Toys R Us are among the first retailer within the US to add the Disney Infinity Power Disc Series 2 Pack on their website which is now available to preorder!

The Disney Infinity Power Disc Series 2 will be available from the 26th November 2013 and will include 20 Disney Infinity Power Discs, similar to that of series 1 each will offer it’s own unique ability which when combined will provide a further enhancement in-game.

You can preorder the Disney Infinity Power Disc Series 2 Pack right here on the Toys R Us website (only available in the US).

Toys R Us Exclusives – Next Exclusive Power Disc Available 7th September 2013!

Toys R Us will also be offering it’s second Disney Infinity Power Disc exclusive from the series of ten discs for Disney Infinity Series 1 on Saturday 7th September during the first official ‘Disney Infinity Power Disc Trading Event’.

The next Power Disc to be released will be the circular ‘User Control Power Disc’ from the TV Series ‘Tron: Uprising’. The Disney Infinity User Control Power Disc will provide gamers a 10% boost to gaming XP which will help speed up the time it takes to level up.

With 8 more exclusive Disney Infinity Power Discs to come, get ready to grab you’re exclusives now!

Disney Infinity Toys R Us Exclusives

Toys R Us Disney Infinity Power Disc Exclusives

1. Mike’s Car – Spawn Mike Wazowski’s car in the Toy Box.

2. User Control – 10% experience boost.

What other Toys R Us Exclusive Power Discs will be released?

Overall there will be 10 Toys R Us exclusive Power Discs in the Disney Infinity series 1 collection, these are:

Exclusive Hexagonal Power Discs

  • Surfboard Stitch – Spawn a hovering surfboard.
  • Hook’s Ship – Spawn a flying airship themed to Captain Hook’s Ship.
  • Tron (Terrain) – Male all Terrain objects in Toy Box mode themed to Tron.
  • Tron (Sky) – Make the Sky in Toy Box mode themed to Tron.

Exclusive Circular Power Discs

  • Scrooge McDucks Lucky Dime – In-game Characters gain economy 20% faster.
  • Merlin’s Summon – In-game Economy pick up area multiplies by 2.
  • Emperor Zurg’s Wrath – In-game weapons do 15% further damage.
  • C.H.R.O.M.E Damage Increaser – In-game weapons do 10% further damage.

 Watch our Disney Infinity Power Discs Series 2 Video to see all the future Disney Infinity Power Disc releases to come in series 2!


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