So, you want to trade Power Discs on using our new Trading Platform, well follow our quick guide and get started today!

User Account

1. Firstly, you will need to create an account here.

2. After you have created an account you will be E-mailed the details (please check spam box).

3. Next, log in to your account here.

4. Fill in the details on your my account page found here.

Adding Power Discs to your collection

Before you can start trading you need to add Power Discs to your own personal collection.

  • You can do this by either using our main Power Discs page to navigate to the Power Discs you have – use this page.


  • You can use the main collection page & the drop down box to select Power Discs and begin adding Power Discs to your collection that way instead – use this page.

Now you are ready to begin trading!

After you have added Power Discs to your own collection you can begin trading. Simply go to the trade section and click add trade, choose from the drop down the Power Disc you would like to trade and add any information you think is relevant to the potential trader.

Trade Requests

If you are trading Power Discs and you have a Power Disc advertised, you can see if you have any requests from the my account tab.

If you find a Power Disc you would like to trade from another user, simply click send trade request to send them a message.

Got a problem? Please let us know via our contact page and we will do our best to help!

Trading Platform FAQ

1. The trade section only has one country, which is India how can I trade in another country?

Don’t worry about the country selection tab for the time being, we are still fixing the kinks in the system and for some reason this has come up as the default country.