• Buy Turbo Level 2 as soon as you can to get a third turbo bar. Most stunts and races in the area can be complete with two bars only, but the upgrade is worth it since you will face bigger challenges later on.

Mission Giver: Fillmore

Type: Collect

Rewards: 50 Sparks

New Toy Unlocked: Turbo Level 2

  • Fillmore is working on a fuel better than his organic fuel range, but he needs some favours from you to complete his project. He needs some new materials, including three corns. Use your compass to locate and collect the corn.
  •  Once you have the corn, tow it back to Fillmore and go behind to drop it off at the mixer.


Mission Giver: Ramone (near Flo’s)

Type: Decorate

Rewards: 200 Coins / 100 Sparks

  • Ramone needs to look his best to get selected for Detail My Dents. Go to the Toy Store and buy Ramone’s House of Body Art and set it up. Tow one his customers to the shop and paint it a new colour to complete this mission.

Mission Giver: Ramone (near Flo’s)

Type: Collect

Rewards: 200 Coins / 100 Sparks

New Toy Unlocked: Tow Chain Level 3

  • Ramone wants to try his luck on Detail My Dents, a reality show. However, he has lost his premium paint cans. Help him by finding the ten paint cans around the area. It is easy to collect all ten since they are located in obvious and easy-to-reach locations and you have your compass to guide you too.

Once you buy Tow Chain Level 3, the following toys are unlocked:

  • New Toy Unlocked: Tow Chain Level 4
  • New Toy Unlocked: Turbo Level 1
  • New Toy Unlocked: Ramone’s House of Body Art

Mission Giver: Flo

Type: Delivery (tow)

Rewards: 100 Coins / 50 Sparks

New Toy Unlocked: Tow Chain Level 2 

  • Ramone has run out of gas and he needs your help. Get to him and activate your tow cable. Tow him to Flo’s Café for a refill.



Mission Giver: Chick (near The Barn)

Type: Race

Rewards: 250 Coins / 100 Sparks

New Toy Unlocked: Turbo Level 1 

Challenges Available: Radiator Farm Race and Farm Battle (if Missile Challenge has been purchased)

  • Get ready for the real race. Max out your turbo meter by revving your engine and get to first place as soon as you can, because Chick will give a hard time to you. He will be aggressive and overtake you several times. Even if you end up second place or get off track, there is still a chance to win. There is plenty of opportunity to catch up with three laps. One good place to get a lead over Chick is by using the ramp in front of Sarge’s Surplus Hut. Your fly over the track and bypass some of it. Avoid cutting corners over rough terrain, since it is more bad than good. Win the race to complete the mission.




Mission Giver: Chick (near The Barn)

Type: Race

Rewards: 50 Coins / 25 Sparks

  • Chick is challenging you to a spin around the town, but he is ready to let you take a practice lap first so you do not hurt yourself in the race. Take the lap around the town and come back. There is no time limit or restrictions here, so take your time and familiarize yourself with the turns around the track.

Mission Giver: Chick (near Mater’s Impound)

Type: Locate

Rewards: 25 Coins / 25 Sparks

  • Chick challenges you to a race to the Barn, but it is not a race per se. Relax and get to the destination in your own time and meet him up front.

Mission Giver: Finn

Type: Combat

Rewards: 100 Coins / 25 Sparks

New Toy Unlocked: Machine Gun Challenge

  • Something fishy is going on around town, and Finn suggests getting your stealth skills up to date by getting the jump on five tractors. Go to the fenced farm and sneak up on them by slowing getting close and honking the horn. They will get scared and tip over.


Mission Giver: Finn

Type: Tutorial

Rewards: 50 Coins / 50 Sparks

New Toy Unlocked: Missiles Challenge

  • Finn is out on vacation and has come to Radiator Springs for some R&R, and Sarge has set him up at the Surplus Hut. The upcoming big race at Radiator Springs is also bringing in lots of attention, and C.H.R.O.M.E. has chosen you as an agent, but with a catch. You have to prove that you can handle the C.H.R.O.M.E.-athalon. This ‘tough’ training regimen involves just some basic tests including a quick turn, jump, and side bash.



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