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Update 13th October 2013: You can now purchase the Disney Infinity Crystal Mr Incredible & Crystal Sulley from Toys R Us Online, check out our post right here!

The second series of Disney Infinity characters is almost here, preorders are now being taken in most retailers and whilst this is all going on Disney Infinity have also decided to release an exclusive crystal version of Mr Incredible & Sulley for all us Disney Infinity fans & hardcore collectors. Unfortunately we haven’t got been able to get images of the Crystal Mr Incredible or Crystal Sulley however we have been informed that these exclusive Disney Infinity products will be very similar to the Crystal Lightning Mc Queen which you can see on the left hand side.

Where can you preorder the Crystal Mr Incredible & Sulley?

As with the Crystal Lightning McQueen these two characters will be exclusively available from Toys R Us, however we believe for now that this is only available in-store, although we believe this will change coming closer to the launch.

Toys R Us CrystalsThis image was taken from a Disney Infinity fan’s local Toys R Us in Canada.

When will the Crystal Mr Incredible & Sulley be launched?

The Toys R Us Crystal Mr Incredible & Crystal Sulley will launch on 11th October 2013 and will come as single stand-alone figures.

Disney Infinity Race to Space

As well as the Crystal versions of Mr Incredible & Sulley being sold as single products, there will also be an exclusive Disney Infinity Crystal package called ‘Race to Space’ which will be released on the 1st November 2013.

The Race to Space pack will include:

Crystal Lightening McQueen & the TRU exclusive C.H.R.O.M.E Power Disc.
Crystal Buzz Lightyear & the Zurg Power Disc.

All of the above is available to be reserved from your local Toys R Us, in Canada, we are not sure about the US and firmly believe it will only be available in Canada and perhaps the US but not UK or other European countries unfortunately, we do hope this changes though!

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