As an introductory guide to Disney Infinity 2.0 we have decided to create this quick guide to getting started in Disney Infinity 2.0, which includes a couple of quick tips. We have received a few questions from gamers who are struggling to figure out how to unlock your Disney Infinity 1.0 toys in 2.0 so we are going to cover this off first.

Disney Infinity 2.0 Character Release Dates

How to unlock Disney Infinity 1.0 toys in 2.0?

Firstly, there are three categories of toys these are;

  • Toy Box Toys – anything that was unlocked via the vault or through master adventures.
  • Character Toys – anything that was unlocked from character specific vaults
  • Play Set Toys – anything that was unlocked by playing a Play Set.

Unfortunately, all three of these are unlocked in completely different ways, so let’s start with Toy Box Toys.

How to unlock Toy Box Toys?

These are linked to your Disney ID, therefore it is essential that you are using the same Disney ID that you used when playing 1.0. We would also recommend going in to the original game and ensuring that all of your Toy box Toys are saved to your account before unlocking in 2.0.

Simply sign in to your account, enter the Toy Box in 2.0 and all of your toys linked to the account should unlock. You can check this by going to spark store, to the 1.0 section and scrolling through to ensure all of your toys have been unlocked.

How to unlock Character Toys?

You can unlock your Character toys by placing the figure on to your Disney Infinity base and then taking ownership of each character in the new game, this will transfer your characters level, experience and toys.

How to unlock Play Set Toys?

These are by far the easiest to unlock, simply place each of the Play Set pieces on the base and this will automatically unlock.

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