With all this talk about GTA 5 today, I thought it would be best to let our Disney Infinity fans in on the unconfirmed list of Disney Infinity Power Discs for Series 3 which will most likely be released early 2014. As you are probably now aware, the Disney Infinity Power Disc Series 2 have now been confirmed and you can read about Series 2 right here.

That being said, below is the list of remaining Disney Infinity Power Discs to be released and will most likely be released as Disney Infinity’s Series 3 Power Discs set, they have been split in to 4 main categories.


  1. Chernabog’s Power
  2. Violet’s Force Field
  3. Rapunzel’s Healing
  4. Mickey’s Sorcerer Hat

Toys & Gadgets

  1. WALL-E’s Fire Extinguisher
  2. Toy Story Mania Blaster
  3. Dragon Firework Cannon


  1. WALL-E’s Collection
  2. Buy N Large Atmosphere

Vehicles & Mounts

  1. Tantor
  2. Calico’s Helicopter
  3. Phillipe
  4. Angus
  5. Cruella’s Car
  6. Parking Lot Tram

Overall there are 15 Power Discs here, Disney Infinity Power Discs Series 3 will only include 15 Power Discs, not like the Series 1 & 2 which included 20 Power Discs.

We have yet to find images of the Disney Infinity Series 3 Power Discs, however as soon as we do, we will have them uploaded right here!

For now though, you can preorder Disney Infinity Series 2 Power Disc Sets from our page right here!


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