Marvel Battle Grounds V2

Update: The Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set is now available to preorder from Amazon right here.

Breaking news – massive Disney Infinity 3.0 Marvel Battlegrounds and Disney Originals leak has just been spotted. We will be covering this news below, but first I want to warn people that this contains product images and announcement of unofficially released Disney Infinity 3.0 characters.

For those interested, the original leak was from retailer BH Photo Video, which you can find here.

————————————- leaked information below ————————————-

Black Suit Spiderman Single Figure Character

First up, we have someone who has already been officially launched as part of the Sony Playstation Vita, Black Suit Spiderman will finally be released as a single figure character.

disney infinity 3.0 black suit spiderman

Marvel Battlegrounds: Ant Man character

Next up is Ant man, another heavily anticipated and 100% expected hero after the major clues were revealed several months ago during a Disney Infinity conference. He will be joining the roster as a single figure character.

disney infinity 3.0 antman

Marvel Battlegrounds: Black Panther character

Absolutely awesome looking Black Panther, very, very excited about this one myself – such a cool character and the figure looks amazing.

disney infinity 3.0 black panther

Marvel Battlegrounds: Vision character

Another character which was to be expected, Vision will be joining the mix again as a single figure character.

disney infinity 3.0 the vision

Marvel Battlegrounds – Power Discs

Here is a sneak peak in to the Marvel Battlegrounds Power Disc pack including Nova Corp Attack, Cosmic Cube, Dark Hawk and Ghost Rider’s Bike.

disney infinity 3.0 marvel battlegrounds power disc pack

For the four new power discs we have an interesting range of unexpected characters and items. At the top we appear to have the cosmic cube, which was featured in both Captain America: The First Avengers and The Avengers (known as the Tesseract in that movie). Given its nature as an ultra-powerful item we can probably expect it to act similarly to the Infinity Gauntlet power disc from 2.0.

Below that is the symbol of the Nova Corps, who were featured in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. This version of the symbol, however, more closely resembles the classic comic logo that adorns the helmet of the classic hero called Nova, Rich Rider (as opposed to the current Nova from Infinity 2.0, Sam Alexander, who has a different costume). Perhaps this is a summon, or it might even be a costume change for 2.0’s Nova.

The last of the circular power discs is a bit more obscure, and appears to be 90s hero Darkhawk. He has a really cool design, but he never made it big as a hero and faded to obscurity until he re-appeared alongside the classic Nova for a few years before being killed in the Avengers Arena comic series. He has not appeared in any of the movies, nor any television show that I can recall. I would expect this to be a temporary summon power disc similar to Captain Marvel or War Machine.

And lastly we have a vehicle disc for Ghost Rider’s flaming motorcycle. While we don’t have a Ghost Rider figure yet we do have his chain whip as a power disc from Infinity 2.0 that you can pair this with to simulate the effect (might I suggest Jack Skellington as a rider? Bonus points for putting him in his Santy Claws outfit).

Disney Originals – Baloo from the Jungle Book

I am sort of surprised by this, I actually thought they would of left Disney Originals alone until Finding Dory (what I expect to be a big part of Disney Originals). However it’s a cool start to what should be an awesome series. Everyone, say hello to Baloo!

disney infinity 3.0 baloo

Disney Originals – Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde (Zootopia)

Lastly we have Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde from Zootopia, both of which we knew would be released but have yet to see the US packaging.

disney infinity 3.0 nick wilde

disney infinity 3.0 judy hopps

When will Marvel Battlegrounds be released?

The release date of the Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set and Power Disc pack is 15th March 2016.

What does the wireless symbol mean on the front of the box?

We think this refers to an internet connection being required to update the game in order to play with these Disney Infinity 3.0 characters.

Who will be in the Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set pack?

We know that Captain America: The First Avenger is going to be in the Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set, however who will be the second figure is currently unknown. However, we currently have our bets and wants on Scarlet Witch being the second figure, let’s hope!

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