james

      The appearance of the characters on the screen is pre-programmed, so any changes you make to the figures will not reflect in the game.

  • Cherie Clark

    On the ps 3 and in the new infinity 3.0, the characters are stuck in an aerial view. i have tried adjusting the camera but cannot zoom in closer. The distance away from the character makes it really difficult to do anything in the game. How am I able to zoom in closer so I am following the character around the game?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      Is this occurring in every game mode, or just specific ones?

  • Ken Pierson

    How come my ps3 shuts down when ever I try to play 2 player mode with the 2.0?

  • Angela Letterman

    The instructions and captions on the screen are so small that I cannot read them… is there a way to make them larger?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      Not that I am aware of, sadly. You can try contacting Disney support (, but I don’t think they have that option available. Even if it is not, though, asking them about it may let them know they need to include it.

  • craigs list

    Bought 2.0 about a year ago, online worked fine, game pad broke and didn’t fix for a few months, now I get Disney account service is unavailable, same thing with 3.0. Created a new Nintendo id and was able to log in and link wii u with no issues. Any ideas what is wrong. I would like to be able to use my original Nintendo id,

  • Justin Von Euw

    I have 4 Infinity Bases. They all look the same. My kids mixed up the ones for 360 with the one for Xbox One. Is there a code on the bottom of the base that can help me figure out what is what?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      I do think they have slightly different codes, but I’m not sure what corresponds to what. Your best bet, if you haven’t already done so, is simply to plug them in one at a time and see which ones work with which system. For my Skylander bases I put a sticker on the bottom of them to differentiate which system they are for (i.e. red sticker for XBox 360, blue for PS4) — might be something you can do to keep them differentiated in the future.

  • JS

    How do you reset the digital versions of characters to 0 from the PC version of the game?

  • Laci

    So, my son received a PS4 for Christmas with both Disney Inifinity 2.0 & 3.0. I am a total console noob and the gaming software is new to me as well. That’s said, please answer through either your laughter or utter disgust whichever it may be.

    Can I run both versions of the game or will 3.0 overwrite the older version?

  • disqus_LcM3aQimfK

    I can transfer my characters from console to app but is there a way i can i transferred my leveled up characters from my consoles? it seems to just go back to 0

  • Bobbi

    How can I allow all 4 of my daughters to play on Disney Infinity App, on their individual iPads, and still have access to all our characters? We are new to this and it keeps saying too many people are playing on our account. I don’t want to have to set up lots of individual accounts and them not have access to our characters that we have purchased.

  • Adrian Rayven Dava

    how many people can play in the game??

  • Andrea Kellim

    Been playing for about a week. When started playing today , all progress was gone. Player levels back to zero. Interior toys boxes things I have bought. All back to nothing. Like I had never played. What is going on?

  • Dave Almeida

    I have the Ant-Man & Captain Marvel power discs, but when I charge them up in the game, I dont know how to activate them.

    • iheartinfinity_james

      It depends on the system you are using, but it is normally the up arrow on the D-pad. There should be a prompt on the screen by the power discs which will tell you what to press.

  • Mrs. Gaston

    Just created an account 4 my son in the iPad app. I redeemed all his characters through the website but we just realized we lost a web code for one of his characters that he was gifted for xmas from a friend of the family. How can we go about getting a web code for that character? BTW the character I’m asking about is Darth Vader. Thank you in advance

    • iheartinfinity_james

      You can try contacting Disney and see if they might replace it. Otherwise your best bet is to try getting just the code off of eBay. I think they go for a few dollars there.

      • Mrs. Gaston

        The company helped me w| the situation earlier 2day… But TY 4 replying

  • Nikki Raybould

    Hi my kids both have disney infinity on the nintendo 3ds, they both have a copy of the game and want to play together. I can’t get them to connect. I’ve followed the instructions in the manual and when it comes to choosing a group I click new group on one of them but the other one can’t find it. Can anyone help me? The consoles have connected without problems for other games.

  • Gustavo Sardela

    I’ve been having a problem with Disney Infinity 3.0 on iOS. When I try to download the additional content, it says “Unable to complete download. Could not connect to servers. Please check your wifi and try again” but my wifi is okay!! After reinstalling the game, I tried again and it downloaded the audio, but when it was supposed to start the main content, the message appeared again. What should I do? Please, I really want to play this

  • Gustavo Sardela

    I’ve been having a problem with Disney Infinity 3.0 on iOS. When I try to download the additional content, it says “Unable to complete download. Could not connect to servers. Please check your wifi and try again” but my wifi is okay!! After reinstalling the game, I tried again and it downloaded the audio, but when it was supposed to start the main content, the message appeared again. What should I do? Please, I really want to play this

  • Gustavo Sardela

    I’ve been having a problem with Disney Infinity 3.0 on iOS. When I try to download the additional content, it says “Unable to complete download. Could not connect to servers. Please check your wifi and try again” but my wifi is okay!! After reinstalling the game, I tried again and it downloaded the audio, but when it was supposed to start the main content, the message appeared again. What should I do? Please, I really want to play this

  • Katrina

    Hi! My little brother plays disney infinity 3.0 on his iPad and wants to update the app but it won’t seem to update. So i was wondering if i could delete the app and then redownload it with all his existing game data still there? Help please. Thanks!

  • Matthew Michael Maldonado

    How do you sign in on PalyStation every time I put update on PlayStation it tells me account already linked try to sign in but I can’t find it to play on wifi

  • Daniel Taylor

    If I download a Disney infinity character code with my Xbox live profile will my sons none Xbox live profile be able to access it ?

  • Ashly Costa

    Got the Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel starter set for my sons birthday tonight. it loaded first player fine but second player (thor) shows black screen, can hear the character when pushing buttons but no view on right side of split screen. tried powering down and on again and still not working. any ideas?

  • Brandon Summerlin

    Is there anyway to use my characters I have purchased in the 3.0 app on my ps4 console?

  • Steph

    I live in Québec, canot set the langage to french for m’y son…

  • Nathan

    Were do i find venom in marval superheroes

  • BklynMom

    Does anyone know if Spider-man can play in the Avengers playset?


  • Dave Noles

    I have a question that I need help with. I have 3.0 on XBOX 360 when we start up the Toy Box Hub our characters just fall over and over again. You can see below some red and white parachutes but unable to do nothing but fall constantly until we leave reset. My kids are not happy. anyone know what to do?

  • jason key

    I have DI 3.0 and have bought playsets from 3.0 (mostly Marvel). The figures work in the Toybox, but I cant get the playset modules to work in 3.0. I have a Cars playset from 1.0 with the same issue. Is there something I can do to get these working?

  • Kahro

    Hi, i can not choose English as game language on Disney Infinity 2.0 (Xbox360) but the box has an English flag?

  • Benjamin Spilker

    Can I add a Third or Fourth player in 3.0 on my xbox 360? If I have a second base would that be possible?

  • Jackson

    3.0 hall of heroes freezes ever since I used Nemo, any suggestions?