Play Sets

    Spider Man Play Set

    Play as Spider Man or one of his allies and battle it out against the fierce Green Goblin, Dr Octopus & Mysterio as they try and clone the Venom symbiote and take over the world!

    Guardians of the Galaxy

    Prepare for battle, choose your hero & battle the evil Ronan the Accuser as he seeks to wield a stolen Infinity Stone.

    The Avengers

    Power up with earth's mightiest heroes and stop Loki's cold hearted plans to freeze New York city & the world!

    Toy Story

    Explore Disney Infinity with the Toy Story in Space Play Set, play as Woody, Buzz Lightyear & Jessie. Whoever you choose get ready for an adventure that is out of this world!

    The Lone Ranger

    Explore Disney Infinity with the Lone Ranger Playset, play as the famed masked hero John Reid or the Native American warrior Tonto. Whoever you choose saddle up for an adventure like never before, take your wildest dreams and make them a reality with the Lone Ranger playset.


    Create the ultimate game with the Cars Playset, play you're favourite racing car characters including everyone's favourite Lightning McQueen as he sets off on his adventures. Perhaps you want to mix things up a little, choose to play Francesco Bernoulli, Lightning McQueen's ultimate rival! Whoever you choose, explode your mind and reach the limits of your imagination with the Cars playset.

    The Incredibles

    Play as you're favourite family member in The Incredibles Playset, the lightning fast Dash, the incredibly powerful Bob Parr aka Mr Incredible, his super stretchy wife Helen Parr aka Mrs Incredible or the oldest of the Incredible offspring, Violet Parr with her shield like superpowers! Whoever you want to be, join in the fun now with The Incredibles playset.

    monsters university

    Join Sulley and Mike in their early days of student life at the Monsters University. Explore the Monsters University playset and enjoy a fun-packed adventure with your favourite Monsters Inc characters, including Sulley, Mike and Randal.

    Pirates of the Caribbean

    Join you're favourite heroes and villains from Pirates of the Caribbean and re-create some of the heroic battles, featuring the Captain of the Black Pearl Jack Sparrow himself, the ultimate pirate baddy Captain Barbossa and the tentacle-like bearded Davy Jones and let your imagine run wild!

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