Adding to our earlier post where we spoke about Finding Dory being seen on Amazon IT and the alleged release date of the 23rd June for Europe. Well, I’ve been doing some additional digging around today, it’s taken a few hours but I have a couple more pieces of evidence to support both the release date and Nemo as being one of the additional figures.

First up, Multimedi Shop a Belgium retailer has the Finding Dory Play Set & Nemo single figure product pages up which show a release date of 23rd June which aligns nicely with what Amazon IT was showing. They also have the three figures for Alice in Wonderland – Alice, Mad Hatter & Time with a release date of 26th May which sounds about right seen as these are European release dates and some what differ slightly to the US & Canada.

disney infinit finding dory play set

Next up we have Central Point another dutch retailer which has the Finding Dory Play Set Pack & once again the Nemo single figure both live with release dates of 23rd June 2016.

disney infinity finding dory release date

Therefore, my conclusion is that the European release date of the Finding Dory Play Set & single figures which includes Nemo is the 23rd June 2016 which means the US release date will be around the same time, probably the week before.

Interestingly however, whilst all of these retailers have created product pages for all of the Alice in Wonderland figures as well as the Finding Dory Play Set and one single figure, I am slightly concerned why there are no other single figure product pages for Finding Dory.

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