Hey Disney Infinity gamers, about 6 weeks ago we started a survey asking DI gamers to invest a couple of minutes of their time in to filling out our survey, during this time we receive over 200 survey results which led us to having a whole load of data which we could then analyse and interpret to better understand what Disney Infinity gamers thought of Disney Infinity so far, the development, product releases as well as the game play and general performance. More importantly though, it also gave us a significant insight in to what you wanted in the next Disney Infinity game (Disney Infinity 2).

So, we thank you – for everyone who took a couple of minutes to answer our Disney Infinity survey, we really do appreciate it and we hope that this survey will help steer the future of the Disney Infinity brand in to a more positive, customer-led position.

I am sure you are all eager to understand the results of the survey, so we have compiled the data in to a brief analysis below, we will be updating this as time goes on and for those who have yet to fill out the survey, you can do so right here!

Disney Infinity Survey Results

Question 1: When did you purchase Disney Infinity?

Disney Infinity Survey Results Q1

Following the general trend of retail, the majority of the sales of Disney Infinity surrounded the launch on 18th August 2013 and as to be expected Christmas time.

Question 2: How frequently is Disney Infinity played in your household?

Disney Infinity Survey Results Q2


Quite interesting results, and worrying in the fact that over 30 people who answered our survey mentioned that they do not play Disney Infinity any more!

Question 3: Have you completed all of the Playsets? If no, which have you completed.

Disney Infinity Survey Results Q3


You can see which Disney Infinity Playsets are most popular through our results above.

Question 4: Did you find the Playsets to be entertaining enough?

Disney Infinity Survey Results Q4


A significant amount of people said that the Disney Infinity Playsets were not entertaining enough, 20% of our overall survey participants.

Question 5: If you answered no to the last question, why?

We analysed the answers from this question and have highlighted the main themes for the answers we received, which are below:

  • Longer Gameplay
  • Too Fast
  • Repetitive Missions
  • Unvaried Missions
  • Restrictive
  • Too many bugs
  • Lack of content
  • Too many fetch & receive missions
  • Greater Variety Needed
  • More Originality

Overall it seems that most gamers agreed in that whilst the Playsets were entertaining, they significantly lacked in varied mission styles, were too short and too repetitive. It was also interesting to hear that the Pirates of the Caribbean Playset was the most favoured which we completely agree with, however Playsets such as Cars & Monsters University lacked depth and variance.

Question 6: Do you want more Playsets?

Disney Infinity Survey Results Q6


The demand for more Disney Infinity Playsets is huge, this should really be where Disney Interactive focus their attention, by developing a larger variety of Playsets they can help retain current consumers whilst also growing their customer base by attracting new Disney Infinity gamers through the various IPs that Disney own, such as Marvel, Star Wars, Wall-E, Aladdin, Gravity Falls and many more.

Question 7: Would you be interested in a Marvel or Star Wars themed Disney Infinity game?

Disney Infinity Survey Results Q7


We can see how popular the thought of having a Disney Infinity game which was themed for Marvel or Star Wars would be, a huge market not only for avid Marvel & Star Wars fans, but also collectors.

Question 8: What do you want to see in the next version of Disney Infinity (Disney Infinity 2)?

We received a lot of very in depth answers for this questions, so thanks again everyone who has taken part in the survey so far, the results have been fascinating. We have tried our best to aggregate all of the results in to themed bullet point answers below.

  • More Playsets
  • Dual bases for 4 player local
  • More focus on older Disney product lines
  • Better methods of Power Disc acquisition
  • No Toy Box only pieces
  • More girl themed games
  • Compatibility with Disney Infinity characters & playsets
  • Better integration of individual figures in Playsets
  • Better locked frame rates & load times
  • More motivation & justification to level up figures, increased strength, added abilities.
  • Introduce difficulty levels
  • Introduce starter games, such as Clubhouse Gang for the younger children
  • An MMORPG style game where we can use all of our Disney Infinity figures
  • Disney Renaissance Figures
  • Better controls & more collectibles, better story lines
  • 4 Player Split Screen
  • More Toy Chests for Toy Box Characters, Larger Toy Boxes, More Unique Character Animations & Abilities
  • A main story mode that any Disney Infinity character can play
  • Playable Emperor Zurg
  • More downloadable Content
  • Introduce a ‘Little Big Planet’ type of Toy Box
  • Disney Infinity Mash Ups – the ability to get princesses together in a story mode, marvel & star wars to work together e.t.c
  • Mini game adventures for Toy Box Only characters

There were so many amazing answers to our last question we couldn’t possibly fit them all on to this page, however we tried our best to add the most wanted above and there are some excellent answers! We especially agree with those who asked for a Toy Box which took inspiration from Little Big Planet and Minecraft. Also, those who said that levelling up characters felt more like a chore, because the motivation behind doing so wasn’t compelling enough, add some extra abilities, unlockables, increased strength or skills when levelling up characters would make the whole process far more compelling.

The need for integration between Disney Infinity characters which sadly don’t include Playsets, such as Frozen, Wreck-It Ralph and so on…definitely need mini-games within the Toy Box or better integration in to a larger story mode.

Overall, we are very happy with the results and we hope this will help get Disney Interactive and the guys over at Avalanche Software pushing us (the customers) to speak up more about what we want and for them to listen to this and really think about how they can use the feedback to help build the best game in the world with the world’s favourite brand, Disney!

If you haven’t yet filled in our Disney Infinity survey, please do so right here.

It doesn’t finish here…

We could just say, OK we have done our bit in helping steer the development of Disney Infinity 2 and forget about it, but we don’t want that and we know you don’t either! So, we will be compiling all of our survey results in to a PDF document which we will then be sending through to John Vignocchi  the Executive Producer of Disney Infinity and a man who really shows his passion for Disney Infinity and puts his time and energy in to talking with Disney Infinity fans, we hope that he can help make this survey useful within Disney Interactive and Avalanche Software.

We will make the PDF downloadable and it will be prepared within the next week, so keep tuned!

Please share this page and our survey with friends and family, let’s get our thoughts and ideas for Disney Infinity seen!