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What’s up everyone!

After the official announcement on the 1st March 2016, the Marvel Battleground figures have finally been added to retailers and are now available to preorder for the release date of 15th March 2016.

The Marvel Battlegrounds Power Disc pack will also be launching on the 15th March 2016, however we have yet to find a retailer that has preorders up for the power disc pack yet, as soon as we find them we will of course let you all know!

From what I can see the best deal seems to be from both Amazon & Best Buy.

Amazon Preorders

Amazon are currently running a 20% discount for all prime members when preordering anything from the games department. This means you will get an additional 20% off your purchases if you are a Amazon Prime member.

Preorder them below!

Remember, you can also preorder the Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set right here: Marvel Battlegrounds.

Best Buy Preorders

If you are a GCU member then Best Buy is definitely the place to preorder for you.

Target Preorders

Toys R Us Preorders

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