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  • Disney Infinity Black Friday Deals 2016

    Posted by Will Blears at November 25, 2016

    It's November and this can only mean one thing, Black Friday! As we do every year, we shall be aggregating all of the Disney Infinity deals across all retailers in the US as well as Internationally and hosting them all on this page. So, be sure to bookmark ... Read More

  • Amazon Prime Day Deals

    Posted by Will Blears at July 12, 2016

    What's up Disney Infinity fans! Check out all of todays deals right here! Amazon is celebrating there yearly prime day with fantastic deals all day long, it's Amazon's own Black Friday and whether you are looking to finish you're Disney Infinity collection o... Read More

  • Alice in Wonderland & Finding Dory Preorders are live

    Posted by Will Blears at May 19, 2016

    Preorders for Disney Infinity's final two themes, Alice in Wonderland & Finding Dory are beginning to be published across retailers in Canada and the UK. You can now preorder the majority from both Amazon Canada & Amazon UK below. We've had a few p... Read More

  • Check out the Finding Dory Play Set!

    Posted by Will Blears at May 18, 2016

    We've finally been able to snatch a look at the Disney Infinity Finding Dory Play Set, which is being released in June and will be the final (sad face) Play Set and range of figures from Disney Infinity. These pictures were taken from a placeholder page on ... Read More

  • Disney Infinity's Ambitious Plans For The Future (before it was cancelled...)

    Posted by Will Blears at May 13, 2016

    For Disney Infinity fans who are still in shock over the recent announcement that Disney Infinity will be canceled, you may have been wondering what the plans were for Disney Infinity's future. Well, wonder no more - Patrick Klepek over at Kotaku was able to g... Read More

  • Alice, Time & Mad Hatter Photos - 24th May Release Date

    Posted by Will Blears at May 13, 2016

    Whilst everyone (including myself) continues to mourn over the announcement that Disney Infinity will be cancelled, we can still take pleasure in looking at these absolutely beautiful looking figures of Alice, Time & Mad Hatter from the next instalment and... Read More

  • BREAKING NEWS: Disney Infinity Cancelled After Finding Dory

    Posted by James at May 10, 2016

    Update: obviously there are only pieces of news surrounding this announcement so far, we'll be adding more snippets when they are released so we can try and establish a clearer picture. Walt Disney Co. is taking a $147 million charge as it cancels its “In... Read More

  • Disney Infinity Weekly Deals - 08/05/2016

    Posted by Will Blears at May 9, 2016

    What's up Disney Infinity fans! The deals have been rolling in over the past few weeks and it appears that they are not stopping any time soon! Amazon Amazon are trying to pick up the slack with regards to the deals they're running, currently they have the f... Read More

  • Leak: Nemo has been found - coming to Disney Infinity 3.0

    Posted by Will Blears at May 6, 2016

    After weeks, if not months of leaks including the original leak here, or the leak on Amazon Italy here or the Multimedia Shop leak here we finally get to see the actual Nemo figure! We've known for a while now that Nemo was definitely coming to Disney Inf... Read More

  • Best Buy Disney Infinity Deals - $3.99 Figures / $1.99 Power Disc Packs

    Posted by Will Blears at April 28, 2016

    Lots of sales going on over at Best Buy this week, with some fantastic deals Disney Infinity 2.0 & 3.0 figures as well as the entire range of 3.0 Power Disc packs discounted down to just $1.99 each! You can check out the entire sale right here! To give... Read More

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