Disney Infinity 3.0 Ultron Concept Art

As we have already discussed, SDCC is in full-swing right now which gives us another opportunity to grab some exclusive news from the guys over at Disney Infinity. Today we bring news about Ultron & Hulkbuster which comes straight from an exclusive interview with Bill Roseman from Marvel & Jeff Bunker from Disney which was published on USA Today. The next interview we was published on Comic Book Resources and took place with Jeff Bunker.

So what exciting news did these two interviews bring…

Let’s start with Ultron, who many will know from the popular Avengers movie “Age of Ultron” and not so much from his first appearance in The Avengers comics in 1968.

With Ultron, a lot of thought had gone in to the design and finish of the character, a variety of iterations which finally came down to how the public had and would perceive Ultron, which is based off of the Age of Ultron film.

What is Ultron’s special ability?

Well, it sounds awesome! Ultron will be able to summon Ultron bots from the ground to attack his enemies. Unfortunately though, you will only be able to summon 5 or 6 bots, compared to the hundreds upon hundreds that we see in the movie. As well as this, he also has the ability to blast a “wave of destruction” that can be unleashed at long-range, but also can be used to magnetically pull enemies towards him.

As for the Hulkbuster, he is basically as big and as bad as they get – the largest Disney Infinity character to date and finally a match (or kind of…) for the Hulk!

What is the Hulkbuster’s special ability?

We haven’t found a direct answer to this yet, but what we know so far is that the Disney Infinity 3.0 Hulkbuster Concept ArtHulkbuster is very much designed and developed based on the Age of Ultron film. We also
know that the Hulkbuster will have moves such as the Missile Salvo.


As for a release date for the Marvel 3.0 characters and the Marvel Play Set, we are hoping to get more news on this later today, so stay tuned!

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