Disney Infinity Star Wars Light FX

As with most Disney Infinity exclusives there are always issues, confusion and miscommunication from both Disney Interactive employees, retailers and of course ourselves (the bloggers). Well, I thought since the majority of Light FX figures (if not all) have now been released internationally, I would summarise where you can actually go and buy these figures from.

Where to buy the Star Wars Light FX Figures?

Below you will see a list of retailers for each Light FX figure, remember that these are not timed exclusives, they will only be sold by the retailers below.

United States (USA)

United Kingdom (UK)

If anyone has any more information for the UK, please leave a reply in the comment section below.

Canada (CA)

If anyone has any more information regarding Yoda, as we are all aware Target failed in Canada. So, do Canadians have to purchase through Target US? If so, that’s completely stupid and an awful lack of organisation and care for customers on Disney Interactive’s behalf.


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