Disney Infinity 3.0 Toy Box World

This month has been jam-packed full of Disney Infinity 3.0 news, thanks to GameInformer’s exclusive access to Disney Interactive and the team’s behind the 3rd generation of Disney Infinity. We have discussed both Toy Box games: Toy Box Takeover & Toy Box Speedway as well as addressing the enhanced combat mechanics which will be noticeable in the Star Wars Play Sets and across the entire 3.0 game. And there is so much more to talk about, whilst the game offers various Play Sets another core part of the game is the Toy Box world and this is getting some pretty hefty upgrades, including a whole new way of playing. GameInformer had the luxury of delving deeper in to the detail behind what is to come in the new Toy Box game.

As we have already discussed, farming is a major new update in Toy Box 3.0 which allows players to build their own farm and harvest various crops which can be eaten by sidekicks in exchange for gains in experience. This then has a direct impact on sidekicks strengths, allowing them to act as better support in the new Toy Box Takeover game.

Disney Infinity have realised that the Toy Box can be overwhelming for new players, therefore they have introduced the Toy Box Hub. 

Disney Infinity 3.0 Toy Box Hub

The Toy Box Hub allows you to learn the fundamentals of the Toy Box world, activities such as building, platforming and driving are taught as well as many others.

New Toy Box Path Tool

This tool allows you to introduce new gameplay to your Toy Boxes, adding in elements and effects that were only available through very poor workarounds.

How does this work?

Players draw a path, dot by dot, in their world. As each dot is added, the path attaches to those behind it. When it’s finished, creators can use it as an A.I. path.

The introduction of this tool will allow for more seamless interaction between NPC characters, as well as the ability to create side-scrolling platform games.

Now obivously this isn’t all the additions that will come as part of the Toy Box 3.0 package, however it’s a good start combined with the new Toy Box games the whole Toy Box world looks to be developing at an impressive rate.

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