Monsters University Play Set

Set traps, build Frats & raid rivals!  

Monsters University Playset

Welcome to the School of Scare!

Are you ready to join sully and Mike back in the early days of student life at the Monsters University? Join them in the Monsters University Play Set where you will be able to set traps, build frats & raid rivals!

The Monsters University playset is based on the newly anticipated prequel to Monsters Inc which is being released early August 2013. The main focus of the Monsters University play set is the prank system, in which you play as Sully and Mike tasked with the mission of pranking the monsters in Fear Tech.

Monsters University Playset Fun

Whilst the Monsters University play set is based on the film by the same name, it is said that the game play will be slightly different. You will take on the rival school Fear Tech, who are having their Scare Week at the same time as the Monsters University, with the main focus of the play set being pranks and scare tactics you will be able to use a variety of different tools and objects, with the ability of customising the the campus to rig up a wide variety of different pranks that can be used to target students of the Fear Tech school, but be quick and watch out as they will be trying to prank you too!

Be Quick, Watch Out as Fear Tech are about!

Monsters University Playset Pranks

During the day you will be tasked with cleaning up the after mass of Fear Tech students who sneaked over to the Monsters University during the night and covered the place in toilet paper! However, do not fear, during the night you will show them Fear Tech monsters when you sneak in to Fear Tech's campus with a Toilet Paper Launcher, but don't be too loud as the security guards are on patrol!

Monsters University Playset Toilet Paper Launcher

Monsters University Playset Mike Wazowski

 Currently there are three confirmed characters, these are Sully, Mike Wazowski & Randy! However, you will be able to interact with a variety of different Monsters University characters in-game.

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