The Lone Ranger Play Set

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The Lone Ranger Playset

The Lone Ranger playset is based on the film The Lone Ranger which coincides with the release of the film this year. The Disney Infinity Lone Ranger play set is the fifth play set to be announced by Disney and will feature two playable characters, The Lone Ranger & Tonto who will take on Butch Cavendish and his gang of outlaws.

 The Lone Ranger Outlaws

The Lone Ranger play set opens up a variety of new, interesting options in the Disney Infinity game play including Ricochet Combat which allows The Lone Ranger & Tonto to indirectly hit their enemies by ricocheting bullets off of other objects, you will also have a horse in the Lone Ranger play set opening up a new way of travelling as well as having the ability to build your own train!

 The Lone Ranger Horses

As outlaws try to put you down, ambushing you and firing their weapons at you, as you play as the Lone Ranger or Tonto you will be able to take cover and ricochet bullets off of metal pans, pots and various other objects in-game.

Throughout the game you will be able to explore the wild wild west and the surrounding town of Colby, galloping throughout the wild west on your noble steed Silver or Scout, or any of the other horses which are throughout the wild west. With regards to customise your train, you have the ability to select the trim on the wheels, the paint on the train's chassis and many other customisable options are available. According to Disney, a key part of the Lone Ranger play set game play is based on building up the train and getting the right resources to the correct locations.

The Lone Ranger Toy Box

As with all Disney Infinity playsets you will have the ability to take the characters and gadgets from the story mode and use these in the Toy Box mode as the image above really shows off!

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The Lone Ranger

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