Want to know more about what playsets are available in Disney Infinity then carry on reading, as we uncover the variety of Disney Infinity playsets that are available on launch as well as what is next to come.



Monsters University


The Monsters University playset is based on the latest Disney Pixar release, the prequel to Monsters Inc, which tells the story of how James P. Sullivan aka Sulley & Mike Wazowski became friends. The game follows the story, as two rival colleges play pranks on one another, it is your responsibility to protect your completely customisable campus whilst scaring and playing pranks on the rival college! How will you save the campus from the sneaky, scary Fear Tech College!

In the Monsters University playset you can customise your own Frat Row, compete in the annual Scare Games but watch out for pranksters from the rival college Fear Tech! If this doesn’t get you’re fun levels pumping, why not let you’re imagination run totally wild in the Disney Infinity Toy Box, with a wide-range of possibilities in an open world you can mix and match absolutely everything! Use everything you unlock in the Disney Infinity Playsets and create your own adventures, build your own worlds and create your own game!

Monsters University Playset Image

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Pirates Of The Caribbean


If you are a big fan of the Pirates Of The Caribbean films, you will absolutely love the Pirates Of The Caribbean playset, play in their world or create your own world in Toy Box mode.

In the Pirates of the Caribbean playset you are able to sail the seven seas, or fight enemies on land (including Davy Jones!), get behind the wheel of the Black Pearl and wage war against the enemy in a wide-scale battle of the seas, control the cannons and obliterate the enemy!

But that is not all, you can also battle hand in hand with realistic sword fighting, play as Jack Sparrow against the collector of souls Davy Jones or Captain Barbossa as well as an array of other AI enemies. Collect coins as you knock them down and upgrade your weapons as you conquer the world! Hunt for hidden treasure, sail with a crew out of Tortuga and commandeer a ship, recreate the films you enjoyed or create your own world and let your imagination be unleashed!

When you’re playing with friends you have the option of both steering the ship or taking control of the cannons and unleashing their power!

Pirates of the caribbean playset image 1

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The Incredibles

Disney Infinity The Incredibles Playset

For a fan of The Incredibles films, you will fall in love with the Disney Infinity The Incredibles playset, an absolute joy to play, with an array of features, stories, quests and enemies! Interestingly, The Incredibles game begins after an alternative ending than what many are used to in the film. Instead of Syndrome taking Jack Jack, he unleashes Chaos on the Metro building and it’s all up to Mr Incredible to save the day! Why not play alternative endings, by purchasing the other ‘The Incredibles’ characters, Mrs Incredible, Dash & Violet!

As is in the films, each of The Incredibles characters have different powers, for Mr Incredible it is his obscene strength, Mrs Incredible uses her flexibility and stretch-like powers, Dash is insanely fast whilst Violet can shield the family with her forcefield – in Disney Infinity you can take all of these amazing powers and use them against the evil Syndrome and his mechanical friends!

With amazing in-game technologies you are able to feel completely in control of the world that you play in, by being able to interact with the majority of features in-game, allowing you to use Mr Incredible’s obscene strength to pick up things and hurl them at the enemies, dash across rooftops and use gadgets such as the Incredi-car, hoverboard, helicopter & glider to power across the open-world.

Customise your SuperHero HQ, place buildings from the catalogue around your headquarters and interact with everything in the open-world, by destroying buildings. There really are no limits to Disney Infinity and The Incredibles playset takes your imagination to a completely new level.

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Taking the Disney Infinity game to a whole new level is where the Cars playset comes in to action, allowing you to play in a completely interactive, customisable racing game. The Cars playset takes place after the events of Cars 2, Lightning McQueen & Mater are trying to bring an international racing tournament to Radiator Springs, there hometown.

For those who enjoyed the Cars films you can enjoy playing your favourite characters from the film in this interactive, highly competitive and dangerously fun playset. Play as Holley Shiftwell with her frightening missiles, Mater and his humongous rockets as they dastardly try to beat Chick Hicks, the one car that threatens of the racing tournament.

Complete action-packed missions, customise the stunt park & win the ultimate race to unlock exciting new toys and create your own adventures in Toy Box mode.

Disney Infinity Cars Playset Image 1

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The Lone Ranger


Are you ready to saddle up and ride for justice in the Lone Ranger playset? Join forces with the famed masked hero John Reid, The Lone Ranger & Native American Warrior, Tonto to get rid of the lawless Cavendish gang from the wild west.

 Disney Infinity The Lone Ranger

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The above Disney Infinity playsets will be available on the games launch on 23rd August 2013, after this there will be releases for the following Disney Infinity playsets.

Other playsets that are coming soon

Toy Story

Wreck it Ralph

Nightmare Before Christmas


Phineas and Ferb

What playsets do you want to see in Disney Infinity? Leave a comment with your suggestions below!

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