Much has been talked about already in regards to the announcements from today at D23, but one of the biggest teases had to be the reveal of the new Marvel Playset, titled Marvel Battlegrounds.

Little is known about the new playset, but there were some interesting tidbits spoken of at the event today. First and foremost is the fact that this playset will allow for up to 4 players playing local co-op (and hopefully 4 players online as well). How this will work remains to be seen but one would assume that you would need to have 2 bases to handle this, but you could potentially load up characters and swap out for the other pair. Secondly is the fact that there will be a new story for players to play through, and all Marvel characters would be welcomed into the playset. This of course also means the recently unveiled Hulkbuster Iron Man and Ultron, and hopefully Ant-Man too.

A date is not known for the release of this playset, though Hulkbuster and Ultron will be out in November, so hopefully the playset won’t be too far behind – although hearsay suggests Spring 2016. It will be interesting to see regardless what the story is based off of. Captain America 3: Civil War is on the way in the spring, and the recent Secret Wars in the Marvel comics universe could also lend itself well to the playset, for just a couple ideas of what Battlegrounds could be based on.

Let us know below if you’re excited for the new playset and what you would like to see happen in Battlegrounds.

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