Mike Wazowski

Disney Infinity Mike

Mike Wazowski is a monster who goes to school at the Monster’s University with Sulley. He might look harmless at first glance, but he can scare the bravest child to tears when he puts his mind to it. Even when he was small, scaring people was his biggest goal. This is one of the primary reasons for him enrolling in the Monster’s University.

He becomes close friends with Randall Boggs, but in the later part of the film, he becomes closer to Sulley. This happens when they team up for the school’s scare event. In the end, he and Sulley become the school’s most successful scare duo.

Playable in:

  • Monster’s University Play Set
  • Toy Box 1.0 & 2.0

His Abilities:

Mike Wazowski uses his scare abilities to scare his enemies away. This not only works on children, but can also work on weak minded adults.

Mike is very smart and agile. He hides while waiting for the right moment to pounce on his prey. His largest asset is his ability to wait for the right moment before launching his attack.

He also has an ability called the Dash Attack where he propels through his enemy, stunning them before they can counter his attack.


  • Scare
  • Dash Attack

Release date:

Mike Wazowski was released in August 18, 2013.

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