Ant-Man Video Review

The new Battlegrounds figures are out and we finally are able to play with our new Marvel heroes.  If you are on the fence about which character you want to pick-up this week (or when they go on sale) we have put together some video reviews together to help you decide.  The short answer, though, is they are all a lot of fun to play with and if you are worried that your favorite character(s) won’t measure up then you should put your fears at ease.  We also published a Boba Fett review a while back, and he was finally released as a single figure on the 15th as well, so I’m including his review here.

I am still playing around with Black Suit Spider-Man to see how differently he plays from regular Spider-Man since the update (originally they were the same, but they updated Black Suit Spidey with new powers in the March 15th patch).  We will have a review for him up soon.

Also, in case you are interested we have a playlist of our play through of the Marvel Battlegrounds storymode.  The first three videos are up now, and the last two will be up by tomorrow afternoon (March 18th).  If you are worried about the length of the story mode, well, you should be.  None of the videos are longer than 8 minutes, and we have only five of them so I’ll let you do the math.  That said, there are several additional things to do on the playset beyond the story mode which we will have videos up for in the near future.

So what do you guys think, who did you pick up or plan to pick up from these new figures?


Black Panther

Captain America v2 (Maskless)


Boba Fett

Marvel Battlegrounds Playlist