Disney Infinity Randy

Randy, also known as Randall Boggs, is a character from the animated film “Monster’s university”. He became good friends with the protagonist of the film Mike Wazowski, whom he met at the Monster’s University. They were pretty good friends at first, but as the film progressed they slowly began hanging out with different crowds. Mike joined the Oozma Kappa while Randy joined the Roar Omega Roar.

It was obvious that Randy was very jealous of Mike and Sulley’s friendship. He was so driven by hatred that he even vowed to break the scare record of the university. He started a conspiracy with Henry J. Waternoose III to help him start kidnapping kids and get their scream energy to put a stop to the energy crisis in the monster world. However, Mike and Suley thwarted his evil plans.

Playable in:

  • Monster’s University Play Set
  • Toy Box 1.0 & 2.0

His Abilities:

Randy, who resembles a chameleon, also has the ability to blend into his surroundings or become invisible. He uses this to easily evade his enemies when he is threatened. It’s a very useful technique to use in battles.

Other than that, he also has his scaring ability. He can scare off children and his enemies, when the situation demands it.


  • Invisibility
  • Scaring

Release date:

Randy was released in August 18, 2013.