If you are new to playing Disney Infinity 1.0 or Disney Infinity 2.0 and you are looking for the Xbox 360 or Xbox One gaming controls then please see below.

Xbox 360 & Xbox One Game Controls

 Move Left Thumbstick
 Jump A Button
 Pick Up Item / Interact X Button
 Drop Item B Button
 Attack Y Button
 Fire Weapon Right Trigger
 Block B Button
 Enter Vehicle / Mount X Button
 Exit Vehicle / Dismount B Button
 Steer Left Thumbstick
 Accelerate Right Trigger
 Brake / Reverse Left Trigger
 Turbo Right Thumbstick
 Reverse Direction Left Bumper
 Fire (Armed Vehicle) Y Button
 Camera Right Thumbstick
 Tools and Packs hub Right Bumper
 Quick Select (Tools and Packs) Directional Pad: Left/Right (tap)
 Pause Menu START

Xbox 360 & Xbox One Toy Box Controls

Enter Build / Toy Select Mode BACK Button
 Exit Build Mode B Button
 Items Scroll: Left / Right Directional Pad: Left / Right
 Select / Place Item  A Button
 Move Item Left Thumbstick
 Delete Selected Item (Put Away) B Button
 Rotate Item Directional Pad: Left / Right
 Raise / Lower Item Directional Pad: Up / Down 
 Magic Wand  Left Trigger + Left Thumbstick: Aim
 Camera Rotate Right Thumbstick
 Pause Menu START
 Tools and Packs hub Right Bumper

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  • LazyErnie

    xbox1 won’t allow player 2 to join. any ideas?

  • Michelle

    I have an Xbox 360 and I’m unable to get the second player to join. Can it work with two players?

  • Andrew Biggane

    How do you zoom the view? The screen is too small in split screen.

  • Sammie Derrick Holt

    Does this require internet for the xbox360 or can you play without it?

    • iheartinfinity_james

      You can play without the Internet, but you will lose the ability to download Toy Boxes and updates (the Toy Box games are arguably the meatiest part of the game, but not required)

  • Kris

    When my son is playing Star Wars Disney infinity 3.0 the camera just keeps spinning making the background on the game spin at all times. When he tries to move, due to the spinning, he can’t go straight. How do I fix this?

  • Tiffany

    xbox 360 what controls use the power discs

  • Jifinner

    How do you add a second person? each kid has a separate child Microsoft account but I can’t seem to get it to allow a second player (infinity 3.0)

  • Brian Theriot

    Hack computer Star Wars Disney infinity xbox

  • Debra Darling

    2.0 Marvels the x-command won’t work to allow to pick up an item/interact. Is this a common issue? Anyone know how to resolve this issue? It doesn’t matter which remote we use, and they’re all new!