Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy Box – Game Creation

Quorra from Tron: Legacy , is the final Gameplay Host. To find her drop down from the side of the cliff near Merlin, and you will be in the lower area in the Toy Box, Quorra will be near the door.

Quorra will teach you everything you need to know about Game Creation. Quorra will first teach you about the Toy Box Doors, one door will already be there but if you want to add more doors then can do this via the Toy Box Editor. Toy Box Door are very important, since the Toy Box Doors allow you to connect to different Toy Box Worlds. Quorra will teach you how to set up a Toy Box Door, you will need to use your magic wand and then you can pick the Toy Box Door and choose the connections.

Then edit the Toy Box Door properties so you can use it to go to other Toy Boxes. To do this, in the connection menu, select Properties, and this will allow you to pick which destination you want the door to connect to. The door can connect to a new Toy Box, an old Toy Box or to an imported Toy Box. You can also choose a destination locator tag and if you want the door to automatically take your characters to the selected locations, or set it so a character has to confirm before being taken to another location. You can link the door to any location, but make sure to test it out first, you can do this by choosing an existing Toy Box and then selecting Toy Box Launch. After doing this, go into the door, and it will take you into the main level of your Toy Box, this is where you entered at the start.

Once you have connected the Toy Box Door to another Toy Box, Quorra will then disappear, but she will have some missions for you. There will be a brick walkway starting from the Toy Box Door, and finishing at another Toy Box Door, follow this path and it will take you into the Game Creation Toy Box. This will take you to Quorra, and she will teach you how to create your own games.


Use pathways to direct characters to your newly designed Toy Box Worlds and Games.

Toy Box – Learning about Game Creation

Walk up and talk to Quorra, who waiting for you in the Game Creation Toy Box. Quorra will teach you how to make Toy work together and speak to one another. Search for hidden treasures, and this will teach you the basics of programming and connecting with toys. There is also the choice to learn about five different types of templates or kits, these are mini games which have been set up to teach you about the different templates and kits.


You can go back to the Toy Box Introduction by going into The Toy Box Door next to Quorra.

Toy Box – Treasure Mountain

Once you start to search for the hidden treasures, a mountain will appear, with a treasure on the top. In order to get the treasure, you will need to learn how to make Toy speak to one another. Quorra will reveal a switch, which is a trigger for the replayer toy. Step on the switch, and it will signal the replayer toy to build a bridge, the bridge will allow you to get across the gap, so you can carry on with your mission.


Creativi Toys are toys that can programmed, once you assign them with logic functions. You can connect toys and rooms to the Interior, but they will need to connect to Creativi Toy in order to work. The two main goals of connecting toys, is firstly one toy will be the trigger, and then the second toy will receive the trigger and act out the command. So whilst in the Game Creation, make sure to think about which toy you would like as the trigger and which one will be auctioning.


To learn more about how to use the Creativi Toy, use your magic wand to study how each of the toys within the mission are programmed.

Toy Box – Treasure Mountain Mission

Now follow Quorra along the bridge and get to the locked door. To open the locked door, you will need to connect it to the switch. In order to connect Toys, use your magic wand and select the Packs from the Tool Menu. Use the magic wand, aim it at the switch and this will select it. Now press the connection button. The switch acts as the trigger for this connection, once you have stepped onto it, the switch will signal the door to appear.

Now in the connection menu, hit the New Logic Connection, then choose Stepped On and lastly hit Any. Now when any of you or your characters step onto the switch, it will act as a trigger to another toy. Now you need to set the action or behaviour for the trigger, to do this first using the magic wand, pick the door you wish to use. Now you can pick what happens once the door receives the trigger or message. Choose the Open option, now the two doors will now be connected. Now walk to the switch and step on it, the door will now open, walk into the cave and get the orange sparks, which are in a capsule and now carry on to the next door, the next door will open as you walk closer to it.

After connecting the doors, step onto the switch which will open the next door, now continue to the next tasks. You will see the checkpoint toy on the other side of the door, this toy will let you save your progress. So if your character dies, you will return on the latest step point that you have stepped on.  Make sure that you step onto all the checkpoints, so if anything happens within the game, you will always return to the latest checkpoint. Lastly if you plan on making a big game, make sure to put more checkpoints around, so you always have access to one.

Whilst following Quorra up the side of the mountain, you will come to a pool of lava, which you need to get across. In order for you to get across the lava pool, there is a Super Cannon and an Action Button to help you. But first you will need to connect the Super Cannon and the action button, use your magic wand and select the Action Button. Now selected New Logic Connection and then selected Pressed, now when you press the Action Button, this will act as the message sender. Now it’s time to connect the Super Cannon, and also decide what action you want the Super Cannon to perform. Now pick Tilt to 45 Degrees, and this will complete the connection. Lastly, now press the Action Button, and this will tilt the Super Cannon, now you can walk into it and this will shoot you across the lava pool.

Quorra will take you further up the mountain, and you come to a Yellow Cube. The Yellow Cube is a trigger area, this will act as a trigger for you to open the door. But for this Yellow Cube trigger, all you have to do is walk into it, to trigger it. Also usually the Yellow Cube is invisible unless you are editing, so if you put your magic wand away, the Yellow Cube Trigger will turn invisible again.  Also there is a checkpoint close by, so make sure to step onto it.

There is a pathway leading up to the mountain, but unfortunately this pathway is blocked. A falling object is spawning out mine toys, which are rolling down the path, hitting a Kill Switch and then they blow up. Therefore if you try to go up the path, you will get hit by these mine toys, so make sure you break the logic connection first between the toys. You need to find out what is sending the message to the mine toys, look around and look for the Repeater Toy. After locating the Repeater Toy, use your magic wand to select it. Now in the menu, go down to the connection with the falling object generator and then delete the link. This will make the mine toy stop dropping and now you can walk up the ramp. But be careful not to touch the Kill Switch, otherwise instead of the mine toy, your character will be destroyed.


The falling mine toy obstacle, is an example of a simple connection of two toys and a third which helps out. The Pulse Toy sends a signal to the falling object generator, which then drops the mine toys, as soon as the previous mine toy is destroyed. At the bottom, The Kill Switch destroys the mine toys, and then will activate another to be dropped. This routine then creates a recurring action and cycle.

Now to find Quorra, step up the ramp and go onto the ledge. Now step on the manhole cover and it will take you to the top of the ledge. Next climb onto the ladder to the top of a second ledge and there you will find Quorra, who is next to the elevator. But the elevator is not working, you will need a trigger to turn the elevator on. To activate the elevator, open the Toy Box Editor and then in the Creativi Toys Category, pick the Trigger and place it onto the ground.

To pick the Trigger, use your magic wand and create a new logic connection, this will send a message when the Trigger is stepped on. Next, you will need to connect the elevator platform and pick the On Choice, this means that message will be received, and the elevator will start to go up and down. After it is all connected, then step onto the Trigger and ride the elevator onto the higher ledge.

You may have noticed that when you have the magic wand out, that some toys will have dashed lines showing the movement. But when the magic wand is away, the lines will disappear. The lines are there to help you edit the Toy Box.

There is a checkpoint at the top of the ledge, walk over to it and save your progress. Some enemies will appear, with an orange colour around them. This orange coloured enemies were created from the enemy generator, and were set to the orange team. These orange enemy will attack anything that is not part of the orange team, meaning they will attack you.

In order to defeat the orange team, you will need to call help from your team. Use your magic wand, to select the far left side enemy generator, this enemy generator has not been activated. Now go to Properties, then from the Team menu, select the Blue Team and then press Exit. After this a few small bridges and a team assigner will appear. Now go across the bridges and then press the team assigner. This will make the Tank Omnidroid appear and it will be assigned to the blue team. Since you was the one that touched the team assigner, you are part of the blue team, so watch as the Tank Omnidroid go and defeat the orange team.

Follow Quorra by climbing up the ladder and get to the top of the mountain. This is your final challenge, once completed you will get the treasure, which is locked in a chamber behind the gate. To open the gate, you will need to drop something from the falling object generator into the basketball hoop, in order to do this you will need to use the Creativi Toy.

To get the generator to start dropping balls, you will need to put a trigger to connect the falling object. Open the Toy Box Editor, then go to the Creativi Toys Category and then select the Trigger or the Action Button, place the button or trigger onto the ground. Use your magic wand to select it, create a trigger event and then connect it to the falling object generator. Lastly pick the ESPN basketball or any other type of ball to drop when the trigger is activated.

The next step is to think of a way to get the ball from the generator into the hoop. One way is to use the conveyor belts from the Plat forming Toys category, place this under the generator and then a few more in a line, going all the way to the hoop. So now when the ball drops, the balls will be carried by the conveyor belt, and end at the hoop.

After all the connections have been made, step onto the trigger to drop a ball. If the conveyor doesn’t work accordingly, then you may need to use your magic wand to move the toys around slightly to get it right. Once the balls have gone into the hoop, the gate will open and then you can enter the gate to collect a few orange and blue sparks capsule.

Treasure Defence Kit

Within the games there are a few toys that are connected together. Quorra will show you one of the games called Treasure Defence. In this game, you will have some money to spend on a few defences, which will protect you from a wave of enemies. Quorra will give you a game kit which is quite simple compared to some Toy Box Games, the kit includes the basic and vital connections. Quorra will also teach you the key toys and how the toys connect to one another.

This example shows the Toys all grouped together in the Treasure Defence Kit, but the normal game play, the toys can be moved around and hidden behind other objects or terrains.

Now meet the first toy, the Inventory Manager, the Inventory Manager is used to limit the amount of toys that a player can pick in the editor. By setting the properties of the Inventory Manager, you can choose which toys are available. The second toy is the Storefront, the Storefront Toy has two menus, one menu is for organising the shop items for sale, and the second menu is for players to buy items, whilst playing.

Next is the Money Manager, since the game involves money, the money manager is very important, as it allows you to pick the type of currency you want to use, and what currency to appear in the game, for example when you defeat an enemy or break certain items, and these money can be spent in the storefront. You can use the Loot Drop Manager Toy, to set the amount of money dropped by certain items. In order to use and spend money within the game, you will need to connect a few different toys.

Quorra will explain how some toys will create an economy, and for when game becomes more challenging, she will teach you the importance of connection toys to complete a function. To start a game, the player will need to step onto the challenge maker. In this game, the challenge maker is connected to the text displayer. The text displayer will give instructions to the player, these instructions have been written for these toys. Once the text has been displayed, and the instructions have been removed from the screen, the text displayer will then send a signal to the other toys and then the game will start.


The Challenge Maker acts as the brain of the game. Its starts the game and then connects different toys to make the game progress and determines the conditions of victories. Therefore it’s important to always start with the challenge maker, when you are creating your own games.

The Challenge Maker is a new feature to the game and for each game, you will need a challenge maker in order to access and start a game. For example, the text displayer will give commands to pick items, which can be used in the game. Then the text displayer will send a message to the storefront to open and then players can start to pick items. This will also activate the money manager, who will provide money for the players to spend. When the player has finished picking items, the storefront will close and then a message is sent to the text displayer, who will then send the next set of instructions, for example the message may be to place items to defend the treasures.

If the items defeat and stop the enemies from stealing the treasures, coins will be collected and this will open up another storefront toy and a money manager toy, which will enable players to access the storefront. To access the storefront, press the Toy Box Editor Button and purchase more items. The editor manager will then open and the player can get as many items as they want, until the money runs out.

The storefronts within this game have 2 different purposes, one storefront is for setting up and one is used during the game, therefore you will need 2 sets of storefronts and money managers. Having 2 different storefronts allows you to have different prices.

Once the player has finished selected items and the storefront is closed, Odin’s treasure will be attacked by groups of enemies, created by the enemy wave generator. For the enemy wave generator, you can choose which type of enemies and how many can appear for each enemy wave. But be careful, once the enemies destroys the treasure, the game will be over. But if you defeat the enemies, and the treasure is safe, then it will be a victory for you.

Make sure to use the enemy wave generator to select the type and number of enemies. Also if you connect the enemy wave generator to the locator toy, you can select where the enemies will appear.

Play the game and look at how everything works, also make sure to spend some time and selected each toy with your magic wand. This will show you all the toy properties and connections. The designers will leave a note for you, the note will contain descriptions about the game. To obtain this walk over to the toys with a question mark over their head.


The Treasure Defence can be quite difficult at first, since it has many different toys and lots of different connections. Therefore make sure to use the kit, and then you can quickly place this game into the Toy Box World, once place you can then make modifications, and make it suitable to you.

Collector Challenge Kit

The next challenge kit is the Collector Challenge Kit, another template which is a complete game. The aim of the Collector Challenge Kit, is to collect certain objects within the set time limit. Quorra will go through the basics of the challenge with you.

The Collector Challenge Kit will teach you how to create a collection within the game. You will start off with a challenge maker, which has the most connections, compared to other toys. For this game, you will need a collectible tracker. The Collectible Tracker, will keep track of rings, orbs and other collectible items. The Collectible Tracker has 2 different functions, for the Collector Challenge Kit game, when all of the colour orbs have been collected, the collectible tracker will send a message to the counter, also when an orb is collected, a message will be automatically sent to the scoreboard. You can also set the collectible tracker, to track different score values, this way different colour of the orb will score different amounts of points.

For this game, the counter is very busy, since it receives messages from all of the collectible trackers. Once the counter has received messages from the collectible trackers, it will send a message back to the tracker, telling the tracker to reset and to place the orbs back into the game area. The counter will also reset itself, so it can receive messages again. The Timer is the other main controlling toy, the timer will start to count down, once the challenge maker has sent a message to it and then the game will start. Once time runs out, the timer will send a message to the challenge maker, and let the challenge maker know that the game has ended. For the Timer, you will need to set the amount of time for the game to last.

The scoreboard will record how many points the player has earned and will display this onto the screen. The scoreboard will also provide the challenge maker with the scores at the end of the game, when the game has finished, the level starter toy will then send a message to the collectible tracker, notifying it to hide the orbs and to reset the scoreboards. Then the game will be ready to be played next time.


The Collectible game is the easiest game to create, because you will only need one type of collectible, and once this is working, you can then add more to it later on.

Soccer Kit

In the toy box, there are loads of different types of sport games that you can create, and most the games are very similar in how they function. The lovely Quorra will provide you with a soccer kit, explore and try the kit out, you can very easily make a hockey game, using the same concept and functions, or with a few modifications, you can even create a basketball game. There are lots of different games within the Toy Box, but start off with the Soccer Kit.

The key toy for the soccer kit is the challenge maker, players will step on this to start a game. Once the game starts, the challenge maker will then send a message to the timer and to the scoreboard, notifying both of them to reset back to their starting values.

When the game starts, you will need a soccer ball for the soccer game, the challenge maker will send a message to the fall object generator, notifying it to drop a soccer ball onto the football field. Once the game is over, the challenge maker will send another message, and the ball will be removed from the Toy Box World.

Within the game, the goals are connected to many toys, for instance once the soccer ball enters the game, it will trigger a few things. Once the soccer ball resets, it will position itself in the middles of the field, have your magic wand ready in your hand and look around, you will notice a locator. A message will then be sent to the scoreboard, telling it to advance the score by one. Lastly, the two party cannons, which are on both sides of the goal, will also receive messages to launch confetti into the air.  Once you score a goal, it will trigger all the actions sent within the messages from the goals. This will trigger the toys, such as the scoreboard to record goals and the cannons to launch confetti.

The soccer game will end once the timer reaches zero. Once the timer reaches zero, the timer will then send a message to the challenge maker, and tell it to end the game. The challenge maker will also send a message to the falling object generator, and it will remove the soccer ball and then to the part cannons to launch confetti.

The game ends with a big bang of fireworks and the final score. For this kit, you can also include more different toys, this will allow you to add sound effect and more actions.


With the soccer kit, it is very easy to change the soccer kit to a hockey game. Therefore templates is the best place to start, since all you have to do is edit the falling object to drop a hockey puck, instead of a soccer ball, then lastly change the grass to ice.

Easy Pinball Kit

Pinball games are great to play with, but can be quite hard to create. But not to fear, Quorra already has a kit waiting for you and will walk you through it. Quorra will also explain the tricks, which you can use to create different physics, for example gravity. Although the pinball kit is already a complete game and is ready for you to play with, you can still modify it, once you have mastered how it works.

Similar to all the other games, you will need to start with the challenge maker. The challenge maker connects with a few key components and will connect them together to make the game work. Quorra will show you a very important toy called the remote controller. The remote controller allows you to put controller inputs for game play, but the remote controller will only work once a characters steps onto it. Once a character steps onto the remote controller, the character will be removed, but only for temporary. Instead of the character, you will be given control of a specific Creativi Toys, instead of controlling the character. The remote controller allows you to control the left and right pinball flippers.

With the previous kits and templates, the default camera view was used, which focuses on the characters. But for the Easy Pinball Kit, a target camera will be used, this will allow you to set the view of the game for the player to see whilst playing. After the target camera is in place, the locator will then be used to show where you want the camera to look.


There are a few different types of cameras available for purchase from the Toy Box Store. The different cameras will allow you to see from the top down, side scrolling and more. Make sure to pick the right camera for certain games, this make a huge difference whilst playing.

The first challenge in the pinball game is Gravity. Whist the Toy Box Worlds are flat, the pinball games are actually set on an angle, meaning the games will need gravity in order to move the ball to the flippers. In order to create Gravity, the game uses weather vanes. The weather vanes are connected to locators, which selects the direction of the force, and then the force moves the ball, the weather vanes can also be adjusted to how hard the force pushes, and this can be done by adjusting the weather vanes properties. The weathers are used to create Gravity, and using this to push the ball in specific directions, for this game it will be pushed towards the flippers.

There are many toys which work together to make the game work. For example when a player steps onto the challenge maker to start the game, the character will be dropped onto the remote controller. Once the player presses the button and uses the remote controller, this will send a message which will activate the target camera. The failing object generator will also receive a message from the remote controller, and will drop a ball via the logic gate toy.

Once the ball is released, the super cannon will take it up the chute. Then in the corner, the ball will go into a trigger area. Once the ball is in the trigger area, the second weather vane will be activated and it will blow the ball to the pinball table area, the weather vane will deactivate once the ball leaves the trigger area. The table area acts as another trigger area, which activates the first weather vane, which blows the ball to the flippers. When the ball hits the pinball bumper or hits the pinball bouncer, a message will be sent to the scoreboard and this will change the score.

Behind the flippers, there is the racing gate, which is connected to a kill switch. If the ball hits the gate, the ball will be destroyed and will disappear. Once the ball is destroyed, this will send a message to the counter toy, and it will reduce the score by one, the counter track will keep score of how many balls the player has. Once the counter reaches zero, a message will be sent to the challenge maker, and the game will end. If the score is not at zero, then a message will be sent to the falling object generator, which will drop another ball.


To add the ability to earn extra balls, simply create a link between the scoreboard and the counter. For example, if you set the score to reach 50, the score will increase by 1, and will give you another ball.

The large transparent object over the top of the pinball area is called the scalable barrier block, which is a new Toy Box feature. For the pinball game, the scalable barrier block will stop the ball from leaving the table area. For other games, it will keep the characters within the game area, without being a visible barrier. The barrier will turn invisible, once you put your wand away. During a side scroller game, the vertical barrier can be used to keep characters from falling off the edge. Remove the barrier from the pinball game, and then the ball may hit a bumper or flip off the table area. Then the game will stop working.

Racing Gate Kit

The final kit that Quorra will show you is the racing gate kit. Go and ask her about it, and it will appear in the Toy Box, an area will also appear for you to set up the race. The racing gate kit allows you to create your very own race game, without any limits from the race track creator or from using the race track pieces, meaning you can make a race anywhere.

The starting point of the game is the challenge maker. The game will begin, once the player steps onto it. The ready up checker toy will wait patiently for all players in the Toy Box World to join the game, once everyone has joined, the race will start. Only four players can play in this game, therefore there are only four counters, one for each player. The counters will keep track of the number of laps each player completes. For this game, once a player has completed three laps and goes past the last racing gate, the counter will then send a message to the challenge maker, and this will record the player’s finish time, and the race is finished for that player. The challenge maker will also send a message to the ready up checker, which will hold the winning player at the end of the race, until all other players have finished.

When the race starts, the challenge maker will deactivate all of the racing gates except the first racing gate. A message will also be sent to the timer to start timing the race. When each player passes through the first racing gate, it will deactivate just for that player, and then it will send a message to activate the next racing gate. This will make sure that each player passes through the racing gates and stops any cheating.

The racing gates are connected to each other, therefore once one deactivates, the next gate will be activated. Meaning each player will only have one gate active at each time. The counter will keep count of the all laps, after all players have completed the race, and the counters have all sent the last message to the challenge maker, then this toy will end the race and will display the results. It will also send a message to the other toys to reset the race, so it’s ready for the next game.\

The game is simple, the game will start, the first racing gate is then activated, once the player passes through the racing gate, the next racing gate will then be activated, and the previous racing gate will be deactivated.

To start off with, try the game with just one player to see how it runs. The racing gates are all set out close by. Remember when designing this type of game, make sure to keep all the toys close by, whilst you are making connections, this makes it easier to connect.


When Quorra is showing you the five kits, there are more than seventy extra kits available in the Toy Store. The kits are unlocked, once you have purchase all of the toys, available in the kit, or once you have completed Quorra’s tasks. Some of the kits can be joined to each other to create one large game, with a few small games within it. Each of the kits can be customised and modified. For beginners, the kits are a great way to get started and a great way to learn how to connect toys using different functions.

Online or Multiplayer

There are many missions and games with Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes 2.0 Edition Toy Box, which can be completed solely, but it is also great fun to play with others online or with your friends.

Two Ways to interact with other online players

  • Invite others into your world, to explore, play in your game creations or challenge each other within the Toy Box Games.
  • Use the Toy Box Share to upload Toy Box Worlds, which you have created or you can download Toy Box Worlds created by others.

Play Disney Infinity with your friends by inviting them to play in one of your Toy Box Worlds, or you can visit their world and join their game. You can use Playstation Network, Xbox Live or any online network that you are using for your gaming system.

You can have up to Four players in a world each time.

After inviting your friends into your world, take some time to show your friends around your world, since it is new and unique. To invite your friends in, make sure you are in one of the Toy Box Games, then you can open the pause menu and pick the Online/Multiplayer option, this will allow you to connect with your friends and have them join you as you play the games.

Not only can you invite three friends to your Toy Box Worlds, you can also submit your worlds for all Disney Infinity players to explore and enjoy. If you want to submit your worlds, open up the pause menu and then select Online/Multiplayer, then pick the Toy Box share option, next follow the on screen instructions on how to upload one of your saved Toy Box Worlds. Once you have submitted your world, the Disney Infinity Team will then review your submission and then your world may be featured in the collection of user created Toy Box Worlds, which will allow other people to play in.

Not only can you submit your Toy Box Worlds, you can also download other featured Toy Box Worlds from the Disney’s collection, which are usually released throughout the month, so make sure to check this frequently.

Mission Giver: Luigi

Type: Race

Rewards: 300 Coins / 75 Sparks

New Toy Unlocked: Monster Truck Tires

Challenges Available: Race Track B Forward, Battle Race Track B, and Monster Truck Race in Radiator Springs (if Monster Truck Tires were purchased)

  • Luigi has another track for you to try, and this time it is getting the attraction of several international racers. Take part in this race and win it to complete the mission. This race, however, is tougher. There are just two laps, so there is smaller room for error. You have turbo fuel cans to keep your turbo meter up, but you have to avoid driving too recklessly since there is very little time to get back in the race. Again, there are several paths to choose, so choose just one path that you are comfortable with.



There are ramps that can take you to the top level if you go fast enough. Apart from the turbo fuel cans, you also have to stay alert for two large holes and avoid them. The top level is a good option to drive on, so long as you can get the cans without going off-road.


Mission Giver: Luigi

Type: Race

Rewards: 300 Coins / 75 Sparks

  • Despite all the hard work, nobody is really interested in Luigi’s new racetrack. He wants it to be the best and not just mediocre, which is why he comes up with the Backwards Track Race. Here, you have to drive through the same track but in reverse. This time, however, you do not have to win the race and can still complete the mission. Once again, you can go through the various alternate paths too, but it is best to stick to the race track and use your turbo meter to keep up with or overtake the competition.
  • You can venture into dirt path shortcuts too, so long as you have some turbo boost to spare in order to make up for the speed lost on rough terrain. Without a boost, you will actually go slower around these locations.
  • Challenge Available: Race Track A Reverse and Battle Race Track A (if Machine Gun Challenge was purchased)

Mission Giver: Luigi

Type: Collect/Destroy

Rewards: 100 Coins / 25 Sparks

  • Guido was tasked with putting up the red balloons, but he screwed up as usual. Luigi wants you to pop all three balloons set up. You can do this quite easily too. Line up beneath them on the ramps, back up and get some distance, jump across the ramp and reach the balloons. Repeat this until you get them all.

Completing this mission opens the Stunt Park side missions.

  • New Toy Unlocked: Impact Mine Challenge
  • Challenge Available: Throw and Go (after purchasing Impact Mine Challenge)

Mission Giver: Yellow Car (blue picture in mission list)

Type: Delivery (tow)

Rewards: 200 Coins / 50 Sparks

  • The yellow car is on the edge of Radiator Springs and wants to reach Cozy Cone. Tow it to its destination and complete the mission.

Mission Giver: Dark Grey Car (green picture in mission list)

Type: Race

Rewards: 300 Coins / 75 Sparks

New Toy Unlocked: Cozy Cone Motel

Challenge Available: Race Track A Forward 

  • The King helped Luigi with supplies and now he wants to race with someone in the new track. Take up his challenge and start your first race in the new track. Go on full turbo boost right from the start and drift around every corner. The track is more complex than previous racetracks, with more obstacles and alternate routes. Hitting the obstacles can slow you down considerably, especially the orange-and-yellow ones since they explode.
  • Fill up your turbo meter by drifting and doing a few stunts, but your main focus should be to get the fuel cans to top off your turbo meter.
  • While there are several alternative routes and detours, you have to keep your eyes peeled for the right ones only. For instance, going over rough terrain generally slows you down, but some shortcuts off the road can shave off a significant portion of the track and put you in the lead. However, not all alternative tracks are shortcuts.
  • Another reason to consider going through optional paths is to get the turbo cans. The path towards the left is a little tricky but has many turbo refilling cans. If your turbo meter is full already, however, there is little need to drive over such tricky territory. Use your turbo boost on straight stretches and drift to top the meter.


Mission Giver:Luigi (at The Hub) 

Type: Destroy

Rewards: 100 Coins / 25 Sparks

  • Luigi is ready to unravel his new track…just as soon as he gets rid of the shipping crates along the path. Take a practice lap and smash the crates too.

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