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For all of us mature players who love collecting and playing Disney Infinity, I think we can all agree that the combat in-game is definitely geared towards younger players and families. Now, whilst I can certainly appreciate this, as it is a game for all ages, I do often feel some what cheated that there isn’t even a setting I can configure to make the combat more realistic and challenging. However, things are changing…

Enter, Ninja Theory

One of the various studios that Avalanche have brought on to bolster up the Disney Infinity 3.0 game. With a history of combat-heavy action games, Ninja Theory were asked to help improve the combat across the entire Disney Infinity 3.0 game. With all the attention that Star Wars would presumably get from all ages, they needed to make sure that the combat was not boring. Interestingly, Lucas wanted to work with Ninja Theory for a long time:

“We immediately had signoff from Lucasfilm; they were excited that Ninja Theory was going to be working on lightsaber combat for us.”

But this wasn’t the first time Ninja Theory was brought on board for Disney Infinity

Before the launch of Disney Infinity 2.0, they helped develop and clean up the combat within the Marvel Play Sets.

Ninja Theory were working on Lightsaber combat, 6 months before the launch of Disney Infinity 2.0.

If you were ever wondering how far in advance Disney Interactive have planned the Disney Infinity game, then it should come as no surprise that Ninja Theory were able to get started on the Lightsaber combat at least 6 months before the launch of Disney Infinity 2.0.

“One of the first things we did was to look at what was creating the lag from a technical standpoint, and we had coders looking into it and trying to cut it where we could,” Ninja Theory tells us. “We made sure the animations start immediately, so when you press a button there is already movement and gives you that feeling of responsiveness.”

Remember though, whilst Ninja Theory are putting their heart & soul in to Star Wars combat, the same improvements will be implemented across the board. Which means we will see the same benefits for all characters, including Disney Infinity 1.0 & 2.0 characters, like Buzz Lightyear or Jack Sparrow.

The days of mashing the attack button are over, for those who want it to be…

Disney Infinity 3.0 combat

According to GameInformer’s latest Disney Infinity 3.0 combat coverage, characters such as Luke Skywalker will be able to pause mid-combo, use a variety of other gameplay buttons to then create a completely different combination of actions to unleash a new move. And, yes…they will be able to use the Force.

The Clone Wars Story…

Ninja Theory are also helping to craft the Play Set in to sequences which match that of the prequel trilogy. The Play Set begins on Geonosis where you are able to explore the mysterious reactivated Droid Factory. From there onwards, you will cross paths with Jabba the Hutt, Mace Windu, Sebulba, General Grievous, Cad Bane, Darth Maul & many, many more.

Disney Infinity 3.0 is about more than just fighting wave after wave of Frost Giants, the team are working extremely hard at bringing together a Play Set which delves deeper in to the story and it’s key characteristics that make the franchise as popular as it is today.

I am uber excited for the Star Wars Play Set, with all that is being discussed regarding the combat, game play and styling as well as the character roster I think it will be an absolutely epic instalment in the beginning of the Disney Infinity Star Wars franchise.

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