Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is the release date for Disney Infinity in the US & UK?

Disney Infinity will be released on the 18th August 2013 in the US & 23rd August 2013 in the UK.

What Game modes are there in Disney Infinity?

Disney Infinity has been divided in to two main game modes, these are ‘Play sets’ & ‘Toy Box’. In the ‘Play set’ game mode you will be able to play your favourite characters from each play set, however these are restricted to only the characters within that one play set. This is where ‘Toy Box mode’ comes in to action, up to four players are able to build and customise their own worlds, creating new levels using all the materials that are available within Disney Infinity. In Toy Box mode you can test the limitations, you have complete control over your chosen Disney Infinity character, who and what you are able to interact with and what rules there may be in-game is completely up to you!

You can watch the Toy Box mode trailer & read more about Toy Box Mode right here.

How many people can you play Disney Infinity with?

Disney Infinity will support two-player co-op mode in structured adventures, whilst you will also be able to play up to four players in Toy Box mode.

What do I need to play Disney Infinity?

Disney Infinity is compatible on Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS & Xbox 360. To play Disney Infinity you will need to purchase the Disney Infinity Starter Pack which will provide you with the Disney Infinity Base as well as 3 Disney Infinity Characters allowing you to play 3 completely different, highly enjoyable play sets, these being Monsters University, The Incredibles & Pirates of the Caribbean.

You can purchase the Disney Infinity Starter Pack right here.

How much will Disney Infinity cost?

Please see our Disney Infinity Price Comparison page for up to date prices on Disney Infinity across the UK, USA & Canada.

Below are the relevant price pages for each product set:

Disney Infinity Starter Packs – from £54.95

Disney Infinity Cars Playset – £34.99

Disney Infinity Single Figures – £14.99

Disney Infinity Power Discs – £3.99

Disney Infinity Sidekicks – £26.99

Disney Infinity Accessories – click here for prices

Toy Box Questions

What is the Disney Infinity Toy Box mode?

The Disney Infinity Toy Box mode allows you to create your own game using the Disney Infinity characters and all of your unlocked gadgets, weapons & vehicles that you got access to through the Play Set game mode. In Disney Infinity Toy Box mode there are no rules or boundaries, just you and your imagination. Please see our Disney Infinity Toy Box page for a more in-depth discussion of the Disney Infinity Toy Box mode.

Play set Questions

How many Play sets will be released?

When Disney Infinity launches there will be 5 main Play Sets available these are, Pirates of the Caribbean, Monsters University, The Incredibles, Cars & The Lone Ranger Playset.

However, on an on going basis Disney Infinity will launch new Play Sets for everyone to enjoy, the next Play Set rumoured to be coming soon is the Toy Story in Space Play Set where you will get to play Woody, Jessie and Buzz Lightyear. Please see this news article for more information.

Character Questions

How many characters will there be in Disney Infinity?

When Disney Infinity launches there will be 18 Disney Infinity Characters to play, however as mentioned above there will be new Play Sets & Disney Infinity Characters released. This will start with 13 new characters which have been announced to launch over the next 6 months, to find out what Disney Infinity Characters these are click here.

How many Disney Infinity characters can be added to the game in one single session?

Without discussing online mode you can place up to two Disney Infinity Characters on the Disney Infinity base at once. However when playing over the Internet (Online Mode) you can interact with up to four Disney Infinity characters.

Power Disc Questions

What are Power Discs?

Disney Infinity Power Discs can be used to boost a Characters main attributes (strength), to unlock new gadgets within the Toy Box Mode or to help personalise your Toy Box with cool new features. You can read more about Disney Infinity Power Discs right here.

How many Power Discs will there be?

There have been 3 Disney Infinity Power Discs series announced, with Series 1 containing 20 Power Discs, 4 circular Power Discs, 13 normal heptagon Power Discs & 3 rare heptagon Power Discs.

How much will Power Discs cost?

Disney Infinity Power Discs will retail in a blister pack of 2 for £4.99 at most retailers. To find the best prices of the Disney Infinity Power Discs look here.

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