There is a furore of excitement here at about the arrival of the amazing new Disney Infinity gaming platform. It’s a really innovative, entirely new way of playing video games and we’ve loved stepping into the shoes of our favourite characters!

Being a storytelling game, Infinity is ideal for developing kids’ imaginations as well as having loads of fun. It’s a simple game to play, making it the perfect introduction to video games for young children as well as more seasoned gamers and adults too! If you are looking at treating yourself or your little ones to Disney Infinity, here’s what we think you’ll need to know:

  1. To play Disney Infinity, you’ll need the Infinity Game; Infinity Base and at least one Disney Infinity character figure. Purchase the Disney Infinity Starter Pack here.
  2. You’ll also need one of the major gaming consoles: Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Wii, PS3, Xbox 360 & Wii U. Disney Infinity will also be rolled out across mobile gaming platforms later this year.
  3. The game is played using collectible character figurines. These include Captain Jack Sparrow, Sulley and Mr Incredible. The characters are placed on to the Disney Infinity Base in order to introduce them into the game and unlock different features.
  4. Once the characters are digital, you can take control of them as they go about their business battling baddies, scaring children or saving the world (depending on which movie Play Set you have chosen!)
  5. Each Play Set is a story-driven game that is based within the world of a Disney movie (Pirates of the Caribbean, Cars and Monsters Inc are some of the first releases). Within Play Sets you will need to solve puzzles, collect bonuses and battle enemies.
  6. Also available are Disney Infinity Power Discs. These can be placed underneath characters on the Infinity base to give them super powers and extra items.
  7. As well as playing within their own movie scenes, you can also mix and match the characters as they come to life in Toy Box mode. Toy Box gives you the chance to really interact with any character in free play; making up stories and customising the backdrop for your characters to explore.
  8. You can also pair up with up to three friends to share the items you unlock and save the content of your game.

We’ve had loads of fun testing out Disney Infinity and all its different Play Sets and game modes. It’s totally different to anything we’ve played before and we know you’ll love it too – kids and grown-ups!

To purchase the Disney Infinity starter pack click here & join in the fun today!

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