disney infinity zootopia figures

Technically the Zootopia figures and power discs have been out in the States since the first, but with Zootopia hitting theaters in wide release today the interest in the figures should shift into high gear this weekend.  You can find them at every major retailer, although this week you will probably want to check at Best Buy since they have a promotion to get $5 off when buying two figures (which stacks on top of their Gamer’s Club discount if you have that).  The retailers in my area, at least, seem to have a healthy supply of both characters, so you should be able to get either character at your favorite outlet.

Zootopia is already shaping up to be a hit with a solid meta-score on Rotten Tomatoes and, having seen it last night, I can vouch for its quality.  It is a safe bet that kids are going to be excited for these characters, especially Judy Hopps.  They might not reach Frozen levels of excitement, but you shouldn’t be surprised if your kids ask about them if you pass the Infinity isle at your local store.

disney infinity judy hopps zootopia characterThe question is of course whether or not you want to get these figures with Battlegrounds, Baloo and Boba Fett releases less than two weeks away.  That is not a question I can answer for you, but if you are on the fence about the figures we have some video reviews of Nick and Judy below for you to check out. A video preview of the power discs will be up tomorrow, as well.  Either way, this is going to be an expensive month for Infinity fans.

Judy Hopps Review

Purchase Judy Hopps right here from Amazon.

Nick Wilde Review

Purchase Nick Wilde right here from Amazon.

So how about it?  Are you picking up Judy and/or Nick this weekend?  How about going to see the movie?