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Amidst the news that Disney Interactive are looking to employ new Game’s Testers for their up and coming developments, as well as the speculation that these developments will include a new ‘Disney Infinity’ game. We have decided here at iheartinfinity to help voice our (being yours and ours) feedback and overall concerns about the future development of Disney Infinity and where this will sit for the 3 million current Disney Infinity gamers!

We have scoured the web for thoughts and opinions on the news that hit the web on February 3rd and seemed to stir up quite a few expected rumours regarding Marvel & Star Wars. Our aim is to gather everyone’s thoughts on the subject in hand and to deliver this straight to Disney Interactive in the form of ‘market research’. Too many companies, completely deny their customers the chance to really voice their opinions about the future of any given product, but with a product like this, where user’s engagement is an essential part of the game, it’s time for Disney Interactive to listen up!

So, how will this work?

We want YOU to tell US what you like & dislike about Disney Infinity?

We want YOU to tell US what you want in Disney Infinity 2?

We will publish everyone’s thoughts and opinions right here on this page and we will then deliver all of this directly to Disney Interactive in the hope that this market research will help guide the future of the Disney Infinity brand.

Please answer these questions if you have time, thank you very much!

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Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our survey above, we are now collecting all of this data and your feedback will be published below! If you want to mention anything else, please leave a comment below and we will collate that feedback as well.

Disney Infinity Gamer’s Feedback!

Read through the Survey Results right here!

More to come soon 🙂 Thank you to everyone so far.