Disney Infinity Jasmine

Jasmine comes from the Disney movie Aladdin, where she appears with Aladdin, Genie and a roaster of other unforgettable characters. She is described as a deuteragonist, and was confirmed as a playable character in the Aladdin and Jasmine Trailer.

She is also the sixth Disney princess after Merida, Rapunzel, Vanellope, Anna and Elsa who was confirmed to be playable. Also, she is the second princess to not wear a dress. In Disney INFINITY: 2.0 Edition, she is the third character who has a costume in the first game. Maleficent and Tinker Bell hold the first two positions in the list.

Playable in:

  • Toy Box 2.0

Her Abilities:

Jasmine is known for her punches and kicks. She may look frail at first, but she can defend herself very well.

She has a special ability called Sandstorm Stomp, where she can temporarily float on air to gain momentum before crashing down on her enemies.

She has an intuitive aptitude, which means she is a fast learner and can quickly catch up on the simplest things taught to her for the first time.

She has amazing fighting skills and can take care of herself without Aladdin’s help during fights.

Even though she looks small, she is very strong. She has even pushed big statues before.


  • Whirlwind Attacks

Release date:

Jasmine will be released on 5th February 2015