Disney Infinity 3.0 kylo ren light fx figure

We all saw this coming, the previous rumours, hints and teasers that have been building up since the release of the first wave of Light FX figures and Kylo Ren.

Several other retailers have published product pages which have shown a light up version of Kylo Ren and this has been taken as a sign that the figure was coming. However, the reason this is slightly different is because this is Game, the UK’s largest game specialist and an extremely reputable brand, maybe I am biased because I am English, but to me this is pretty much a solid.

Check out Kylo Ren Light FX figure on Game here.

kylo ren light fx figure

I know Amazon Spain amongst other retailers have added the light up version of Kylo Ren before, but the issue with taking Amazon product pages as a legitimate leak is that anyone can publish a product page on Amazon so it’s difficult to distinguish the legitimate mistakes with sneaky sellers.

Game has the Light FX Kylo Ren figure available to preorder for a 8th April 2016 launch date which aligns with Baloo from the Jungle Book in the UK. However, we can assume that this date might be different for the US as Baloo is being released on the 15th March 2016 in the US.

Check out the 15th March preorder list here.

At the same time it seems a little late for Disney Infinity to announce the Light FX figure now for a mid March release and well there is a heck of a lot going on, on the 15th March already so it’d be best to not add any more releases to that date. Let’s expect an end of March early April release then.

Anyways, I am very excited about this – for a Light FX figure Kylo Ren is absolutely perfect.

What are your thoughts?

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