Buzz Lightyear Crystal

Disney Infinity Buzz Lightyear Crystal Character

He is modeled as a space ranger donning a complete space suit. Buzz first comes into the picture as a surprise toy from Andy’s mum. His new features, like the laser and his ability to ‘fly’ quickly helps him establish himself as Andy’s new favorite toy. This leads to tension between Woody and Buzz, as the former believes he should be the favorite toy. Woody is the oldest toy after all. Buzz later becomes Jessie’s boyfriend.

Playable in:

  • Toy Story Play Set
  • Toy Box 1.0 & 2.0

His Abilities and Attributes

Buzz is very proficient in martial arts. This gives him a big advantage during fights. He is the go to guy in the toy story series.

He is also the guardian of the law. He believes that everyone should follow the rules and instructions created by them, and that that’s how life should be. He rarely bends the law. But, he does tell cover stories when it is absolutely necessary, or when he has his back is against the wall.

He is in good physical condition, which makes perfect to be a ranger.

He does have one major character flaw. For a leader, he can be too unemotional.


  • Jet Pack
  • Pixar Ball

Release date

He was released on the October 22nd, 2013 at the D23 Expo.

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