Cars Play Set

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Cars Playset

The Cars Playset takes place in Radiator Springs where you will help Lightning McQueen, Holley Shiftwell, Mater & Luigi prepare for an international racing event! With completely free reign over Radiator Springs you will be able to explore the city and interact with a variety of other well known characters including Finn McMissile, Luigi, Filmore, Ramone, Flo, Guido, The King, Raoul Caroule, Shu Todoroki, Max Schnell, Carla Veloso and many, many more! However watch out when your preparing the international racing event as Chick Hicks is about to the brakes on everything!

Cars Playset Lightning McQueen Stunts

Whilst racing around Radiator Springs you will be able to pull of awesome, yet dangerous stunts, you will also be able to customise the stunt park within the town Radiator Springs, however the extent of the customisation is currently unknown.

Cars Playset Characters

Inside the Disney Infinity Toy Box Mode you will be able to complete a variety of different racing events, stunts and tricks in order to gain experience and allow you to design custom race courses!

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