If you are new to playing Disney Infinity 1.0 or Disney Infinity 2.0 and you are looking for the Nintendo Wii or Nintendo Wii U gaming controls then please see below.

Nintendo Wii Game Controls

 Move Control Stick
 Jump A Button
 Pick Up Item / Interact "-" Button
 Drop Item "-" Button (hold)
 Attack Z Button
 Fire Weapon B Button
 Block "-" Button
 Enter Vehicle / Mount "-" Button
 Exit Vehicle / Dismount "-" Button (hold)
 Steer Control Stick
 Accelerate B Button
 Brake / Reverse Z Button
 Turbo C Button
 Reverse Direction +Control Pad: Down
 Fire (Armed Vehicle) Shake Wii Remote
 Camera +Control Pad: Left/Right
 Tools and Packs hub 1 Button
 Quick Select (Tools and Packs) +Control Pad: Left/Right (tap)
 Pause Menu 2 Button

Nintendo Wii Toy Box Controls

 Enter Build / Toy Select Mode "+" Button 
 Exit Build Mode "-" Button
 Items Scroll: Left / Right +Control Pad: Left / Right (Tap)
 Select / Place Item  A Button
 Move Item Control Stick
 Delete Selected Item (Put Away) +Control Pad: Right
 Rotate Item C Button + Control Stick: Left / Right
 Raise / Lower Item C Button + Control Stick: Up / Down 
 Magic Wand  C Button + Wii Remote: Aim
 Camera Rotate +Control Pad: Up / Down
 Pause Menu 2 Button
 Tools and Packs hub 1 Button

Nintendo Wii U Game Controls

 Move Left Control Stick
 Jump B Button
 Pick Up Item / Interact Y Button
 Drop Item A Button
 Attack X Button
 Fire Weapon ZR Button
 Block A Button
 Enter Vehicle / Mount Y Button
 Exit Vehicle / Dismount A Button
 Steer Left Control Stick
 Accelerate ZR Button
 Brake / Reverse ZL Button
 Turbo Right Control Stick (Up)
 Reverse Direction L Button
 Fire (Armed Vehicle) X Button
 Camera Right Control Stick
 Tools and Packs hub R Button
 Quick Select (Tools and Packs) +Control Pad: Left/Right (tap)
 Pause Menu START

Nintendo Wii U Toy Box Controls

 Enter Build / Toy Select Mode SELECT
 Exit Build Mode B Button
 Items Scroll: Left / Right +Control Pad: Left / Right
 Select / Place Item  A Button
 Move Item Left Control Stick
 Delete Selected Item (Put Away) A Button
 Rotate Item +Control Pad: Left / Right
 Raise / Lower Item +Control Pad: Up / Down 
 Magic Wand  ZL Button + Left Control Stick: Aim
 Camera Rotate Right Control Stick
 Pause Menu START
 Tools and Packs hub R Button

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  • MikeDDS

    I can’t seem to do the character’s special move with the wiimote. The on-screen says to press 1 but nothing happens. And yes, my purple meter is full. Then, sometimes the character will do the special move without any buttons being pressed!

    • MikeDDS

      I found out you are supposed to shake the wiimote.

  • polkcobaby

    My son has the spider man play set but it won’t save how can I fix that?

  • twon

    In infinity 3.0, using wii u remote/nunchuk, I can’t block either by pressing A as instructed above, or by pressing – like in infinity 2. How do I block?

  • Christopher

    In 3.0 when I fly, I use inverted controls. When I use the down arrow to fly up, it changes direction instead… When I’m on the ground and I use the down arrow it activated the special move…? It didn’t used to be like this I don’t think.