Disney Infinity Spot Character

Spot is one of the main characters from Disney/Pixar’s “The Good Dinosaur”

Release Date: 3rd November 2015

Special Skills: Super Jump (Learned), Strength (Learned)

Playset Compatibility: None

Character History: Spot was a young human whom the friendly apatasaurus, Arlo, discovered while trying to find out why food was going missing from his food storage. Arlo was unable to bring himself to kill Spot, and let him go. Later Arlo is himself lost while trying to return to his home, and Spot joins with him to help him get back.

Spot is a feral human with many dog-like qualities. He is good at smelling things and can track scents over long distances. Although he is young he is quite intelligent, and very empathetic. His small size allows him to be nimble and get into places where his large friend, Arlo, cannot.

Spot is a close range fighter who can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time. He can use his dash attack to close the distance, or continue to hold down the secondary attack button to run until he hits something solid, or until the button is released. He can be hard to control while running, though, so only use it in large, open areas. While his damage output is high his range is very short, so you have to be right up next to your opponents to hit them in most cases.

Spot can jump extremely high and is great at platforming. Despite his size he is quite strong and is able to lift heavier objects (and enemies) than you would expect. His special attack can do a lot of damage quickly, and it is recommended that you put a lot of points into it to maximize its power abilities.

You can also see Spot in action below with our gameplay and review videos.

Spot Gameplay

Spot Character Review