Disney Infinity Toy Box Mode



We already know all about Disney Infinity with its collectable figures and Play Sets based on scenes from famous Disney and Pixar movies. But with all the hype surrounding the upcoming release of Infinity, the feature receiving the most attention is probably the Toy Box game play mode.

Toy Box allows you to bring your favourite characters to life, playing the game exactly how YOU want to. You can use your imagination to create your own adventures, make your own rules and tell stories, using any characters you choose – mixing and matching Pirates of the Caribbean characters with stars from The Incredibles and Monsters University.  It’s totally open-ended and will inspire creativity, limited only by your imagination.

The Toy Box mode was inspired by Toy Story 3 where all the toys lived together in perfect harmony, despite being completely different types of toys.

Whilst in Toy Box mode, you can also use Disney Infinity Power Discs to give your characters extra powers, objects or abilities. You can also unlock different characters as well as scenes and settings for your characters to explore. You can share the worlds you create with your friends, over X-box Live and Playstation.

The thing we love most about Toy Box is the limitless possibilities. It’s literally like being a kid again – taking all of your toys out of the toy box, throwing them on the floor and using your imagination to create amazing games!