Disney Infinity Lightsaber Combo Attacks

All Disney Infinity 3.0 Lightsaber wielding characters will be able to perform Lightsaber combo attacks.

  Lightsaber ComboAction
Attack ComboRepeatedly press the attack button
Air ComboWhile in the air, tap the attack button
LauncherWhile standing on the ground, hold the attacked button. This will break an opponent’s block, and will launch both you and opponent into the air
Air SlamWhile in the air, hold the attack button and this will trigger an Air Slam, which will bring an airborne target down to the ground. This will also clear opponents on the ground.
Air AssaultWhile in the air, juggle the enemy and delay the third tap on the attack button. This will allow you to continue attacking in the air.
Breaking Defences 1On the second tap of Attack button, delay the tap, and this will start a strong block breaking combo.
Breaking Defences 2On the second tap of Attack button, delay the tap, and this will start a powerful block breaking combo. This will deliver a series of hits on a single enemy.

Star Wars Characters Special Attacks

The Star Wars characters can also perform special lightsaber attacks.

Obi Wan Kenobi – Doubling Down

To perform the double strike jump attack, press the right trigger, then tap the Attack button.

Yoda – Small But Swift

Dash to an opponent, then press the right trigger and continuously tap the Attack button, this will strike multiple times from different angles at a fast pace.

Anakin – Anakin’s Fury

During a Force Dash, continuously press the Attack button for a flurry of lightsabre attacks.

Ahsoka – Spinning Salvation

To initiate a spinning lightsaber attack, while dashing, press the Attack button continuously. To dash, press the right trigger.

Darth Maul – Darth Dash Attack

As your dashing towards your opponents, press the right trigger, then press the Attack button. This will send opponents away with a powerful lightsaber thrust.