king mickey power disc giveaway

What’s up Disney Infinity fans!

We have something really special for you today, an amazing chance to win a King Mickey Power Disc. Now, for those who are unaware the King Mickey Power Disc is an incredibly rare Power Disc which was only given to people who attended D23 in 2015. There are a few more in circulation (including this one) which were given to Disney Infinity communities for various reasons (thanks JV!).

We only have one King Mickey Power Disc to give away, however it is definitely worth entering this giveaway and of course getting as many entries as you possibly can!

How to enter?

King Mickey Power Disc Giveaway

If you have any issues entering the giveaway, please leave us a comment below!

Additional entries

You will get additional entries in to the giveaway for completing various entries including following us on Twitter, retweeting, liking our Facebook page, commenting below and much more!

Check out King Mickey in all his glory right here!


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  • JasonAvis

    The amount of giveaways I have entered to try and win this disc…

  • Sadee-Marie Glatz

    Woah woah woah…. It is my disney infinity dream to own that disc. I am a die hard kingdom hearts fan as well as disney infinity.

  • Phantasystar77

    I fairly new to Power Disc collecting and this would make a great addition to my collection.

  • Michael Condiracci

    This is going to be great! Love power disc collecting, am attached to the game, King Mickey will go great with my Mickey Mouse figure; I should build a shrine to Mickey!

  • Julio Duarte

    awesome giveaway

  • Mrs Thomas Anderson

    This is a great giveaway. So sorry I couldn’t have picked up the King Mickey disc myself. My son is a huge fan of the Kingdom Heart franchise. I looked to pick up one of these on ebay for him a while ago and was shocked at the going price. My son started playing KH on the Playstation and now has a game for his Nintendo DS. He has a giant metal keyblade replica on the wall of his room and Sora and Roku plushies on his shelf. He would love to play in the Toybox as King Mickey. Thank you for doing this giveaway for one lucky winner!

  • Darryl Sandoe

    still trying for this disc

  • Mulder0042

    Wow! I would love to get this disc for my grandson. He loves playing Infinity! We play it together every Thursday night.

  • Heather Wes

    my 7 year old son absolutely loves Disney Infinity (he has all three versions), and he would lose his mind if I won this for him.. So I’d like to win this to make him happy!

  • Rene

    Can I enter from anywhere in the world (if I’d win I’d pay the postage of course)?

  • Darth_Raww

    It’s cruel that Disney made this such a limited item, as there are a LOT of people that would like to own this.

  • Miguel Lugo

    I want this power disc.

  • KingMickeyLives4EverInMyHeart

    I want this King Mickey disc in honor of my older brother who died last year, at 21, serving our country. We ALWAYS called him King Mickey, because he was named Mickey and we all saw him as a king for volunteering to fight for our country.

  • I want that disc because it’s so, so exclusive!

  • esp2000

    This is something that I have been wanting since it was announced. Would be very cool to win now that the keyblade is unlocked

  • Reddog

    I hate it when something I collect has an ultra-rare component. Thanks for the chance to get one.

  • sporeboy100

    It’s exclusive, and Kingdom hearts, I want it, I NEEDS IT!

  • Keyvan

    Good luck everyone

  • Shirley Smith

    My son has wanted the King Mickey power disc for quite sometime. And I know he would be thrilled if I could win it for him.

  • Sharon

    There are so many deserving winners. Not much luck winning this one but you just have to try. Right? Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Lee Bradshaw

    oooohhh i want one 🙂

  • Beepela

    Oh man…

  • Mike Boell

    Chances are getting slimmer. Fingers crossed!

  • Spencer Rice

    I would love this. Disney Infinity helped me with depression and kept me from thinking of suicide.

  • magic7

    I love Disney & I really really love Kingdom Hearts. One of My faves

  • Omar Benzekri

    i’ve always been a fan of disney infinity but i don’t have a lot of disney infinity stuff (power discs, caracthers, …) so it would be great to start with that thank you for giving me a chance to have it.

  • Sorcha Rooney

    i LOVE disney infinity and Mickey so I am praying to get this disc.

  • regina elliott

    I’ve love and grew up with Mickey Mouse and now my granddaughter loves him too

  • Noel

    OMG Mikeys power disc looks awesome

  • Naruffy-Kun

    Hope I get this! Kingdom Hearts is one of my fav games, I have all of them. This mixed with infinity is so cool.

  • Kyle Quande

    Ermagerd this is so awesome!

  • Mohamed Khattab

    This disc will serve as a great gift for my little cousin fighting cancer. He really wants it. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • sara

    I’m having trouble entering the contest it won’t let me

    • Hi Sara, really? Could you explain what the issue is so I can try and fix it 🙂

  • Jacob

    The kiddos would really love this and I would love to see their happy faces!

  • Kelly Sutherland

    Mickley is the ultimate

    • Kelly, I would like to ask you something but I am a little shy.
      Would you let me smell your pubic hair on your sweet vagina?